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B2B List Building: How to Generate Your Contact and Sales Leads Database

B2B list building, in a nutshell, involves creating a list of contacts whom you can reach out …

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What Are Technographics? How to Target Accounts Using Technology Tracking

For many B2B sales-led organizations, the technology a prospect uses can be a strong qualifying factor. The …

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Verified Email Database: Use Email Verification to Improve your Campaigns

When it comes to email marketing, plenty of marketers and business owners obsess over A/B testing and …

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What is Data Enrichment? Personalize your sales message to sell more of your products

No matter what your role is — sales or customer success alike — it’s likely your practice …

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What Is Account-Based Marketing? Focus Your Sales On Specific, High-Value Accounts

In a nutshell, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a marketing tactic that flips the traditional sales funnel …

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sales strategy

Sales Strategy: What Is It And How To Build An Effective One (Plus 13 Actionable Examples)

So, what is a sales strategy really? Well, in the bigger sense, it’s a company’s unique sales …

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