Zoominfo Pricing and Plans (2024): Is It Worth It?

William Cannon
Last updated on March 11, 2024
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If you’re looking for a robust prospecting tool and customer contact database for your growing business, chances are you’ve come across Zoominfo. Small and large companies use this popular platform to provide sales teams with powerful lead-generation tools, instant access to countless business contacts, and in-depth analytics to drive successful outreach campaigns. We’re looking at ZoomInfo’s pricing and plans to help you decide.

Is ZoomInfo worth it? Let’s find out!

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How Much Does ZoomInfo Cost?

ZoomInfo’s cost starts at $14,995 per year for the Professional plan, which includes 5000 credits and allows up to 3 users. The cost of ZoomInfo is primarily determined by the chosen plan, the number of credits, the number of users, and any additional features or add-ons a business might need. There are three main pricing plans available:

  • Professional Plan: Costs $14,995 annually, offering 5000 annual bulk credits. Additional users cost $1,500 each, with discounts available for more than 20 users.
  • Advanced Plan: Priced at $24,995 per year, this plan provides 10,000 annual bulk credits and adds 1000 monthly user credits. User fees increase to $2,500, with similar discounts for larger user groups.
  • Elite Plan: At $39,995 annually, it includes 10,000 annual bulk credits and 1000 monthly credits per user, with user fees consistent with the Advanced plan. This plan offers the most in terms of features and add-ons.

The cost also varies with the purchase of additional credits and users, with bulk credit prices decreasing as the volume increases, starting from $0.60 per credit for 5000 credits down to $0.20 for over 2,505,000 credits. Add-ons such as Worldwide Data, FormComplete, InboxAI Premium, and various engagement and compliance tools can significantly impact the overall cost.

Here’s a detailed pricing overview of all three plans:

Platform & Add-OnsProfessionalAdvancedElite
Base Platform$14995$24995$39995
Annual Bulk Credits5000 credits10000 credits10000 credits
Monthly User Credits1000 / user1000 / user
User Fees$1500 / user$2500 / user$2500 / user
Up to 20 users
21-30 users$1425 / user$2375 / user$2375 / user
31-50 users$1400 / user$2250 / user$2250 / user
50+ usersPricing based on volumePricing based on volumePricing based on volume
Bulk Credit Fees
5000 Credits$0.60$0.60$0.60
10000 Credits$0.55$0.55$0.55
15000-20000 Credits$0.50$0.50$0.50
25000-30000 Credits$0.45$0.45$0.45
35000-40000 Credits$0.40$0.40$0.40
45000-50000 Credits$0.35$0.35$0.35
55000-100000 Credits$0.32$0.32$0.32
105000-500000 Credits$0.29$0.29$0.29
505000-1000000 Credits$0.26$0.26$0.26
1005000-2500000 Credits$0.23$0.23$0.23
2505000+ Credits$0.20$0.20$0.20
Add-on Features
World Wide Data$9995$9995$9995
FormComplete (Includes 5000 Bulk Credits)$7500$7500$7500
InboxAI Premium$480 / user$480 / user$480 / user
Enrich (Includes 25000 Bulk Credits)$15000$15000$15000
NeverBounce (1 Million Verifications)$3000$3000$3000
Compliance API$5000/50000 calls and $.10 / call after
6 Topics Signal Unlimited$20000$30000
12 Topic Signal Unlimited$40000
25 Topic Signal Unlimited$9000
50 Topic Signal Unlimited$20000$25000

How Much Does ZoomInfo Cost Monthly?

ZoomInfo monthly pricing starts at $1250 per month and is based on choice of platform, # of users, # of credits and chosen add-ons. There are no monthly subscriptions, only one-year (or longer) contracts..

How Much Does ZoomInfo Cost Yearly?

ZoomInfo yearly pricing starts at $14,995 per year and is based on choice of platform, # of users, # of credits and chosen add-ons.

What is the ZoomInfo Cost per Contact?

The ZoomInfo cost per contact depends on the plan you choose. For example, the cost per contact of the Professional plan is §2.99 ($14,995 / 5.000 credits).

How to Calculate ZoomInfo Pricing?

You can calculate your ZoomInfo prices based on the plan, your desired number of users and your expected number of credits.

ZoomInfo Pricing 2023 vs 2024

ZoomInfo’s pricing hasn’t changed from 2023 to 2024. The software provider still offers three different tiers: Professional, Advanced and Elite. Previously, they’ve offered a Starter plan which was abandoned.

ZoomInfo API pricing

According to a ZoomInfo sales rep on Reddit, the ZoomInfo API pricing starts at $50K/year for prospecting and lead generation and at $5,000/year for contact enrichment within the HubSpot App Marketplace.

ZoomInfo Pricing Plans and Tiers

ZoomInfo offers three plans: Professional, Advanced, and Elite, each designed to meet different levels of need for business insights and sales tools.


The Professional plan is the gateway to ZoomInfo’s features. It gives you basic access to their database, allows for direct contact with prospects, and helps you create targeted lists. This plan is ideal for newcomers to ZoomInfo or smaller businesses exploring basic data access. The starting cost is around $15,000 annually, a bit steep for small businesses, yet there’s a free trial to give it a go before fully committing.


The Advanced plan goes a step further, providing deeper data insights like location information, org charts, and intent data. It’s geared towards businesses aiming for a more refined approach in their campaigns, ready to invest more for richer insights. The price jumps up from the Professional level, and you’ll need to get in touch with ZoomInfo’s sales team for the exact figures.


The Elite plan is the top-tier offering, bundling all of ZoomInfo’s premium features, including real-time intent signals and advanced sales automation. This plan is best suited for organizations that need comprehensive data and tools to fuel aggressive marketing and sales efforts. Pricing is custom and also requires a conversation with the sales team.

Each plan builds on the previous, starting from basic database access to sophisticated sales and marketing automation tools. Additional features and more advanced data insights become available as you move up the plans, with options for add-ons like email verification checks for an extra fee.

Here’s an overview of all features included in each of the plans:

Features by Package
Home / Dashboardxxx
Quick Searchxxx
Advanced Searchxxx
ZoomInfo Opt Out Listsxxx
ReachOut Chrome Extensionxxx
Mobile Appxxx
View Customizationxx
Master Suppressionxx
Monthly User Creditsxx
Do Not Callxx
Ideal Customer Profile Scorex
AI-Generated Ideal Customer Profilex
Salesforce Syncx
NeverBounce Email Verification Checks$$x
InboxAI Premium$$$
Compliance API$$$
Data by Package
Company Profilesxxx
Contact Profilesxxx
Notice Provided Datexxx
Accuracy Score$xxx
European Data$$$
Org Chartsxx
Education & Employment Historyxx
Locations & Hierarchyxx
Web Referencesxx
Mobile Phone & Personal Emailxx
Department Employee Countsx

What Packages Does ZoomInfo Offer?

ZoomInfo provides three main packages: SalesOS, MarketingOS, and TalentOS, each designed for specific professional needs.

  • SalesOS accelerates the sales process, making it a solid option for sales teams. It ensures access to precise contact information, offers insights into company activities and buyer intentions, and supports with engagement tools.
  • MarketingOS enhances marketing outcomes by turning leads into potential sales. It gives marketers vital contact details and company insights, along with digital advertising tools, making it ideal for those looking to increase their marketing ROI and effectiveness.
  • TalentOS is designed for recruitment, helping you find talent faster. With its advanced search features and candidate insights, it’s best for HR professionals aiming to meet hiring targets efficiently.

What support packages does ZoomInfo offer?

ZoomInfo offers three support packages: Standard, Preferred, and Premium

The Standard package provides industry-leading free support, perfect for those who need basic assistance without added cost. The Preferred package is designed for organizations prioritizing personalized care to maximize platform utility, making it ideal for teams seeking enhanced support for their operations.The Premium package offers white-glove service, expediting business transformation for enterprises looking for the highest level of assistance and fastest response times

Here’s a comparison of the services each support packages offers:

Expedited Response Timexx
Email Supportxx
Live Chat Supportxxx
Knowledge Centerxxx
ZoomInfo Universityxxx
Phone Supportxx
Platform Support Hours of OperationWeekday local business hours24 hours x 5 days a week24 hours x 5 days a week
Weekend CoverageEmergency support for platform critical issuesUS based hours
Reporting and Trend Analysisx
Prioritized Access to ZoomInfo Integrations Expertsx
Additional Access to Training Managers & Delivery Consultantsx
Request to Profile New Companies and Contactsx

FAQ on ZoomInfo Prices

Is there a special ZoomInfo pricing for small businesses?

No, there is no special ZoomInfo pricing for small businesses. If you’re willing to agree on a longer-term contract (from 2 years on), you can negotiate a discount though.

How can I get a ZoomInfo quote?

You can get a ZoomInfo quote by going to the ZoomInfo pricing page, entering your email and waiting for the ZoomInfo sales rep to get in touch with you. 

Does ZoomInfo offer a free trial?

Yes, ZoomInfo does offer a free trial. You have to submit a form at the ZoomInfo website to request a free trial.

ZoomInfo Free trial

Does ZoomInfo offer a demo?

Yes, ZoomInfo does offer a demo. You can request a demo on their website.

Is ZoomInfo free?

No, ZoomInfo is not free and pricing starts at $14,995 per year.

Is ZoomInfo worth it?

Whether ZoomInfo is worth it depends on the size and needs of your business. Large enterprises may find its comprehensive database and advanced targeting features justify the cost for enhanced lead generation and customer engagement​​​​. However, smaller businesses might consider the expense outweighing the benefits, alongside the necessity to manage credit usage carefully, and could explore alternatives like UpLead for more budget-friendly options​​​​.

Does ZoomInfo have monthly pricing?

No, ZoomInfo doesn’t have monthly pricing. ZoomInfo offers yearly pricing.

What billing options does ZoomInfo offer?

ZoomInfo offers multiple billing options, including automatic payments through credit/debit card and ACH Debit, as well as manual payments via wire/bank transfer, EFT, ACH, and check.

Does ZoomInfo offer discounts?

ZoomInfo offers a 5 % discount if you sign up for a three year term and a 5 % discount if you pay annually. For example, if you choose the cheapest plan, discounted ZoomInfo pricing will start at $14,242.5,

Can you pay for ZoomInfo on a quarterly basis?

Yes, you can pay for ZoomInfo on a quarterly basis but it comes with a 5 % price increase compared to an annual payment.

What is ZoomInfo?

Similar to email finders like UpLead, ZoomInfo is a tool designed to help sales teams and marketing groups fill their sales pipeline with quality leads. It includes a large business contact database and powerful prospecting tools that your team can use as soon as you sign up.

The platform helps sales teams target relevant accounts by understanding real-time traffic and analytics. ZoomInfo allows for bulk contact searches, streamlined list building, and campaign management in one easy-to-use platform.

ZoomInfo can be used as a full business solution. It offers four distinct platforms based on your needs: Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, and Operations.

Let’s look at ZoomInfo’s key features and how they can work for your business.

ZoomInfo Key Features

ZoomInfo has tons of great features for sales teams. This post will focus on the SalesOS package and its key elements. Let’s take a look at some of the top tools that SalesOS has to offer:

  • Data-driven insights – Leverage robust contact and company data to understand buyer intent and make contact early in the purchase process. ZoomInfo provides impactful contact and website tracking to help drive campaigns forward.
  • Automation – Built-in email and phone dialer automation make consistent contacts with prospects a breeze.
  • Robust integration options – Integrate ZoomInfo with your favorite business tools, including Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.
  • Website chat for sales – Leverage a high-quality chatbot tool to automate key pieces of sales interaction and shorten your sales cycle.
  • Lead enrichment – The enrichment tool updates your incomplete lead list with high-quality, accurate data. Revamp your database with thorough, automated enrichment.

What Determines ZoomInfo’s Pricing?

With so much to offer, ZoomInfo’s pricing can vary greatly depending on what you need and how you use the platform. While this is a great way to tailor pricing for businesses of all sizes, it can be difficult to understand your total costs. A few key factors play a heavy role in determining your expenses for ZoomInfo’s tools and features. They include the features and functions you’re using, how many licenses you want, and the number of credits you need.

ZoomInfo has an array of fantastic add-ons that we’ll discuss later in the article. However, it’s important to understand that these add-ons will increase your monthly costs. Let’s dive into the plans that SalesOS has to offer. We’ll cover what’s included in each plan and popular add-ons.

ZoomInfo Addons

In addition to three primary SalesOS plans, ZoomInfo offers many add-ons for an additional price. Again, you’ll need to reach out to the sales team to understand how add-ons will impact your monthly or annual costs.

Common add-ons include additional communication options and enhancements, premium support plans, and automation features.

Chorus is an intuitive add-on that leverages AI to analyze trends and provide real-time feedback and guidance for conversations with prospects. 

We’ve already referred to the chat feature, but it’s worth mentioning again. This powerful add-on can help you automate some of the more routine sales tasks. It will help you streamline how your prospects move through the sales funnel and free up time for your sales team. 

The Engage add-on automates sales outreach, allowing you to identify and connect with buyers at scale.

If you’re looking for enhanced customer support, ZoomInfo offers three levels depending on your specific needs. There is a free version, as well as paid versions, with greatly expanded features and support options.

ZoomInfo Integrations 

Integrating with existing platforms is crucial for any sales software. Fortunately, ZoomInfo makes integration a straightforward, hassle-free process. Through the ZoomInfo Marketplace, you can explore dozens of apps and platforms that can be integrated with SalesOS, including big names such as Slack, Salesforce, NeverBounce, and more.

You can search by platform types, such as sales, marketing, or recruiting, or browse the entire catalog of integrations on the ZoomInfo marketplace. While ZoomInfo makes integrating with some of the most popular sales apps and platforms simple, having integration features in your SalesOS platform will cost more.

ZoomInfo Alternatives

While ZoomInfo is a powerful, robust tool with a lot to offer sales teams, plenty of options are just as impactful and significantly less expensive. ZoomInfo is a well-known brand, but it may not be the right choice for every business. Let’s look at some top ZoomInfo alternatives to help you make the right choice for your company and sales team.


Why UpLead Stands Out Against ZoomInfo?

UpLead is a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to ZoomInfo for your sales intelligence needs.

1. Contact info
2. Calendar

Book a demo

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    • Up to 170
    • 170-399
    • 400-999
    • 1000+

    UpLead has an impressive lineup of tools and features to take your sales team to the next level—at a fraction of the cost. With an industry-leading prospector tool, real-time email search and verification, data enrichment, intent data, and so much more, choosing UpLead as the best Zoominfo Competitor is a no-brainer.

    This G2Crowd review comparison will help you see how UpLead is superior.


    Key Features:

    • Industry-Leading Data Accuracy: Our platform has a 95% data accuracy guarantee, and with over 155 million contacts in our database, you can be confident knowing you’re getting high-quality, accurate data for your next campaign. 
    • Wide Range of Tools: Leverage the email finder and verification tools to quickly build an accurate email list for an outbound campaign or build robust contact lists in the prospector tool for cold call campaigns, direct mail initiatives, and more.


    When it comes to pricing, there’s truly no comparison. UpLead’s straightforward pricing means you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it costs. Instead of paying thousands of dollars per month, prices range from a free trial to $149 per month. Paid single-user accounts start at just $74 per month or less than $1,000 per year for the full lineup of UpLead’s powerful tools.

    Here’s a breakdown of plans and prices:

    • Free Trial: Single user, 5 credits, access to all features and data included
    • Essentials: Single user, 2,040 credits annually, and verified contacts – $74 per month
    • Plus: All Essentials features included, single user, 4,800 credits annually, additional features such as data enrichment and advanced search filters – $149 per month
    • Professional Plan: Includes all Plus features, offering customizable seats and credit allotments for organizations. Features include for example buyer intent data or full API access. Contact us for a custom quote.
    Start Your 7-Day Free UpLead Trial

    Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.

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    HubSpot Sales

    HubSpot is another very popular sales tool and one of the industry’s most widely used CRMs. The tool is streamlined and intuitive, making it a good alternative to ZoomInfo. Manage conversations, improve relationships with your contacts, and manage your sales pipeline in one centralized, easy-to-use tool.

    Key Features:

    HubSpot has four plans to choose from, which we will discuss further in the pricing section. Your available features will depend on your chosen plan, but here are some of HubSpot’s most popular features.

    • Contact management
    • Scheduling
    • Forecasting
    • Reporting
    • Phone support
    • Conversation routing
    • Automation
    • Team productivity reports
    • Revenue tracking


    As mentioned above, Hubspot has four distinct plans to choose from, and the price points make the platform accessible to virtually any business. Let’s take a look at what all four plan options have to offer.

    • Free: This plan is completely free and allows you to leverage contact management, deal pipelines, quotes, scheduling, live chat, and more.
    • Starter: Starting at $45 per month, this plan includes everything in the free plan as well as simple automation, goal setting, conversation routing, productivity reporting, and multiple currencies.
    • Professional: The Professional plan starts at $450 per month, which is a significant jump from the Starter plan. However, you’ll get everything in the Starter plan, lead rotation automation, team setup, custom reporting, phone support, and more.
    • Enterprise: The most expensive HubSpot plan, Enterprise starts at a steep $1,200 per month. You’ll get everything in Professional, custom objects, predictive lead scoring, forecasting, revenue tracking, and more.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

    The final ZoomInfo alternative on our list is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a good option for many sales teams to leverage the power of the world’s largest professional networking platform.

    While this tool doesn’t offer as many features as the other platforms on this list, you’ll get seamless integration into your CRM and robust sales reporting to drive successful outbound campaigns.

    Key Features:

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is primarily used as a customer contact database and provides great integration options for popular CRM tools. Here are some additional features that LinkedIn Sales Navigator has to offer.

    • Lead and company search
    • Lead recommendations
    • CRM integration
    • Real-time sales updates
    • See who viewed your profile
    • TeamLink


    LinkedIn Sales Navigator has three plans to choose from. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t seem to be a free version. There is, however, a free trial you can use before purchasing.

    • Core: At $79.99 per user per month, the Core plan gives you access to the lead and company search function, alerts on your saved leads and top prospects, the ability to create custom contact lists, and even more great features. 
    • Advanced: The Advanced plan is $125 per user per month, including everything in the Core plan and the ability to share content and track engagement. It also allows for warm introductions on the sales platform.
    • Advanced Plus: Get everything in the Advanced plan as well as automatic CRM updates with data validation and advanced enterprise integrations. You have to reach out to LinkedIn’s sales team to discuss custom pricing for this plan.

    We consider ourselves the best LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative in the market today.

    FAQs About ZoomInfo Pricing

    Here are some top questions and answers about ZoomInfo pricing.

    Who are ZoomInfo’s top 3 competitors?

    ZoomInfo’s top three competitors are UpLead, HubSpot, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    Is there a free version of ZoomInfo?

    While there is a free trial of ZoomInfo, no plan option is free indefinitely.

    Is ZoomInfo worthwhile?

    While ZoomInfo offers an impressive lineup of sales tools and features, multiple alternative options offer equally powerful tools at a fraction of the cost. Check out UpLead’s features and pricing to get started with an industry-leading sales platform.

    What You Need to Remember About ZoomInfo Pricing

    ZoomInfo pricing depends on several factors, such as how much you use the tool, your specific needs, add-ons, and any integrations you may need. ZoomInfo pricing can not only be complex; its platform is one of the most expensive tools on the market.

    For a fantastic alternative that offers powerful tools at a fraction of the cost, look no further than UpLead!


    Stuck in ZoomInfo contracts? Book a call, and let’s see how we can help.

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