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Our mission

At UpLead, our mission is to transform the lead generation landscape by providing businesses with accurate, verified, and actionable data that drives growth and success.

We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer experiences through our innovative platform, empowering customers to connect with real, qualified leads while eliminating the time-consuming burdens of data cleansing and list building.

Meet our team

Meet the brilliant minds behind UpLead’s success. Get to know our diverse, talented, and dedicated team members who work tirelessly to revolutionize the lead generation industry.

Our core values

Think Big

We believe in fostering a culture of innovation, where bold ideas and ambitious goals are welcomed and celebrated. By daring to dream big, we create groundbreaking solutions that change the way businesses grow.

Cherish Integrity

Our commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct guides every aspect of our work, fostering a culture of trust and accountability that strengthens relationships with both customers and team members.

Data-Driven Decisions

By leveraging data and analytics, we make informed decisions that propel us forward, optimizing our processes and ensuring we continue to deliver the best results for our customers.

Do More with Less

Efficiency and resourcefulness are at the heart of our approach, enabling us to achieve exceptional results while maximizing the value we deliver to our customers and stakeholders.

Cultivate Growth

We are dedicated to nurturing the personal and professional development of our team members, fostering an environment of continuous learning, collaboration, and growth that drives our collective success.

Where we’re located

Covina - HQ

440 N Barranca Ave, Suite 1022
Covina, California 91723


Str. Horea 29, Cluj-Napoca
Cluj 400038

Our benefits

Health Insurance

At UpLead, we prioritize the well-being of our team by offering comprehensive health insurance coverage, ensuring you and your loved ones are protected and cared for.

Dental Insurance

Smile brighter with our dental insurance plan, providing access to quality dental care and promoting overall oral health for our employees.

Vision Insurance

Maintain optimal vision with our insurance plan, covering quality eye care, routine check-ups, and prescription eyewear expenses.

Life Insurance

Secure your family’s future with our life insurance benefits, offering peace of mind and financial protection for those who matter most.

Flexible Vacation Policy

Enjoy a healthy work-life balance with our flexible vacation policy, allowing you to recharge and pursue your personal passions while maintaining a rewarding career.

401k Plan

Invest in your future and achieve long-term financial security through our 401k plan, designed to help you build a stable and prosperous retirement.

Wellness Stipend

Embrace a holistic approach to well-being with our wellness stipend, supporting your physical and mental health through a range of activities, from gym memberships to meditation classes.

Equipment Reimbursement

Set yourself up for success with our equipment reimbursement policy, ensuring you have access to the tools and resources you need to excel in your role and contribute to the team.

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Here’s what our employees are saying

I absolutely love working at UpLead. I feel challenged everyday, empowered to make decisions, and supported by leadership! I feel like what I am doing at UpLead is actually making a difference.

Our open roles

Are you already excited to become a part of the UpLead family and make a real difference in the lead generation industry? Take the first step towards joining our talented team by exploring our open roles. Find the perfect opportunity to unleash your potential and contribute to our mission.
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