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List building

Build a targeted B2B list

UpLead’s database contains over 30 million contacts in 200+ countries worldwide. You can build targeted lists of contacts and companies using over 50 criteria including job title, industry, sic code, location (country, state, metro area, county, city, zip code), job function, management level, employees, revenue, type (public, private, fortune ranking, alexa ranking etc.), company URL, technologies used, presence of social links, year founded, exclusions.

Rich profiles

Detailed profiles that bring your leads to life

We realize leads aren’t just leads – they’re living, breathing people with diverse backgrounds that make them who they are. Our software helps you create rich profiles so you can picture them clearly.

Technology tracking

Target new accounts by the technologies they use

Identify new targets by finding accounts that use specific technologies such as the CRM they use. Choose from a list of over 2,000 technologies and find the right contacts in seconds.

Tehnology tracking


Accurate & Verified Data

Quality of data is vital for every successful sales and marketing campaign. Accurate and up-to-date information means less time and resources spent on unreliable leads. With UpLead, every email address is verified in real-time ensuring access to the most accurate B2B contact and company database on the market. Clean, high quality and verified data equals greater conversions and more sales.



Grow your business with our extensive database

What good are great leads if you run out of them? Not much. With UpLead you can stay focused on reaching new customers thanks to our massive database, which keeps growing.

Account-Based marketing

Increase your efficiency by targeting specific companies

You have two choices: talk to everyone or talk to the RIGHT people. By using our account-based marketing approach you can go directly to your target companies and access the contacts you need.

Easy integration


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Access our friendly API
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