15+ Websites That Allow You to Buy Leads

Will Cannon
Last updated on June 23, 2023
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To survive (and thrive), every business needs a steady stream of new leads, which will keep your sales team busy and help them to push your revenues higher and higher. Finding new leads isn’t always an easy task, though. To uncover them, businesses must adopt a range of lead generation techniques, and they’ll have to know when to buy leads and how. It’s often essential to the very survival of their business.

But fear not! This piece is here to help.

Here, we’re going to go through:

  1. The times when you should buy leads
  2. The key types of leads you can buy
  3. What you need to know before buying leads
  4. 15+ websites where you can purchase leads

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When Should You Buy Leads?

Are you thinking about buying leads, but you’re unsure if it’s the right time?

Here’s a look at the main situations in which you’ll likely want to consider purchasing leads:

Your pipeline is empty

It’s critical that leads flow steadily through your sales pipeline – and so you should carefully monitor your pipeline at all of its stages to make sure that it isn’t empty. Leads are like oil for your sales team: guarantee a consistent flow, and your sales team will be able to get the results that you need.

You need to generate new business quickly

If your revenue levels are starting to wane, then you must intervene and make the necessary adjustments. Depending on your particular circumstances, you might find that it makes sense to quickly purchase new leads and try to secure new business to resolve your issues. This is especially true with small businesses. Small businesses don’t have the budget for complex sales and marketing campaigns and may instead purchase the contact information of potential leads. 

You are launching a marketing campaign

If you are launching a fresh marketing campaign to reveal a new product or target a new audience, you will need to deliver it to the appropriate leads. At the outset of a new campaign, buying the leads you need often makes sense.

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What Types of Leads Can You Buy?

Have you decided that it’s time to buy some leads? Here’s a look at the main types of leads you can purchase.

Sales Leads

Businesses often purchase relevant and high-quality sales leads to sell directly to them. Those leads will be carefully chosen according to diverse, firmographic information.

MLM Leads

Multi-level marketers rely upon fresh leads to sell products and services to new groups of people. Those marketers will use a host of techniques to acquire leads, and they’ll undoubtedly buy leads regularly.

Real Estate Leads

Real estate is a highly competitive field that requires realtors to maintain high-quality databases of both buyers and sellers. This is why realtors regularly purchase real estate leads to get the best results possible. Here’s how to get realtor email lists using different strategies.

SEO Leads

SEO agencies deliver amazing results for businesses worldwide, but a high level of competition makes lead generation difficult. This is why many SEO agencies will buy SEO leads to fuel their pipelines.

Web Design Leads

Web design agencies and boutiques have a lot of competition. The nature of their work means they’ll need to work on a one-off basis with a host of customers, so naturally, they’ll purchase leads to fuel their business with fresh customers. Here’s how to acquire web design leads.

Business Loan Leads

Business loan lenders have to constantly play the field and monitor a range of industries if they’re going to finance businesses. Lots of lenders purchase leads to identify potential borrowers quickly.

Franchise Leads

Franchisors and brokers also need to obtain quality leads if they’re going to achieve their objectives. The ability to purchase leads is a powerful opportunity for those parties, and they’ll leverage it regularly.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Leads?

Now that you know when to buy leads and which ones to purchase, let’s dive deeper into what you need to know before buying leads:

The quality of lead data can vary between providers

The quality and accuracy of your data are everything. If you purchase from an untrustworthy source, you might find that the integrity of your data is compromised and that you will have paid for low-quality data, which you now can’t use.

It’s extremely critical that you understand that lead data quality can vary greatly from one provider to the next. This is why it’s so important to read about the different providers out there carefully and about whether or not they can meet your needs.

You should be sure to do your research and check out platforms like:

  • G2 Crowd
  • Capterra
  • Google Reviews
  • Social media Reviews
  • Real estate groups and blogs
  • Sales and marketing blogs and articles

You should invest the time to find competitive pricing

Lead providers also vary greatly in terms of their prices and pricing structures. Before you decide on a provider, you’ll want to assess their offering carefully and whether or not it truly meets your needs.

Some lead providers will offer credits and tokens, for instance – which is great if you’re looking for flexibility and control over your purchases. Other providers will offer package deals, though, which could leave you stuck with useless leads at the end of the day.

As always, do your research, and be sure to reach out to your providers if you have any questions – if they’re a legitimate provider who cares about your results, you’ll certainly get a fast and accurate response.

You must develop a strong cold outreach strategy

If you make the decision to purchase leads, you’ll also need to have a strong outreach strategy in place. A well-defined outreach strategy will help you make the most of your new leads and connect with them successfully.

If you’re looking to get your cold email strategy off the ground, check out our cold email templates and 56 examples that get responses.

15+ Websites That Allow You to Buy Leads

Now that we’ve covered when it makes sense to buy leads and what you need to pay attention to, let’s take a closer look at the best lead providers out there.

For your convenience, we’ll introduce the platform, outline the lead purchasing process, explore the pros and cons, and then examine the pricing.

1. UpLead

UpLead Homepage

UpLead is a lead generation platform that makes it simple for businesses to find the right contacts. The platform gives you access to 135+ Million B2B contacts across a range of industries including real estate, SEO, web design, software, construction, and more.


  • Over 108 million high-quality business contacts
  • Build targeted lists using high-quality verified data
  • Search through specific contacts and companies
  • Enrich and enhance your own data
  • Find market-ready leads via Intent Data


  • A small number of contact details are outdated


  • Free trial: $0 with 5 credits
  • Basic: $99/month with 200 credits
  • Plus: $199/month with 500 credits
  • Professional: $399/month with 1,500 credits

2. Megaleads

Mega Leads

Megaleads is a lead purchasing platform that helps businesses of all sizes to purchase quality leads. Users pay in batches for lead lists, which can be downloaded into CVS files for local use.


  • Competitive rates
  • Straightforward to use
  • Free trial available


  • No complementary features or functionality
  • Complaints about customer service
  • Lead data is often inaccurate


  • Silver: $59/month per 1,000 downloads
  • Gold: $159/month for 10,000 downloads
  • Platinum: $279/month for 50,000 downloads

3. Lead Roster

Lead Roster

Lead Roster allows marketers to buy and sell curated email lists in any industry. Marketers can use this platform to purchase specific and targeted mailing lists on a one-off basis.


  • Browse lead lists according to industry
  • Regularly updated with new lists


  • Lack of quality control
  • No additional features or functionality
  • Some complaints about lead accuracy


  • Prices vary from one mailing list to another

4. Salesfully


Salesfully is a B2B and consumer-lead purchasing platform which focuses primarily on the USA. It offers a versatile platform that can be used to purchase both B2C and B2B sales leads.


  • Easy to use
  • Download history to find previous purchases
  • Unlimited searches


  • A lack of search features
  • Complaints about lead accuracy


  • Pay as you go: $29/month

5. BuiltWith


BuiltWith gives marketers the ability to find out which technologies are used on certain power websites, thus granting companies that offer technical products and services the ability to narrow down their search and target the right leads.


  • A wealth of technical information
  • Features such as lead generation and CRM integrations
  • A legitimate platform trusted by big businesses


  • Somewhat complex to use
  • Expensive and not always the best fit


  • Free for individual site lookups
  • Basic: $295 per month
  • Pro: $495 per month
  • Team: $995 per month

6. Leadrop


Leadrop empowers business owners to collect quality leads to lower marketing costs and grow their businesses. The platform caters to both the purchase and sale of leads through its lead platform.


  • Covers a number of industries


  • Not forthcoming with pricing
  • Some complaints about data accuracy


  • Prices vary depending on specific purchases

7. Dun&Bradstreet

D&B Hoovers

D&B is a sales acceleration solution that allows marketing and sales professionals to leverage data and analytics to grow their businesses. The platform offers lead information alongside a host of additional features and operates on a subscription basis.


  • Records are updated on a regular basis
  • The data is renowned for its quality
  • Lots of search filters


  • The ease of use isn’t the best
  • Not all fields are explained properly
  • Lack of filters to extract data


  • Pricing is available upon request

Note: UpLead is considered one of the best Dun and Bradstreet competitors today.

8. Easyleadz


Easyleadz provides the direct contact numbers of professionals. Marketing and sales professionals can use this extension to automatically find contact information when browsing social media profiles like LinkedIn.


  • Offers a single-click install
  • Provides accurate contact numbers
  • Great for direct contact


  • Limited functionality
  • Not always accurate


  • Free trial: 5 free credits
  • Single: $29 for 40 numbers a month
  • Studio: $69 for 130 numbers a month
  • Business: $139 for 300 numbers a month

9. Aeroleads


Aeroleads is a lead platform that empowers marketers and sales professionals to find the emails and phone numbers of decision-makers. The intuitive extension makes adding prospects directly from their social profiles easy.


  • Offers a simple Chrome extension
  • Search using a range of data points
  • Generally reliable information


  • Might have difficulties finding leads in some industries
  • Not always accurate data


  • Take Off: $49 for 700 credits
  • Climb: $149 for 2,500 credits
  • Cruise: $499 for 10,000 credits
  • Enterprise: According to requirements

10. Cloudlead


Cloudlead is a lead provider that helps marketers and salespeople unlock prospecting at scale. They offer a cloud-based platform that can be used to create custom list requests and purchase leads.


  • Quality leads
  • Helpful customer support
  • Responsive vendor


  • A lack of case studies
  • Lead delivery can take time
  • The bounce rate is sometimes quite high


  • Starter: 500-1000 leads per month
  • Growth: 2000-5000 leads per month
  • Professional: 5000-10,000 leads per month

11. Leadiro


Leadiro gives businesses access to a huge number of contacts. You can then use the platform to quickly identify, reach, and engage those prospects. It’s possible to access leads through the Leadiro platform.


  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Diverse functionality
  • Possible to tweak searches


  • UI is somewhat dated
  • Lack of communication
  • Some complaints about data accuracy


  • Free: Database access, but no downloads
  • Professional: $99 for 500 contact downloads per month
  • Business: $249 for 2,500 contact downloads per month
  • Premium: $300 for 5,000 contact downloads per month
  • Enterprise: According to your needs

12. DiscoverOrg


DiscoverOrg is a business contact database that helps businesses to build targeted sales lead lists and connect directly with decision-makers. The platform operates on a subscription model.


  • Good for finding high-level information
  • Offers a wealth of information
  • A diverse range of functionality


  • Concerns about pushy sales tactics
  • Concerns about data accuracy


  • Pricing is only available upon request

UpLead is one of the top Discoverorg alternatives in the market today.

13. LeadMine


LeadMine gives businesses a quick way to find new customers. The lead generation software offers up accurate information and operates on a subscription model to give users enhanced flexibility.


  • A diverse range of features
  • Lead scoring and prospecting
  • Quality information


  • Limited search functionality
  • Some Chrome plugin issues


  • Free: 10 credits per month
  • Basic: $29 for 100 credits per month
  • Essential: $49 for 300 credits per month
  • Professional: $149 for 1,000 credits per month
  • Premium: $299 for 2,500 credits per month
  • Enterprise: Starts at $2,000 per month

14. Lead411


Lead411 is a sales intelligence platform that allows businesses to access direct dials, verified emails, and other additional data. It also operates on a subscription basis, offering a range of plans.


  • Specific filters and search features
  • Largely accurate data
  • A focus on customer satisfaction


  • Some bounceback
  • Lacks the ability to update contacts
  • Problems with Salesforce integration


  • Starter: $37.50 for 150 exports per month
  • Basic: $75 for 150 exports per month
  • Pro: $150 for 450 exports per month
  • Enterprise: Open to negotiation

15. InsideView


InsideView gives marketers and sales professionals access to the data and intelligence needed to help drive higher revenues. It also operates on a subscription basis and offers a range of subscription models.


  • Robust search features
  • Integration with leading platforms
  • A useful watchlist feature to receive timely updates


  • LinkedIn integration is difficult to use
  • Some markets are less accurate than others
  • No mobile version


  • Professional: $99 for 100 company or contact experts per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

UpLead is a solid Insideview alternative if you prefer other options.

16. Lusha


Lusha offers B2B contact information for marketing and sales professionals. The platform prides itself on offering a range of data points and integration with platforms such as Salesforce. 


  • It also includes personal emails
  • Smooth integration with LinkedIn
  • Possible to update existing contact records


  • Occasional glitches require a reload
  • Data accuracy is sometimes an issue


  • Basic: Free with 5 credits each month
  • Professional: $39 for 50 credits each month
  • Premium: $49 for 80 credits each month
  • Enterprise: $69 for 120 credits each month

Try UpLead if you’re looking for an awesome Lusha alternative.

Buy high-quality leads without overpaying

We hope this piece helps you make the most informed choices regarding purchasing leads. As you can see, a vast wealth of options are available to you when it comes to discovering and buying high-quality leads!

To get the most accurate leads, consider UpLead. We are trusted by some of the world’s biggest businesses, and we get great results.

Start your free trial today to quickly find, connect, and engage with qualified—and even ready-to-buy prospects.

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