At UpLead, We Believe in Data Transparency

It’s not by chance that UpLead is the only sales intelligence tool with a data accuracy guarantee. We believe our data should be transparent for our customers.

This core belief guides how we build our product.

A short letter from our CEO

We Don’t Just Scrape We Hand-Pick

Before I started UpLead, I used to run a business doing B2B prospecting for clients. And the crazy thing is… I I hated prospecting. Not really prospecting, but the way I was doing prospecting back then.

You would’ve hated it too.

I was wasting infinite time going through endless prints and CSV files with nothing but rotten data. Spending more time cleaning lists than actually running my business.

It kept me and my clients from growing, which made everyone really unhappy. Unfortunately, as technology got better, none of the tools I kept trying figured out a real way to solve this problem. Lots of sales intelligence companies today still pull millions of records a month from the web and call it a prospecting tool.

That’s scraping, and it’s not good enough.

It’s what led me and my team to start UpLead. I wake up every day still trying to solve the same problem I struggled with at my previous company. It’s not “how can I scrape faster?” or “how can I add millions of contacts to my database this month?”.

At UpLead, we spend most of our time and brain power testing, validating and hand-picking the leads that go into our product, so YOU won’t have to.

If you’ve been looking for a lead generation product that does most of the heavy lifting, so you can plug your leads directly into your CRM or outbound tool, being confident your messages won’t bounce… give us a try.

And if we don’t live up to this promise, you are backed by our 95% data accuracy guarantee. Because we believe we are solving the problem of bad data, and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Will Cannon

CEO at UpLead

Our Commitment to Clean Data

1. Striving for accuracy, not size

We don’t offer the biggest database in the market — not even close. And we are OK with that.

Size is not important if you lack accuracy. The most time-consuming task in prospecting is cleaning your lists. While other companies don’t care about handing this over to you, we believe providing you the cleanest list possible is a top priority to make your life easier.

And, in case you are wondering, there’s +85 million (and growing) accurate contacts and companies in our database. Which has proven to be more than enough for clients like Google, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

2. Guaranteeing accuracy

We’ve said this before and will continue to say it. If other companies consider their data to be strong, why don’t they prove it by offering a guarantee?

At UpLead, if a lead is not squeaky clean by the time our quality assurance team is done with it, it doesn’t go into the product. Which means, you won’t have to deal with it.

Our customers enjoy a 95% data accuracy guarantee. If their numbers fall below that, they get their credits back.

3. Verifying data in real-time

We don’t just talk about clean data. We take action. We build features into the product to verify our own data in real time, before it lands in your CRM.

In UpLead, the moment you click to get a prospect’s email we verify it in real-time to guarantee its accuracy. This means cleaner lists, fewer bounces and spending more time talking to real leads.

4. Keeping your CRM clean

What’s worse than a bad lead in your prospecting list? A bad lead in your CRM.

When poor data finds their way into your sales systems, you risk hours of wasted time and missed opportunities. Instead of focusing on real, qualified leads, your salespeople spend their time chasing ghosts (inaccurate data), unfit leads (unqualified data), and tire-kickers (untimely data).

Our quality assurance team follows a process to guarantee whenever you build a new list, only the most accurate, qualified leads get in.

5. Building transparency

We don’t just want to sign new customers — we want to keep them for the long term. To meet this goal, building trust from day one is vital.

While other companies try to confuse visitors with their marketing, we say things in plain English:

Who We Are

We are a distributed and agile team of 21 experienced and cheerful people from 8 countries around the world.

Will Cannon

Los Angeles, CA
Founder & CEO

Matt D.

Santa Monica, CA
Product Team

Nicole C.

Venice, CA
Customer Success

Lilly H.​

Dallas, TX
Customer Support

Mike J.

Los Angeles, CA
Customer Support

Mike Marian

Atlanta, GA

Sergey N.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Alex M.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Boris S.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Sergey S.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Sergey I.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Tati P.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Mauro S.

Mexico City, Mexico
Web Design

Mykhailo K.

Kiev, Ukraine
Web Development

Alan M.

Vojvodina, Serbia
Web Development

Zoran D.

Vojvodina, Serbia
Web Development

Emin R.

Belgrade, Serbia

Zarko Z.

Zajecar, Serbia

Russel T.

Cebu, Philippines
Customer Support

Max B.

Dresden, Germany

Jeremy Rogel

United States
Account Executive

Trusted by Companies
Committed to Sales

UpLead is the preferred lead generation tool for companies selling across the globe.
UpLead is the preferred lead generation tool for companies selling across the globe.
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