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UpLead is an online B2B sales intelligence platform. We help businesses grow by enabling them to quickly identify and connect with new customers. Our best-in-class prospecting tool provides instant access to millions of verified B2B business contacts.

Our team consists of experienced software developers, marketers, researchers and passionate employees, all committed to supplying the most reliable data to drive marketing, sales, and hiring efforts. Being a bootstrapped company and an agile team, we can swiftly adapt to important technological changes and changing market requirements. This allows us to grow a tight-knit team of like-minded experts, and build a product that both our customers and we can appreciate.

Who we are

We are a distributed and agile team of 21 experienced and cheerful people from 8 countries around the world.

Will Cannon

Los Angeles, CA
Founder & CEO

Matt D.

Santa Monica, CA
Product Team

Nicole C.

Venice, CA
Customer Success

Lilly H.

Dallas, TX
Customer Support

Mike J.

Los Angeles, CA
Customer Support

Jack F.

Sedona, AZ
Account Executive

Sergey N.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Alex M.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Boris S.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Sergey S.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Sergey I.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Tati P.

Omsk, Siberia
Web Development

Mauro S.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mykhailo K.

Kiev, Ukraine
Web Development

Alan M.

Vojvodina, Serbia
Web Development

Zoran D.

Vojvodina, Serbia
Web Development

Emin R.

Belgrade, Serbia

Zarko Z.

Zajecar, Serbia

Russel T.

Cebu, Philippines
Customer Support

Max B.

Dresden, Germany

UpLead Company Values

Our values are at the core of our culture, and they can be summed up by the acronym CAIN

Customer driven

Helpful | Honest | Caring

UpLead is in the business of growing your business. Our main priority is listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and fulfilling them to the fullest extent possible.


Determined | Enthusiastic | Enterprisig

We’re ambitious by nature, and we’ve set out to achieve big goals with UpLead. Our primary aim is to build a sustainable company that will stand the test of time..

Improving Always

Studious | Innovative | Curious

We never stop learning. It’s the only way we can keep improving our product, customer relations, as well as the individual skills of everyone on our team.


Efficient | Driven | Resourceful

We love small teams. Small, distributed teams are quick and nimble. Small teams make everything simpler and eliminate all the bureaucracy and need for management approval which allows us to get more things done quicker.

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