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How to Book More Meetings as an SDR: Must-Know Strategies

As a sales development representative (SDR), booking meetings is the lifeblood of your success. Without securing those critical conversations with qualified prospects, your sales team ...
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8 Cold Call Scripts to Get Appointments + Tips for Using Them

Does cold calling work? If you’re reading this article, then it’s likely that you’ve had some struggles reaching and engaging decision-makers. Perhaps you might even ...
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How to Become a Sales Director in 2024

Becoming a Sales Director in 2024 involves a combination of strategic career planning, skill development, and leadership growth. This comprehensive guide offers insights into the ...
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Best Practices of a Chief Revenue Officer: 8 Qualities to Strive For

In the high-stakes realm of revenue generation, Chief Revenue Officers must blend strategic acumen with flawless execution. This article spotlights best practices that distinguish exemplary ...
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Sales vs. Business Development: Key Differences to Understand

Like yin and yang, sales and business development are interconnected forces that complement each other in driving business success. While distinctive in their focus and ...
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How to Build a B2B Sales Team for Success: Actionable Steps

Crafting a high-performing sales team is a transformative process that can elevate a company’s trajectory. Assembling a group requires the right sales productivity tools, strategies, ...
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How to Become a VP of Sales + Information About the Role

Your journey to the pinnacle of a sales career—becoming a Vice President of Sales—begins with understanding the role’s scope. The position demands a unique blend ...
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25 Sales Prospecting Techniques to Use in 2024

As we wrap up 2023, adopting innovative and proven sales prospecting techniques becomes crucial to cutting through the noise and connecting with the right sales ...
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How Many Calls Should an SDR Make? Setting Sales Quotas

In the high-stakes sales world, understanding the nuances of outreach is pivotal. For Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), striking the right balance in the number of ...
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