Buy Aged Solar Leads: Providers, Cost and Strategies [2024]

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Last updated on July 1, 2024
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Aged solar leads are a golden opportunity to connect with customers who have expressed interest in solar but didn’t buy. These leads are up to 2000 days old and are a low cost way to enter the market. Aged leads come with customer information so they are more than just cold calls and you can re-engage with a warm buyer base.

The solar industry is growing and solar and battery storage will make up 81% of new US electric-generating capacity in 2024 (according to U.S. Energy Information Administration). This growth is driven by policy support and the economic attractiveness of solar solutions, positioning aged solar leads as an opportunity for companies looking to capitalize on the expanding market.

Knowing where to get high quality aged solar leads, how to manage them and the legal implications are key to maximizing their value. This article will cover all that and more so you can get started with using aged solar leads in your marketing and sales.

What are Aged Solar Leads?

Aged solar lead refers to a person or business who showed interest in solar installations but didn’t buy right away. These leads can be anywhere from 30 to 2000 days old and are cheaper to buy. This makes them a cost-effective way for businesses to dive into the solar market.

They’re ready to go and come with all the needed customer info, making them more than just cold calls. They’re a smart move for anyone wanting to buy solar leads. Using these leads can save you time and boost your sales efforts. Properly managing aged solar leads in a CRM can help organize and track this type of prospects, ensuring better follow-up and higher conversion rates.

Why Should I Consider Aged Solar Leads?

You should consider aged solar leads because they’ve already shown interest in solar energy, are cheaper to acquire and have more lead nurturing opportunities. Solar companies can benefit from aged solar leads as they are more cost-effective and represent a large untapped market segment.

Aged leads are people who have expressed interest in solar solutions before but didn’t convert at the time. That might have been due to their past budget or technology restrictions. But now, they may be ready to buy.

Where can I Buy Aged Solar Leads?

There are many solar providers offering aged solar leads. We’ve compared these solar lead generation companies and their offers:


UpLead is the #1 platform for buying aged solar leads as we give you access to the best sources in the industry. We thoroughly vet and test each solar lead provider to ensure quality.

Our process starts by finding vendors with a great reputation. We then do pilot testing on lead accuracy and conversion rates.

Next, we analyze data from the top providers to see how their leads perform over time.

Only those who consistently deliver high quality solar leads make the cut.

Providers who pass our tough tests get added to our “secret source” list so you only get the best aged solar leads. Our thorough vetting process allows us to confidently offer leads that will turn into customers.

If you want access to the best aged solar leads, contact us through our live chat so we can match you with a suitable vetted supplier.

Aged Lead Store

Aged Lead Store offers aged leads in various industries such as solar, insurance and mortgages. Their leads are pre-validated and come with names, addresses, phone numbers and emails so they are suitable for targeted marketing campaigns.

They offer flexible pricing based on the age of the leads which ranges from 30 to 2000 days old. Advanced filtering options allow you to target leads by state, zip code and phone type.

Solar Wise

solar wise

Solar Wise provides aged solar leads tailored for solar professionals, sorted by lead age from recent to 360 days old. They provide full lead details including contact information, utility and energy usage. They also offer replacement guarantees for old data and sales strategy resources.

The Leads Warehouse

The Leads Warehouse

The Leads Warehouse offers aged solar leads which are generated through PPC, social media and email so they are reliable and relevant. The Leads Warehouse supply these leads in different age brackets so are suitable for companies looking for less competitive and more cost effective marketing options. They also supply real time and exclusive solar leads for companies that want to engage with potential customers immediately.

How Much Do Aged Solar Leads Cost?

The cost of aged solar leads varies depending on factors such as the age of the lead and the quantity purchased. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for aged solar leads from several vendors:

VendorAge of LeadsCost per Lead
The Leads WarehouseVariesFrom a few cents to a few dollars
Solar Wise7-30 days$3.99 each
Solar Wise180-360 days$0.05 each
Aged Lead Store30-85 days$1.50 each
Aged Lead Store366-2000 days$0.25 each

How Old Are Aged Solar Leads?

Aged solar leads are leads that have been collected and stored for different periods of time, from a few days to several years. Here’s a table that contains the age ranges of two vendors:

VendorAge Ranges
Solar Wise7-30 days, 31-90 days, 91-180 days, 181-360 days
Aged Lead Store30 to 85 days, 86 to 365 days, 366 to 2000 days

What Strategies can I Use to Maximize the Potential of Aged Solar Leads?

To get the most out of aged solar leads use segmenting, consistent follow ups, incentives and multi channel outreach.

Solar power systems require personal engagement to educate potential buyers about the technology, the benefits, the costs and the incentives.


Segmenting your leads allows you to tailor your approach based on interest level or location. By bucketing your leads your marketing becomes more targeted and more likely to engage and convert.

Consistent Follow ups

Following up is key to nurturing older leads. Regular communication through email, phone or personal messages keeps you top of mind and builds trust that can lead to a conversion.


Offer incentives like exclusive deals or limited time promotions can get aged leads to take action. These special offers grab their attention and can boost engagement rates big time.

Multi Channel Outreach

Multi channel outreach ensures you connect with leads through their preferred method. A mix of phone calls, email and social media can increase your success in re-engaging aged leads.

What Are the Legal Considerations in Buying Aged Solar Leads?

When buying aged solar leads, you should consider these legal points:

  • FCC Regulations: You must obtain explicit written consent from consumers for each marketing partner they allow to contact them Consent must be clear and conspicuous so consumers know who will be contacting them and why.
  • Data Protection Laws: GDPR and CCPA compliance is essential and requires explicit consumer consent for data sharing. You must handle personal data responsibly and protect consumer privacy and adhere to strict data protection standards.
  • Vendor Reputation: Choose vendors with a good reputation for ethical practices and good reviews. Reputable vendors will provide high quality, reliable leads that comply with legal standards.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Aged Solar Leads?

The main pros of aged solar leads include cost effectiveness and higher efficiency. The solar industry is thriving, and aged solar leads can help tap into this high-demand market. Common cons are reduced accuracy of contact information and prior contact by other companies. Let’s have a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Cost Effective: Older leads are much cheaper than new ones.
  • Time Saver: Leads are already in your CRM so you save time.
  • Predictability and Planning: A steady flow of leads helps with sales forecasts and business planning.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: These leads are pre qualified so you have a higher chance of converting compared to cold leads.
  • Broader Reach: Buying aged leads lets you explore new markets without the marketing cost.
  • Quality and Filtering: Advanced filtering options so leads are relevant to your target approach.


  • Reduced Contact Information Accuracy: Contact details may no longer be current so you can’t reach out.
  • Prior Contact by Other Companies: Leads may have been contacted by others so may not be receptive.
  • Interest Decreased: Lead’s interest may have dropped if they found a solution elsewhere.
  • Initial Investment: Cheaper but still an upfront cost with no sales guarantee.

FAQ: Aged Solar Leads

Which industries benefit most from aged solar leads?

Residential solar installation companies, commercial solar providers and solar financing companies benefit most from aged solar leads. Installing solar panels is a big financial commitment so these industries need to nurture aged leads well. They can use matured leads to tap into a pool of prospects who have shown interest in solar solutions and increase conversion rates. The demand for solar panel installation is high due to government incentives and more affordable solar panel technology.

Is it possible to get exclusive rights to aged solar leads?

Yes, it is possible to get exclusive rights to aged solar leads. Some providers offer exclusive leads, so the leads are only sold once and not shared with multiple companies.

What are the advantages of buying aged solar leads?

Aged solar leads are cheap and are an audience that’s already solar-interested. That saves time and money vs. generating new leads. Businesses can tailor their approach based on previous interactions and optimize conversion strategies and revenue growth.

What’s the best follow-up strategy for aged solar leads?

Personalization is key when following up with aged solar leads. Timely and persistent follow-up – emails and phone calls – will move leads through the sales funnel. Use a CRM to track interactions and automate follow-up.

Can I return “bad” aged solar leads?

ed numbers, renters, people who already have solar, etc. Providers often include a buffer of extra leads with orders to account for these discrepancies.

How often should I follow up on aged solar leads?

Follow up every 2 weeks initially. If you get no response after several contacts switch to once a month. Knowing how aged solar leads need to be managed is key while updating your contact lists and removing unqualified leads can increase conversion rates. Educating buyers about solar technology, including cost-saving benefits and environmental impact, is crucial for maintaining interest and increasing conversion rates. 

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