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Last updated on April 22, 2024
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The ZoomInfo Chrome extension embeds robust B2B data into your browser, accelerating sales and recruiting workflows. This guide details the extension’s capabilities, use cases, installation, FAQs, and more so you can maximize its impact.

What is the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension?

The ZoomInfo Engage Chrome extension instantly puts the power of ZoomInfo’s vast contact and company database at your fingertips. As you browse LinkedIn or company websites, this extension allows you to access critical details like email addresses, phone numbers, and buying signals without leaving your current page. 

Whether you’re in inside or outside sales, recruiting, or marketing, this tool supercharges lead identification and outreach by enabling one-click exports to your CRM or automation platform. By reducing manual data entry, the extension makes it simple to turn promising prospects into actionable leads. Ultimately, it’s an invaluable asset that keeps your prospecting on track by embedding ZoomInfo’s data into your existing workflows.

ZoomInfo Chrome Extension Overview

ZoomInfo’s Chrome extension seamlessly unites the power of ZoomInfo’s massive B2B database with your browsing experience. Exploring LinkedIn, company pages, or any website instantly delivers actionable insights on prospects, enabling you to identify and engage leads without switching tabs.

You’ll gain on-demand access to complete contact records, including phone numbers, email addresses, and buying signals like tech stack intel. This eliminates company research legwork, so you can qualify leads and spark conversations quicker. One-click exports relevant contacts straight to your CRM or marketing automation platform, reducing manual entry and aligning sales and marketing workflows.

Whether you want to email prospects directly through the extension or add them to nurture sequences, everything you need is there in the browser. No more toggling between apps to leverage ZoomInfo’s data. With out-of-the-box integration supporting over 70 major platforms, activating contacts is simpler than ever.

This allows for faster opportunity creation, increased productivity, and more seamless workflows – empowering your team to capitalize on research and transform prospects into pipelines. The Chrome extension erases friction for both sales and recruiting use cases by embedding unmatched B2B intelligence into your daily web experience.

ZoomInfo Extension Use Cases

The ZoomInfo Engage Chrome Extension unlocks an array of use cases by embedding a robust business database into your browsing:

  • Lead Enrichment: Enhance stale CRM records with updated direct dials, email lists, and titles from the extension.
  • Account Research: Visit corporate sites to instantly access org charts, contact details, and tech stack intel for targeted accounts.
  • Recruitment Pipeline: To build a robust talent pipeline, identify and export prospect profiles from sites like LinkedIn.
  • Automated Outreach: Trigger multi-channel nurture sequences right from prospect profiles to personalize post-visit cadences.
  • Buying Committee Insights: Map out decision-making hierarchies and export all contacts to coordinate ABM campaigns.
  • Conference Lead Follow-Up: Sync event connections to your CRM for prompt post-event sales motions.
  • Tech Stack Guided Messaging: Tailor communications using real-time insights into prospect martech stacks and solutions.
  • Prioritized Lead Routing: Sync key decision makers to priority lead processes based on predictive buyer intent signals.
  • Streamlined Candidate Management: Add promising profiles to existing talent pools or projects to advance recruitment workflows.
  • Contact Record Access: Retrieve complete intelligence on prospects without toggling between apps.

The browser-based extension ultimately bridges the gap between discovery and activation – aligning pipelines to prospects instantly through unified data and workflows.

Who is the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension Best For?

ZoomInfo’s Chrome Extension delivers quick value across teams, but select users stand to benefit the most from its embedded data and automation:

  • Sales Professionals: Seamless prospecting and accelerated deal cycles. Access contact details, buying signals, and org charts without toggling tabs – enabling targeted outreach to multiple decision-makers.
  • Recruiters: Unlock a robust talent pipeline. Identify and engage passive candidates, trigger email sequences, and accelerate hiring motions without switching tools.
  • Marketing Teams: Coordinate account-based programs. Export contacts from target companies to create hyper-targeted campaigns, then coordinate multi-channel touches based on role.
  • Business Developers: Enrich partnerships. Quickly identify rising partners through growth signals and intent data, then export key stakeholders into your CRM to guide strategic outreach.
  • SaaS Companies: Prioritize high-intent leads. Gain visibility into prospects by researching comparable tools or competitors so your team can actively concentrate on hot market leads.
  • Commercial Banking: Expand within the enterprise. Call into large accounts, quickly identify vital players via corporate hierarchy charts, and export C-suite contacts to guide major financing deals.

Installing the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension

Installing the ZoomInfo Chrome extension takes just seconds, enabling seamless access to robust B2B data as you browse:

  1. First, open the Chrome Web Store and search “ZoomInfo Chrome Extension.” Click to view the extension’s page, then select “Add to Chrome.”
  2. A popup will request permission to add the extension. Confirm by clicking “Add Extension,” and Chrome will automatically download and install.
  3. Once active, pin the extension for easy access by clicking the Extensions puzzle icon in your toolbar. Find “ZoomInfo” in the list and click the pin button to anchor it in view.
  4. Finally, access all features by signing into the extension with your ZoomInfo credentials via the ZoomInfo icon. This unlocks contact record access, sales acceleration tools, and platform integrations.

The Chrome extension can be installed, pinned, and authorized with your login in just minutes. It seamlessly embeds proprietary B2B intelligence into your browser, allowing you to access contacts, companies, and actions with a click.

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FAQs About the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Zoominfo’s plugin.

How much does the ZoomInfo Chrome extension cost?

The extension is free for current ZoomInfo SalesOS and TalentOS subscribers. However, an enterprise subscription is required to unlock its full capabilities. Since ZoomInfo offers customized packages, contact their team for precise pricing based on your user count, feature needs, and more.

Does ZoomInfo have a Chrome extension?

Yes, ZoomInfo does offer a proprietary Chrome extension exclusively for current SalesOS and TalentOS subscribers. This plugin enables access to ZoomInfo’s expensive B2B data and organizational insights directly within your browsing experience. As you explore company websites, LinkedIn, or any web destination, actionable intelligence on contacts and accounts is just a click away. This unlimited-use extension is provided at no additional cost. It is an invaluable efficiency tool for sales, recruiting, marketing, and more by embedding industry-leading business data where you need it most. 

How do I remove the ZoomInfo extension in Chrome?

To uninstall from the toolbar: 1) Right-click the ZoomInfo icon and select “Remove from Chrome.” Confirm by clicking “Remove” in the popup. 2) Using the Chrome menu: Click the 3-dot menu in Chrome > More Tools > Extensions. Locate “ZoomInfo” in your extensions list. Click “Remove” and confirm again to uninstall fully.

Why is the ZoomInfo Chrome extension not working?

There are a few common reasons why the ZoomInfo Chrome extension may not be working correctly or underperforming: 1) Outdated Version: Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and check for any available updates. Installing the latest extension version can resolve functionality issues. 2) Browser Cache Conflicts: Over time, stored cache and cookies can create conflicts. Try clearing your Chrome browser history and data through the settings menu to refresh the extension’s performance. 3) Authentication Problems: If facing login issues or access denials, disconnect then reconnect your ZoomInfo account within the extension’s options to reauthorize seamlessly. 4) Extension Conflicts: Other extensions may interfere with functionality. Try temporarily disabling other add-ons to see if issues persist. Also, ensure popup blockers are not restricting key features. If problems continue despite troubleshooting, contact ZoomInfo’s in-app, email, or phone support for personalized assistance with configuring and optimizing the extension. 

What You Need to Remember About the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension

The ZoomInfo Chrome extension delivers unmatched contact intelligence directly into your browsing experience – eliminating workflow friction while coordinating personalized outreach at scale. This free tool will enrich leads, coordinate ABM, simplify integrations, and accelerate revenue-driving motions today.

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