17 Best Sales Intelligence Tools and Software for Prospecting in 2020

Will Cannon
November 2, 2018
sales intelligence tools
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As a sales manager, you’ve got one task: selling products or services to people. Sounds easy. Sell a bit stuff here and a couple of units there to reach your quarterly goals. But, of course, it isn’t that simple – especially if you don’t know a lot about your potential customers. Let’s face it, without having the right data about your prospects and best in class sales intelligence tools, you won’t sell anything.

That’s the reason why sales prospecting software is indispensable to salespeople and businesses today. These technologies help you to collect, analyze, and present vital information to assist you and your team to keep up to date with new leads and insights.

For example, sales intelligence technology supports you by generating lead lists and prioritizing them for businesses. Additionally, most of the available tools help you track relevant company changes by alerting you, as a salesperson, to the opportunities on your target-companies.

In this article, we take a detailed look at the 17 of the best sales intelligence tools to grow your business. So, let’s jump right in!

The 17 Best Sales Intelligence Tools

  1. Uplead
  2. Winmo
  3. Datanyze
  4. Clearbit
  5. Detective
  6. HQ Data
  7. DiscoverOrg
  8. Crystal
  9. Lead411
  10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  11. InsideView
  12. Vainu
  13. zoominfo
  14. DataFox
  15. Everstring
  17. LeadIQ

1. UpLead – Build Targeted Prospect Lists

Companies such as Salesforce, IBM and Amazon use UpLead to get access to its lead database of more than 46 million verified B2B business contacts in 200+ countries all over the world. UpLead is a powerful B2B data provider and a sales intelligence tool that lets you build targeted prospect lists.

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Targeted prospect lists in UpLead

You can search for prospects by using over 50 filters, such as job title, technologies used, revenue, company’s location, and the company’s size to get the right data to boost your sales efforts.

Technology filters in UpLead

You’re probably wondering if all of this data is up to date. It is. UpLead has a built-in real-time email verification. Each time you export a lead, the email address is verified. In this way you’re able to ensure that you only reach out to validated contacts. Additionally, UpLead integrates with the major CRM providers such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outreach, Reply, Woodpecker, Mailshake, Lemlist, Copper, Nimble, Insightly and others.

Some of UpLead’s integrations

All in all, UpLead is the right pick for you if you want to build targeted and verified prospect lists to connect you to the right contacts.

We charge $99/month for our basic plan, $199/month for our plus plan and $399/month for our professional plan. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

2. Winmo – Find the Right Contacts

Winmo allows you to easily find the right person to contact using its targeted contact search. It’s a versatile sales intelligence tool with a lead database that is regularly updated and populated by its team of researchers. They don’t use any bots and all work is done manually.

Additionally, WinmoEdge provides you with sales prediction functionality that is able to inform you early about potential sales opportunities. You can also set up specific alerts and recommendations to avoid missing any hot leads.

The software provider doesn’t provide any information about the costs on the pricing page, so you’ll need to request it if you’re interested.

3. Datanyze – Learn More About Your Competitors’ Tech Stacks

Datanyze is built for sales and marketing leaders. They mention on their website that they’re the leader in technographics. Another new buzzword you never heard? Don’t worry. Basically, they provide you with useful information about the tech stacks of your prospects.

For example, they help you to understand what kind of live chat solution YAHOO! is using or what content management system Product Hunt is built on. Apart from that, Datanyze lets you analyze your best customers and provide you with similar prospects (based on their technology and further attributes).

You can also search based on different filters and enrich your existing contact information.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with any information about the costs but you can request it on their website if you’re interested.

4.Clearbit – Enrich Your Records Without Any Hassle

Clearbit offers four main products. Enrichment (Enriching existing contacts), Prospecting (Finding new contacts), Reveal (Translating your website traffic into contact data) and Forms (Autofilling your forms based on your visitors’ email addresses).

Prospecting and Enrichment can be especially useful services for sales managers.

Enrichment allows you to enrich your available contacts, for example in your CRM, and add relevant information, like company size, number of employees, or funding. If you’re struggling to generate enough leads, Prospecting might be the right fit for you. It lets you build targeted prospects lists so that you can focus on closing deals.

Enrichment starts at $99 (for enriching 1,000 contacts) per month. Prospecting, integrated with Salesforce, starts at $12,000/year.

5. Detective – Learn Everything About Your Prospects

The name says it all. Detective is a sales tool that ascertains all the little secrets (and sales triggers) of your prospects. For example, it tells you if you’ve already done business with your lead’s competitors. Pretty helpful for your next sales call, right?

And not only can you use this data for your cold calling session – but it also allows you to send personalized emails at scale.

As is often the case, you’ll have to request a demo to learn more about their pricing.

6. HQ Data – Get Reliable Email Lists

If you’re about to run out of leads, HQ Data’s mailing list feature might be interesting to you. Based on different filters (such as company size or household income), you can search for your ideal prospects and build reliable lead lists.

Additionally, HQ Data helps you with understanding your existing customer data to derive the right learnings and decisions. The sales intelligence tool also assists you in contact segmentation and campaign management.

The mailing list service starts at £150 per 1,000 records for one channel (postal, email or telephone).

7. DiscoverOrg – Receive Actionable Information About Your Prospects

Software that drives up to 60x ROI by providing actionable information about your prospects? Discoverorg’s promise sounds too good to be true. Let’s have a look at how they want to achieve that. The tool lets you find the right buyer personas and score them based on their fit and purchase intent. Different filters allow you to quickly analyze the data sources and to learn more about potential leads. Discoverorg makes it easy to send out personalized messages at scale while making sure that their data is at least 95 % accurate.

Discoverorg isn’t publically mentioning its pricing so you’ll have to request a demo if you want to learn more.

8. Crystal – Analyze Your Prospects’ Personality

Would it help you to know more about the personality of the next prospect you call? Crystal provides you with exactly this kind of data. Based on social media profiles or written texts, the tool uses the DISC approach to assess the personality of a person. In that way, it not only helps you to learn more about the perso, but also about their connections to other people.

You can get started with Crystal for free. For unlimited psychological information and access to personality profiles, Crystal charges $29/month.

9. Lead411 – Use Sales Triggers to Make Smarter Decisions

Lead411 offers a trigger-based sales platform. That means the software analyzes specific sales triggers – events such as revenue growth or a new executive joining one of your prospects – to identify potential sales opportunities. Using its sales intelligence features, you’re able to make profound decisions and recognize the right moment to reach out to your prospects.

Lead411’s pricing starts at $75 per month (200 exports).

10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Leverage LinkedIn for Sales

562 million people. That’s the current number of people using LinkedIn. Almost 50% of all American inhabitants are signed up. That says a lot about the successful social business network. But only a fraction of these people use the paid version of LinkedIn: the Sales Navigator.

It allows you to conduct advanced prospect and company searches while getting lead recommendations that might fit your requirements. Additionally, you can easily integrate the Sales Navigator with your CRM and sync all prospect information. LinkedIn also provides you with real-time updates on relevant events such as job changes.

The Sales Navigator Professional plan starts at $79.99 per month (while the first month is for free).

11. Insideview – Use Real-Time Insights to Make Strategic Choices

Insideview is all about healthy data and efficiency. Get rid of irrelevant and duplicate information to find the right people and companies that really care for your product or service!

With this unifying targeting, marketing, and sales intelligence platform you gain real-time insights in the market that allow you to make the right strategic choices. Insideview’s Go-To-Market Decision Engine helps you to discover growth opportunities for your company.

Get in touch with Insideview to learn more about their individual pricing.

12. Vainu – Find Patterns in Your Sales Data

Vainu Screenshot

Do you want to save time while having more and more sales? Vainu makes it possible. With hundreds of filters, data visualization, and notifications about the best timing to contact prospects, the tool makes it easy for you to close the deal.

With this sales intelligence software you will get precise and up-to-date data. Machine learning algorithms constantly analyze information to find patterns and to give you advanced search filters. All this will help you to find people that are in need of your product or service.

Contact Vaniu to get more information on pricing.

13. zoominfo – Find Right People to Target

The sales intelligence tool zoominfo is backed by a comprehensive B2B database to ensure that you find the right people for your company. The tool allows you to filter by location, industry, job title, company revenue and more, to make the search as simple as possible and to help you find only the information you really need. With zoominfo, you will get the most direct contact information that will lead to more sales and bigger growth for your company.

The price for the tool is set individually for each company, based on different aspects.

14. DataFox – Enricht Your CRM Data

DataFox Screenshot

DataFox knows that data is the key for a successful business. The tool therefore provides you with everything you need to have your CRM stacked up with intelligent company data. This won’t only help you to have better communication with existing clients and to get more leads, it will also give you the chance to concentrate on more strategic tasks. With DataFox, data anomalies or duplicated entries will come to an end. The sales intelligence software scales with your needs.

The pricing depends on the size of your company, the volume of managed data and number of data sets.

15. Everstring – Use Data Science to Find New Customers

Everstring is an intuitive software that uses automated data science to make sure that you will find your next customer in the most efficient way. With accurate, comprehensive and recent data the sales intelligence tool will help you to reach the ultimate goal: closing more leads. Everstring fully integrates into your workflow and gives you all the information you need for personalized communication with potential customers.

The pricing of the tool varies depending on different aspects of your company and needs.

16. – Connect With Any Prospect

Hunter is a sales intelligence tool that helps you to connect with any person that can make a difference to your business, while being transparent regarding source and dates of information. The tool boosts the sales of your business by providing you with the email addresses you need within a few seconds.

The pricing plans on Hunter range from €0–€319 per month and allows you to make 100 to 50,000 requests per month.

17. LeadIQ – Find New Emails and Enricht Existing Data

Do you want to find your prospects faster and without any manual data-entry? Then you should definitely try LeadIQ. It takes away all the hassles involved in prospecting by providing you with only high-quality data that you really need. The tool doesn’t only give you emails and contact information, but also enriches your data with social media profiles and company information.

The trial version of LeadIQ gives you 100 credits to use for free. For $60 a month you can build campaigns of up to 300 prospects per month and see millions of crowdsources emails.


In today’s world of infobesity, it isn’t easy to know which information is crucial and which is irrelevant. Having the right data at the right time is a challenge that every company is facing. It’s only when you’re able to understand who you should target and how you can connect with that person, that you’ll be able to drive growth.

Luckily there are sales intelligence tools that give us a hand. They help us to collect accurate marketing data more quickly, give us valuable insights into the market and allow us to anticipate the future outcome. By using such software your sales team can ditch the researching and concentrate on what they do best – selling

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