How To Create an Email Address List (That Will Really Make Sales)

Will Cannon
Last updated on May 31, 2024
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Anyone can build an email list. But do you know how to create an email address list that boosts sales?

Crafting an effective email list doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you know what to fix and have the right tools.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to create an email address list that you can rely on for your cold emailing efforts. We’ll tell you how to create a list from scratch and how to improve the email list you already have.

Let’s get started.

What Is an Email Address List?

An email address list is a collection of email addresses that can be used for sales purposes. They are usually enriched with customer data and may be segmented into user demographic data.

Since email address lists are so cost-effective, they’re usually the first thing marketers focus on. They design and send an email to remind customers of a sale coming up, unveil a new product, or educate them with inbound email marketing content.

Some email address lists have subscribers that look forward to receiving them, like a relevant newsletter or mail from a brand they love.

However, just putting together random emails and sending content to people is bad marketing. If you want your subscribers to actually look forward to your emails, you need to know how to build an effective email list.

Here’s How to Build Your Email Address List

Here’s how you can build an effective email address list:

Choose Your CRM/Marketing Automation Software to Store Your Mailing Lists

There are multiple steps to choosing the right CRM, but one that often gets missed by beginners is the CRM’s integration capabilities.

A CRM should ideally integrate with all your sales tools. After all, the point of a CRM is to connect and streamline your sales process. Look for CRMs that integrate with the tools you’re about to use, like emailing and lead purchasing, to kickstart your sales efforts immediately.

Decide on Personal Information You Want to Collect (or Enrich) 

Most marketers already have their email lists, but they often forget that their email lists can get stale too.

That’s why designing ways to collect user information should always be done regularly.

You can do this by involving your users in the process by sending them surveys. You can also connect your web data to your CRM to refresh users’ information as they access the website.

But often the easiest and quickest way to collect information is by leveraging data enrichment tools. These tools look at your email list and fill it with updated information and validated email addresses. 

You can then use that information to update the email addresses you have with validated ones so you’ll have better deliverability. And you can use the rest of the information to segment your audience and better cater to their potential pain points.

Find Ways To Collect Email Addresses

Here are a few ways of generating email addresses for your email list:

Use B2B List Building Software

UpLead is a great tool for your email marketing needs.

The best email address list is the one where all subscribers are interested in what the email has to say. So, why not choose those users for your email list?

You can do this with B2B list-building software.

List-building software allows you to buy email addresses and other contact information according to industry, location, the software people use, and much more. Since you’ll only be emailing people who are might be interested in your product, they’re more likely to open your emails.

However, many lead generation platforms can’t guarantee the quality of their data. That’s why you need to find platforms with a clear data guarantee so you don’t waste time trying to email contacts that will never convert. 

UpLead is the best program for building B2B email lists. With UpLead, you not only get access to over 155+ million professional profiles, but you also get a 95 percent data accuracy guarantee. Because of this, you’ll know you’re getting the right information from your target market.

Try UpLead for free today.

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Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.

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Create and Promote Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are incentives for users to give you their email addresses and other contact information. 

You can use all kinds of lead magnets to build email address lists such as the following:

Specialized e-books

E-books are very valuable in professional areas, and when done right, they can become an evergreen lead magnet. 

But remember, e-books need to be valuable and have information your users can’t just find with a quick Google search. If you and your team can write and edit a specialized, high-quality e-book about specific issues their clients are facing, you can easily use it as a lead magnet.

When your e-book is done, you can advertise it in your blog posts, guest posts, and landing pages, asking your users to exchange their contact information for access to your PDF.

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Resources newsletters

Newsletters are a great way of interacting with your users, especially when your users are already aware of and engaged with your brand. 

When writing newsletters, don’t just send coupons and offers. Write newsletters that are informational and valuable to your audience. Only add information to your newsletter that’s relevant to your users right now, and sprinkle inbound articles to convert readers instead of just sending a flashing coupon.

This will continue attracting users to subscribe to your newsletter and encourage them to look forward to the next one.


Probably the easiest, fastest, and most effective lead magnet is to offer the user a discount in exchange for their email address. 

The most common way of doing this is with a pop-up that offers your new visitors a discount when they subscribe to your email list. Other effective ways include behavioral-triggered actions based on response rates and activity, engaging users in automated pop-ups and chatbot messages. There are also gamified options that allow your leads to roll a “discount roulette” for an offer or discount in exchange for their email address.

If you find something for your customers that’s attractive enough to offer in exchange for their email address, you can easily transform it into a lead magnet to build your email list.

Capture Leads on Websites

Chrome extensions are add-ons for your browser that allow you to capture leads as you’re surfing the web and browsing websites. All you need to do is to select the person you want to collect information from, placing them into the Chrome extension, and download the information.

However, you need to ensure the Chrome extension is giving you accurate information, or it could affect your deliverability and reputation.

Uplead's chrome extension is a great tool to collect email addresses and other data, directly from your browser

With UpLead’s Chrome extension, you can easily collect email addresses and other data from your potential leads, directly on your browser.

After installing it, you can start creating email lists and enrich them with leads from LinkedIn or a company’s website. All you need to do is to select the name of the person. Then UpLead will show you all the information available on the lead, and allow you to add them to your download list.

Before downloading your data, UpLead verifies all emails to ensure deliverability.

Try UpLead’s Chrome Extension for free today.

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Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.

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Run PPC Ads

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads are a great, albeit expensive way of generating leads and collecting emails.

You’ll need to start with your target audience to run effective PPC ads for lead generation. Clearly define their needs and interests and the queries they may encounter with companies like yours. Then use that information to create your first PPC ads.

When your ads are ready, test different variations and keywords before putting all your budget into one. Keep testing your PPC campaigns to ensure you’re getting the most out of them.

Once you have enough experience with PPC or native advertising platforms like Voluum DSP, you can start developing ads for multiple steps in your leads’ journey.

Use Webinars

Webinars will not only attract relevant leads but give your brand authority amongst its competitors.

These days, hosting a webinar is very easy and relevant. Companies use powerful and popular tools like Zoom and YouTube to host seminars whenever they want, without worrying about setting up a landing page or increasing their bandwidth for the broadcasting.

But users are only going to spend time on your webinar as long as they perceive that the content is valuable. If they find it boring or repetitive, they’ll simply close the window and keep working. You can achieve this if you develop webinars with great production value, using good narration voices, insightful information, and interesting animations. 

If your webinar’s narrator will only be heard, they need to speak clearly and use a good microphone. There shouldn’t be any background noise or microphone hissing. 

If your webinar’s host will be seen, they should be dressed appropriately, usually with the colors of your brand. Their voices and footage must be recorded with proper mics and cameras to ensure they’re communicating clearly. Pay attention to framing, background, and lighting, and make sure the hosts are engaging and charming.

Finally, when writing and editing the script, remember to be efficient. Pace the script, ensuring valuable information is consistently provided, and keep a balance of levity and mental breaks to avoid exhausting your audience. Remove any long pauses or redundant phrases, and make sure you’re only keeping the best takes.

Webinars will not only attract relevant leads but give your brand authority amongst its competitors.

Social Selling

Social selling is using your social media to find leads, build relationships, and convert users into customers.

You can achieve this by having an active social media presence and profiles on sites your customer persona is likely to be like LinkedIn and Facebook. This presence is a good way of keeping your customers engaged and aware of your brand and slowly informing them of how they could be using your product to solve their pain points.

This can also help with your cold selling efforts. Since your users are more likely to have heard of you and your company, they’ll be more open to hearing what your salespeople have to say when they’re opening a conversation with them.

Sync Your CRM With Your Email Address Generation Tools

If you need to manually input the leads you’re generating into your CRM, you’re wasting time and money.

Ideally, you should find a CRM with native integrations with the tools you’re using for email address generation. Your CRM will usually include an “apps” section where you can connect other tools. Some will even have “app stores” or websites that list the apps that integrate with the CRM. 

If your CRM and lead generation tools lack a native integration, you can use the tools’ API to program one or integrate it with a separate automation tool like Zapier.

Verify Your Email Addresses

Tools like UpLead’s email verifier allow you to verify emails in bulk, separating verified emails from unverified ones in seconds.

Not all email addresses you get are going to be valid. Multiple emails in your lead generation campaigns will end up being false or no longer valid. If you use those addresses, you will not only be wasting that spot but you’ll also be hurting your deliverability and brand reputation.

That’s why verifying emails is so important.

Email verification tools test the emails you have to ensure they’re valid and active emails. Tools like UpLead’s email verifier allow you to verify emails in bulk, separating verified emails from unverified ones in seconds. With UpLead, you can quickly and effectively clean up and refresh your email lists before integrating them into your email marketing efforts.

Learn more here.

Segment Your Email Address Lists

Not all users are equal to your efforts. That’s why you need to make sure the information your users are receiving is as relevant and personalized as possible.

Start by determining the different user personas that are currently subscribed to your email list. You can use behavioral and preexisting data to determine which user persona they belong to.

Once you’ve separated your audience into different sectors, create content that’s specifically made with that user persona in mind. Make the content as personalized as possible, and keep testing your audiences to ensure your content is fully optimized for them.

Enrich Your Recipients’ Data (If Needed)

All you need to do is upload your email address list and let UpLead update it and enrich it with relevant data.

Email address lists grow stale.

Users change jobs, companies, locations, and email addresses all the time. The longer you’ve had an email address, the more likely it is you’ll have inaccurate information on it.

If you want to update and refresh your recipients’ data, you can enrich or complement your lists with UpLead’s information. All you need to do is upload your email address list and let UpLead update it and enrich it with relevant data. 

UpLead doesn’t just refresh and validate your emails, it also gathers information on their current location, industry, and much more, so you can accurately segment them and tailor information to them. Because of this, you will know your content is as valuable and optimized to your users as possible.

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Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.

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Regularly Email Your Lists

Once you have a mailing list you can trust in, make sure you’re keeping your valuable users engaged.

There’s no single correct answer to how often you should email your list. It will mostly depend on your user persona, their activity, their engagement, and where they are in the customer journey.

If you have a regular schedule that’s working, keep it regular. Start your users off with a few emails, and segment them based on the activity they have and on which emails they engage with. Then, you can send as many emails as they need, depending on their behavior.

Ideally, you should be messaging your users about once a week, although, for some email lists, once a month is the best way of keeping users engaged.

Remove Inactive Contacts From Your Lists

Active email subscribers are so valuable. They can engage with the rest of your audience because they’re interested in your brand, and they’ll read what you send them.

Inactive contacts do the opposite.

For starters, you may be paying for more storage in your mailing platform than you need. Then, there’s the issue of deliverability. Emailing random addresses may end up getting your IP flagged for spam, which will dramatically affect your deliverability and brand reputation.

To properly deal with inactive contacts, automatically start a campaign capturing them and giving them a few more chances of interacting with your brand. If they don’t interact with the campaign, you know you can safely delete them from your email list.

How to Monetize Your Email Lists

Here are a few ideas to monetize your email lists:

Actionable Content + YOUR Products or Services

When new users subscribe, it’s most often because they have been just exposed to your brand and had been learning about it. Use that enthusiasm to start making sales by monetizing your new email list members as soon as possible.

After an initial intro period, you can place them into your regular newsletter and send them links to your inbound marketing strategies along with useful content to keep them engaged.

Actionable Content + OTHERS’ Products or Services

Another way to monetizing your lists is by selling them products or services given by a different company through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money by posting links to other companies’ products and receiving a small percentage of a sale made after one of your links has been posted. However, when partnering with someone for affiliate marketing, you’ll need to think about how it will affect your carefully constructed content.

The ideal affiliate partner will sell products and services that your user persona is interested in. That way, you can reach them with products they may like, without altering your content too much.

You can produce blog posts, product reviews, lists, and anything else that will help your user to interact with your content while they also engage with your partners.

Talk About Successful Use Cases and Concrete Case Studies

Some users are not as interested in what you promise as they are in what you’ve already done. That’s why use cases and case studies are so valuable.

Through them, you can explore how you’ve affected a real company that’s just like the companies you’re targeting. This helps your potential leads to reach their aha moment and realize what your company can do for them.

When writing use cases and case studies, remember that presentation is everything. Since those documents can get somewhat technical, keep your users engaged with images and valuable, well-written information.

Make It a Paid Newsletter

Although it’s becoming increasingly rare and difficult, if you reach the perfect niche, you can develop a premium paid newsletter.

These premium newsletters need to provide a ton of value to the reader. The reader will also expect your content to be ad-free and your sales efforts to be moderated and only connected to hyper-related solutions.

But, if you can produce a value-filled newsletter with added benefits, you can find a lot of success in making it a paid newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Around Email Address Lists

Here are the answers to common questions about mailing lists:

Do email lists still work?

Yes, mailing lists are incredibly valuable for any email marketing campaign. They allow you to affordably keep potential leads engaged with your company and what it’s doing. You can use your mailing lists to engage new customers in email campaigns to fast-track them into a purchase, and you can send emails to reach people who aren’t engaging with your company anymore.

Do email lists provide a good ROI compared to other channels?

The standard ROI for email marketing is 122%. Since email lists aren’t very costly or time-consuming, they’re an effective way to start growing your brand, targeting the right businesses, and sending emails to potential customers, all while keeping costs down.

Where Can I Find a Company Email Address List?

Companies usually ask potential users to subscribe to their address list when signing up for a service, purchasing a product, or in exchange for a discount.

How Can I Find Valid Email Address Lists?

The best way to collect relevant email addresses is by using powerful lead generation platforms like UpLead. UpLead guarantees the quality of the information you receive and validates the email address you want right before downloading it. Because of this, you can know you aren’t emailing a random email address and your email campaign will be less likely to be flagged as spam.

Should You Use Free Email Address Lists for Email Marketing?

Not always. Free email lists will likely be filled with dubious addresses and users who aren’t part of your target audience. Instead of using free email services, sign up for a free trial of UpLead, and start leveraging valuable, trusted data today.


Crafting good mailing lists is so valuable to your email marketing efforts. Mailing lists are a great way of keeping consumer email addresses in constant contact, and they can attract new subscribers and keep your lifelong customers informed.

If you want to start generating mailing lists for your email marketing campaigns, there’s no better place than UpLead.

Create your email list in minutes by starting with UpLead for free today.

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