Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo: Which Tool is Right for You?

William Cannon
Last updated on June 3, 2024
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To shape sales and forge your fate in the B2B sphere, certain tools can help you get ahead by bringing your products and services in front of those most likely interested. That way, you can grow your business by helping those in need, and we’ll show you two well-known tools for the job: Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo.

What is Seamless.AI?

Seamless.AI is one of the many AI-powered real-time search engines for generating B2B sales leads. Suitable for lead acquisition and marketing automation specialists, the core idea behind its design was to create a center software from where you can gather and review lead information. Instead of having to pick the right prospects manually, this company research tool will do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on reaching out to the right people. UpLead is an affordable Seamless.AI alternative.

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a sales cloud customer identification platform that lets you gather intelligence for your sales and marketing campaigns. Best suited for B2B sales and marketing teams, the tool gives buyer intent data and actionable AI-based insights to help identify companies that best fit your products and services. Moreover, it’s also a cloud CRM solution that helps you manage leads and stay on top of your sales processes.

ZoomInfo has a ton of competitors in the market.

Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo Features

To get the most out of your company data analysis and quality tools, you should look for product features that best complement your company goals. To make the comparison easier, we’ve narrowed down the Seamless.AI and ZoomInfo features in the bullet points below.

Seamless.AI Features

  • Lead builder: Create targeted lists straight from the marketing automation software.
  • Data segmentations: Propel your sales and marketing campaigns to the next level by using data-driven insights.
  • Alerts: As soon as there’s a big event in your industry, your sales team can be the first to know.
  • Data cleaning: Easily start sales conversations with those most likely to respond and become your customers.

ZoomInfo Features

  • Reporting: Report generation is a good approach to automating non-selling tasks so you can focus on what matters.
  • CRM: See where you stand with easy prospective clients sales-wise. The attached CRM documentation makes the job easy.
  • News insights: Stay on top of what’s going on in your industry.
  • Data cleaning: Don’t waste a minute of your time on prospects that are unlikely to respond.
  • Search: Find the data you’re looking for in seconds.

Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo Data 

When comparing Seamless.AI and ZoomInfo, it quickly becomes evident that the former focuses more on the quantity of leads while the latter prioritizes lead quality. Below, we’ll discuss the accuracy and reliability of their respective databases in more detail.

Seamless.AI’s Data

Seamless.AI easily engages customers by providing 800 million worldwide contacts from professional circles to browse through. Bear in mind that this is not just any kind of data – based on the bounce rate you can expect, the accuracy of the data provided stands at about 60-70%. Compared to ZoomInfo, phone numbers tend to be more up-to-date, which makes initiating sales calls a breeze. The data you provide can be imported into Hubspot CRM outreach tools.

ZoomInfo’s Data

Compared to Seamless.AI, ZoomInfo’s database is a bit more modest, with 100 million worldwide contacts, most of which are from the US. ZoomInfo practices diligent contact verification methods such as email and phone verification tests to provide the most valuable visitors and ensure that contacts stay relevant and up-to-date. Depending on your niche and audience, you can expect a bounce rate of 20-50%. However, ZoomInfo’s system also features contact accuracy scoring on an individual level, which lets you instantly start sales conversations, knowing that you’ll be able to focus on those whose contact details have the greatest likelihood of being relevant and valid.

Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo Integrations

If you want to go beyond a tool’s core functionality by connecting it with another third-party service or device, you will want to look for third-party integrations. An example of this is being able to import leads into a CRM solution of your choice. We’ve checked how Seamless.AI and ZoomInfo compare in this regard.

Seamless.AI Integrations

  • Salesforce: A powerful client management solution.
  • Hubspot: A CRM solution.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: A cloud-based tool for CRM integrations.
  • Outreach: A sales execution platform.
  • Chrome extensions: Infuse Your browser experience with business productivity tools.
  • Salesloft: A sales management and engagement platform.
  • Zoho: One of the SaaS web apps for managing your company.
  • Keap: A one-stop sales and marketing automation platform.
  • Pipedrive: A pipeline management and sales CRM solution.
  • Insightly: A tool for customer relationship and conversation intelligence.
  • Greenhouse: Software for applicant tracking.
  • Zapier.:A powerful cloud-based marketing automation suite.
  • Google Sheets: A collaboration and data management tool similar to Microsoft Office.
  • Close: Another CRM solution.
  • Copper: CRM for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Cloze: A fully automated CRM solution.
  • SugarCRM: An intelligent CRM platform.
  • FreshSales: CRM and deal management solution.

ZoomInfo Integrations

  • Pipedrive.:Sales CRM and pipeline management software.
  • Qualified: A faster way to generate a pipeline.
  • Salesforce: CRM and client management.
  • Hubspot CRM: Marketing automation and CRM.
  • Zoho CRM: CRM simplified.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: CRM with predictive insights,
  • Outreach: A sales engagement platform.
  • Marketo: A lead management solution for B2B marketers.
  • Shift: A way to manage all your accounts from one central place.
  • Salesoft: A better way to communicate with your buyers.
  • Bullhorn: A CRM and an applicant tracking system.
  • Causal: A data visualizer.
  • SugarCRM: A CRM solution.
  • Sales Innovator: A tool for creating and managing sales robots.
  • ChatFunnels: A tool for growing your visitors.
  • Paligo: A cloud-based CRM solution.
  • CaliberMind: A tool for pipeline optimization.

Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo Usability

User experience goes beyond a software’s features—it is how you feel when using it and how smooth everything is. Let’s see how these two contenders compare in this regard.

Seamless.AI Usability

Despite what the name might suggest, Seamless.AI is far from seamless regarding user experience. When you request to pull up an individual’s information, prepare for long loading times. And even then, we’ve found that the request often times out when trying to get more info about non-US businesses. It does get the job done if you can stomach a bumpy ride, and the tool will certainly find you the relevant business contact details and phone numbers in your niche. After you’ve found what you need, the interface allows you to copy it with a single click.

ZoomInfo Usability

In terms of user experience, ZoomInfo is the clear winner. It comes with a polished user interface, and the charts it generates are sleek, straightforward, and organized. It’s a great email finder tool that’s also easy to use. However, it’s not perfect, and you may encounter incorrect information from time to time. Plus, there are all the suggested software integrations to make it yours truly. If you ever need a helping hand, plenty of training documentation webinars and videos guide you.

Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo Plans & Pricing

Since you want to get the best for your money, selecting the appropriate pricing plan for your needs pays. We’ve summed up what you need to know below. 

Seamless.AI Plans & Pricing

Seamless.AI offers multiple monthly subscription plans, and there’s even a free trial. A single-user plan will run you for $147 a month, and there’s a 250-unit cap on the following: sales leads, emails, phone numbers, insights, and CSV downloads. If you want to add more users and remove usage caps for good, the price is roughly $100 per user, so it’s certainly more cost-effective to have larger sales and marketing teams and distribute the costs. Large enterprises will even come up with a custom plan and pricing. There is no best plan in this case; all are roughly the same regarding features.

ZoomInfo Plans & Pricing

ZoomInfo’s pricing is quite a bit more expensive than Seamless.AI, even though it has a free trial. The most affordable pricing plan will cost you roughly $15.000 per year, and that’s only if you’re willing to sign a two-year agreement. In terms of features you get with each plan, here’s what we found:

  • Professional+: The most affordable option. It includes company profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, data lead notifications, and filtering.
  • Advanced+.:Along with everything you get with Professional+, it also gives you location data, hierarchies, social media profile links, and tech adoption insights. A solid middle-ground option.
  • Elite+: It gives you everything you get with the other two, plus real-time purchase intent signals, company attributes, and employee counts. This option is the best if your budget can take it.

Final Verdict on Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo?

Everything considered, ZoomInfo appears to be the most powerful solution out of the two. Still, the problem is that, due to its astronomical pricing, most business owners won’t have the budget for it. In perspective, even the lowest pricing plan will run you into the thousands, while Seamless.AI is about ten times more affordable.

Both support almost everything you can imagine regarding integrations, so it’s a tie. While Seamless.AI wins out in the sheer quantity of the contacts you’ll be getting access to, ZoomInfo prefers quality. Feature-wise, they’re both on par, but ZoomInfo’s database quality is far superior to the one you will be getting with Seamless AI.

Although it gets the job done, Seamless.AI leaves much to be desired in the user experience department. ZoomInfo, on the other hand, is organized and sleek.

Although ZoomInfo is a theoretically better tool, we have to give this one to Seamless.AI because it’s the only one most businesses can afford out of the two. If budget is an issue, you can even consider building your own list of contacts with a free email list service. If none of these options stand out to you, be sure to give our very own Uplead a shot!

FAQs About Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo 

To help you make a buying decision, we’ve provided answers to some commonly asked questions below.

Is Seamless.AI better than ZoomInfo?

Technically speaking, ZoomInfo is a better tool, but it comes with an astronomical price tag that is likely out of range for most business owners. It doesn’t give that much more to justify the steep price hike.

Is Seamless.AI legit?

Seamless.AI is a legitimate tool for generating B2B leads that heavily relies on advanced artificial intelligence statistics. Features like data segmentation allow you to focus on your ideal customer, and you will be the first to know whenever a relevant event occurs in your industry. Seamless.AI easily finds the most relevant B2B prospects through a parameter-based search.

How big is Seamless.AI?

As big as you want to take it. Every pricing plan is designed to adapt and scale based on your usage, and you could technically have an unlimited number of sales teams working for you.

What You Need to Remember About Seamless.AI vs. ZoomInfo 

Seamless.AI is much more affordable than ZoomInfo, although the latter is technically a better and more polished product. However, regarding per-dollar value, Seamless.AI is the winner since we can hardly find a justification for ZoomInfo’s steep pricing. If you’re a small business owner, you can forget about ZoomInfo – its most affordable subscription plan will run you in the thousands.

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