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Last updated on January 17, 2024
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To plan an effective cold-calling campaign, you need a reliable phone number list. Luckily, creating effective phone number lists is easier than ever, especially if you have the right tools.

Here, we’ll review the best 10 companies you can use to get phone number lists you can trust. We’ll show you their pricing and discuss their pros and cons so you can easily figure out which tool is best for you.

Let’s get started.

1. UpLead

Build Your Phone Number Lists With UpLead

UpLead offers a practical solution for building extensive phone number lists. It’s straightforward, reliable, and expansive.

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    UpLead is a powerful lead generation platform that helps you find the phone numbers you need quickly. Offering you a  95% data accuracy guarantee , with UpLead, it’s easy to create a reliable phone number list for your sales team.

    The platform allows you to browse over 155 million business contacts worldwide, filtering it through over 50 criteria (like job title, industry, and location) to create targeted marketing lists.

    UpLead is a powerful lead generation tool that can boost your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

    What makes UpLead one of the industry’s best phone number list providers?

    Here are a few reasons why UpLead is one of the best phone number providers you can use:

    • Simple lookup: With UpLead’s Contacts Lookup function, you’ll quickly find your lead’s contact information, including validated emails, mobile phone numbers, social media, and more.
    • Vibrant profiles: UpLead does more than give you someone’s business phone number. Its rich profiles allow you and your salespeople to quickly absorb accurate information on your leads and get to know them before calling.
    • Reliable data: UpLead offers a 95% data accuracy guarantee, giving you fresh phone numbers and emails verified in real-time.
    • Chrome extension: UpLead allows you to find your lead’s numbers and other valuable data as you browse their LinkedIn profile or company website.

    How to get a list of phone numbers with UpLead

    Finding someone’s phone number with UpLead is easy. Here’s how:

    • Step 1: Search for your lead’s name or attributes on UpLead.
    • Step 2: Select the profiles you want to download.
    • Step 3: Download your new phone number database when you’re ready to start calling

    It’s that easy.


    UpLead offers you a free trial with 5 credits to test the platform. Paid plans start at $74 per month for a single-user account with 2,040 annual credits. The plan also includes access to verified email addresses and phone numbers, mobile direct dials, CRM integrations, and access to the Chrome extension. You can also search for CEO phone numbers only to contact decision-makers.

    For $149 per month, you get 4,800 annual credits, plus access to data enrichment features, advanced search filters, and more. 

    Finally, starting at $299 per month, users get a team account with up to five users, plus full API access, all search filters, and competitor intelligence.

    Start your free UpLead trial today, and see if it’s the right fit for you.

    Start Your 7-Day Free UpLead Trial

    Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.

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    2. AnyWho

    AnyWho lets you find someone's phone number for free.

    AnyWho is a free service that allows users to generate a cell phone number list for free. 

    With AnyWho, users can find people’s phone numbers or look up leads based on their phone numbers. The tool also provides access to the Yellow Pages, a simple and free way of finding users’ mobile phone numbers in the United States.


    Here are some of the pros of using AnyWho:

    • Free service
    • Filled with data from USA users
    • Easy to use


    Here are some of the cons of using AnyWho:

    • Very limited capabilities
    • It may offer outdated or unreliable data
    • No bulk search or large capabilities


    AnyWho is a free service, although it offers more detailed lookup services for a fee.

    3. BeenVerified 

    BeenVerified can help you find someone's phone number through billions of public records.

    BeenVerified is another free tool that allows users to look up people’s phone numbers and perform reverse phone lookups.

    The tool gives users access to billions of public records of personal, business, and cell phone numbers, plus information like the lead’s location, email addresses, social media profiles, and more.

    Users may also look up leads through usernames and VINs and can even find personal phone numbers and other data.


    Here are some of the pros of using BeenVerified:

    • Free tool
    • Multiple lookup options
    • Multiple USA profiles


    Here are some of the cons of using BeenVerified:

    • May have unreliable data
    • Not for leads outside the USA
    • No bulk or advanced search options


    BeenVerified is a free tool with public information.

    4. Data Axle Genie

    Data Axle is a leading provider of business and consumer data

    Data Axle is a data provider with an extensive phone number database, including over 75 million B2B contacts and a detailed view of most USA and Canadian businesses.

    The platform allows users to create phone number lists, direct mail, marketing, and email campaigns. Users can also validate and enrich their existing data, adding cell phone number fields and other relevant data for telemarketing campaigns.


    Here are some of the pros of Data Axle:

    • A tool built for lead generation
    • Reportedly good customer service
    • Simple UI


    Here are some of the cons of Data Axle:

    • No data accuracy
    • Users may need to pair the platform with data validation tools
    • Constant upselling efforts


    Data Axle offers users a free 3-day trial with access to the professional package and 150 free email leads. 

    Paid plans start at $79 per month for a single-user account. More advanced features are offered for $149 per month. And for $299 per month, all features are available for up to five users.

    5. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

    Dun and Bradstreet's ESG Intelligence makes selecting ethical and resilient third parties easier than ever

    Dun & Bradstreet offers users a database of over 170 million business records to generate email and phone number lists.

    The platform allows users to develop strategic lead targeting and enrich their existing data with updated information. Users can also take advantage of the platform’s marketing and sales features to develop an integral and multichannel strategy.


    Here are some of the pros of using D&B:

    • Large database
    • Versatile platform with multiple tools
    • Multiple native integrations


    Here are some of the cons of using D&B:

    • No data accuracy guarantee
    • Users report multiple issues with customer support

    Bonus: check our Dun and Bradstreet competitors list.


    Pricing for Dun & Bradstreet’s lead generation features is available only upon request. However, they offer a free trial without needing credit card information. If you’re looking for the best Dun and Bradstreet alternatives, sign up and give us a try!

    6. Exact Data

    Exact Data is one of the leaders in multichannel direct marketing, specializing in email marketing, postal, and telemarketing lists.

    Exact Data claims to have millions of consumer and business profiles users can access to build a lead list.

    The platform can offer professional and personal cell phone numbers and other data, making it easy for companies to generate phone number lists quickly. Although there’s no information on the quality of the data, Exact Data claims to cycle it periodically through several filters to ensure it’s up to date.


    Here are some of Exact Data’s pros:

    • Data enrichment capabilities
    • Fairly large database
    • Optimized for lead generation


    Here are some of Exact Data’s cons:

    • Lower data accuracy guarantee
    • High price per contract
    • Better when used with data validation tools


    Exact Data’s pricing is only available upon request. However, its pricing reportedly starts at $375 for 5,000 leads.

    7. Pipl

    Pipl is a people search engines to find a person and lookup their social network profiles by full name, username, email or phone number.

    Pipl allows users to search through “over 3 billion trusted identities” to find phone numbers and lead profiles.

    With data claimed to be sourced ethically and legally, the platform offers users the opportunity to find people for debt collection, lead generation, and personal purposes. It also allows users to find personal and professional information through a simple UI and multiple integrations.


    Here are a few of Pipl’s pros:

    • Simple and intuitive UI
    • Offers both professional and personal phone numbers
    • Reportedly high-quality information


    Here are a few of Pipl’s cons:

    • The payment system may be inconvenient for some users
    • It can be hard to look up users in bulk


    Pipl forces users to contact the sales team with pricing inquiries. However, pricing reportedly starts at $298 per month for basic searches.

    8. RocketReach

    With RocketReach, you'll find the right customers while gaining key insights into current company data

    RocketReach is another tool users can leverage to gather phone numbers, offering access to over 430 million worldwide profiles.

    The tool also offers a Chrome extension to find leads as users browse websites, looking up people and finding phone numbers without needing to open another window. Although multiple users have complained that the validation system isn’t always accurate, it also offers a validation tool.


    Here are some of RocketReach’s pros:

    • Limited free capabilities
    • Fairly large database
    • Lead generation focus


    Here are some of RocketReach’s cons:

    • No data accuracy guarantee
    • Better when paired with validation tools


    Pricing for RocketReach starts at $49 per month for the Essentials plan, which includes 170 contact lookups, access to a Chrome extension, limited API access, and more. 

    Starting at $99 per month, the Pro tier includes 370 contact lookups. 

    The Ultimate tier starts at $249 for 1,150 lookups. UpLead is a great RocketReach alternative.


    Seamless.AI keeps your email contacts up-to-date so you never lose an important opportunity ever again is another tool for users to generate phone number lists and research companies through a simple online search.

    The platform claims it is the only real-time search engine for B2B contact information; you can’t save or curate data with it. Instead, it looks up data online to find professional information and validates it with its AI engine.


    Here are the pros of using

    • Simple and intuitive UI
    • Multiple data points
    • The innovative lead lookup system


    Here are the cons of using

    • Fairly expensive tool
    • No historical information
    • No offline information

    Pricing’s monthly pricing starts at $94.50 and includes 250 credits for a single user account, with larger tiers available for larger teams and needs. All plans include phone numbers validated with AI.

    UpLead is considered one of the market’s most solid Seamless AI alternatives today.

    10. Zabasearch

    ZabaSearch allows you to find someone's phone number and location.

    Zabasearch is a free public database that allows users to search for people using their names and physical addresses. Users can provide a phone number to perform a reverse phone lookup.

    Although the free platform provides minimal information and may not have updated or reliable data for multiple leads, the platform only works for searches in the United States and offers advanced detailed searches for an extra price.


    Here are some of the pros of using Zabasearch:

    • Free service
    • Advanced searches 
    • Multiple USA profiles


    Here are some of the cons of using Zabasearch:

    • It may offer unreliable or outdated data
    • No worldwide phone numbers
    • Cannot generate leads in bulk


    Zabasearch is a free platform. Its paid subscription plans start at $24.86 per month for unlimited reports that include more advanced and updated data.

    FAQ on Phone Number Lists

    Here are answers to common questions about looking up phone numbers online:

    What is a phone number list?

    A phone number list usually refers to a list of leads that include phone numbers and can be used for sales purposes. A phone number list may include a lead’s cell phone number and other related numbers and mobile telephone prefixes to make it easier for salespeople to contact them.

    How are phone number lists divided?

    Phone number lists are usually divided according to the lead types and their phone numbers. Targeted marketing lists offer all phone numbers related to any leads that fit within the user-specified criteria. They may also be divided by home or office phone numbers, cell phone numbers, phone companies, or the targeted customers the salespeople need to reach.

    How can getting a list of phone numbers help my business?

    A list of phone numbers can directly aid in lead generation by allowing companies to reach targeted customers through telemarketing campaigns. These telemarketing lists, including cell phone numbers, addresses, names, and country codes, can help you reach the right customer at the right time. Check out our guide on how to get a business phone number.

    What is the most effective way to search for someone’s phone number online?

    There are many ways of creating telemarketing lists and finding someone’s phone number online. However, the most effective way to search for phone numbers is through lead generation tools that guarantee their data quality. This allows you to spend more time generating accurate lists of valid telephone numbers that a sales team can use, minimizing the chance of making an unwanted call or dialing an invalid number. They may also offer sales dialers and other tools to make it easy to reach the right prospects.

    Effective lists will usually include a lead’s country code and the information needed to reach your leads on their office and cell phones. 

    Can I use Google to search for phone numbers?

    Yes, you can use Google to search for phone numbers, as long as they are business numbers. Google no longer allows users to look up personal phone numbers due to many complaints about users abusing the system.

    However, you can still use lead generation tools like UpLead that are built to generate phone number lists with little effort. These lists do not rely solely on online information and instead will offer historical data and validation tools to ensure quick and effective telemarketing lists.

    What information do I need to search for a list of phone numbers online?

    The information needed to search for a list of phone numbers will depend on the tool. Tools like UpLead, for example, allow you to look up cell phone numbers and other lead information by inputting your ideal customer profile. The tool then offers you all leads that fit within that description.

    Can I get a phone number list for free?

    Yes, there are multiple tools to get phone numbers online for free. However, these tools may offer unreliable or outdated data. You can also use free trials of lead generation tools, which are usually more effective at generating reliable lead information, including valid cell phone numbers and updated customer profiles.

    Get reliable phone numbers 

    Using the right tools makes generating targeted telemarketing lists for all your sales efforts easy. Although you can choose from multiple free and paid tools, few will be as reliable and effective as UpLead.

    With a 95% data accuracy guarantee, affordable plans, and intuitive UI, UpLead is the best way of creating phone number lists you and your sales team can trust.

    Try UpLead for free today, and start generating the phone numbers you need.

    Start Your 7-Day Free UpLead Trial

    Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.

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