25+ Lead Generation Tools to Simplify Your Acquisition Process

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Last updated on August 1, 2022
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No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re not generating new leads you’ll eventually go out of business. Everyone has some sort of lead generation process. It can be a time-consuming process, too, but it doesn’t have to be.

Lead generation is also a great way to increase brand awareness, which as you can assume, most brands strive for. Fortunately, there is no shortage of lead generation tools to help you accomplish this.

In this article, you’ll find the best lead generation tools to handle everything from Facebook giveaways to your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s get started.

What Are Lead Generation Tools?

Any tool you use to find or create leads is a lead generation tool. Your calendar, your calling app, your CRM – they’re all connected to the lead generation process. Each tool has its own little role.

Email marketing, for example, focuses on generating leads through emails that help nurture and convert them. Other lead generation tools are used to create landing pages, show website visitors pop ups with incentives to make a purchase, and engage them through the right inbound campaigns.

Let’s look at 18 tools that can make your life easier across six different areas of lead generation.

Lead Databases – Where You Actually Find The Leads

Without these databases, this whole list would be null and void. You can’t chase a lead you can’t access. You can’t schedule a call until you’ve found contact information.

So, lead databases are an essential part of the process and most companies use more than one. Here are 3 that will help you find the right leads for your business.


UpLead Screenshot

First of all, there’s us. We like to think we’re the best lead prospecting tool out there but we love giving you an unbiased look at different tools, too.

UpLead places emphasis on not only finding leads, but on finding qualified leads along with their contact information. There’s no greater waste of time in lead generation than chasing leads that will never convert anyway.

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We give you a database in which you can find your best leads, and chase them down mercilessly (JK – don’t make them hate you).

We offer a 7-day free trial and after that, you can find the best leads for just $99 a month, for 200 credits every month. If you’re taking on an aggressive strategy, you can opt for our highest package at $399 per month, which awards you 1500 credits.

Credits are used to find leads, so that equates to a potential 200 leads per month on our lowest package. Credits roll over each month, so you can save them up for the “hot” seasons if it fits your business model.

Mobile Monkey


MobileMonkey is a Facebook messenger platform that lets you build chatbots on Facebook Messenger without writing any code.

It allows users to schedule and bulk-send interactive and engaging content, offers, and campaigns to Facebook Messenger contacts. The chatbots created via Monkey can be designed to make appointments, answer FAQs, track purchases, and use A.I. to match content to intent via keywords and interactions.


Hunterio Screenshot

Hunter.io (cool name, huh?) helps you find emails for relevant business leads. If you know which company to target, you’ll be able to find their email addresses with Hunter.

It is perfect for when you want to target specific companies. Drag the Forbes list closer and start prospecting, right?

You can find your first email right on their website now and they also have a free plan which you can test out.

Their pricing ranges between $34 and $399 per month, depending on your package or whether you pay annually.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert Screenshot

Voila Norbert – another name we like. They help you to find email addresses for key contacts in the industry you’re targeting. You can also filter by company, so they offer much the same service as Hunter.

In addition, they offer to verify or enrich your list for a fee.

You can get your first 50 leads for free, and after that, their pricing ranges from $39 to $499 per month – again, depending on your package and whether you pay annually or monthly.

Email Marketing and Prospecting Tools – How To Get Your Message Out There

Once you’ve got leads, you need to be able to reach out to them. The more of this process you can automate, the less work there will be for you and your staff.

There are great tools for automating your outbound sales process. Let’s check a few picks.


HubSpot Screenshot

HubSpot makes growth software for businesses of all sizes. They’ve built marketing, sales, and customer service tools, as well as a free CRM that houses all of your contact property data. While some of the most intriguing features remain accessible only in their upper pricing tiers, they have tons of lead generation tools that start out free now, including;

The tools are easy to get started on, require very little in terms of set up, and most come with ready to use templates to get you started collecting, nurturing, and closing leads. One of the biggest benefits of using HubSpot for your outreach is that you don’t need to worry about transporting data from multiple sources; everything integrates natively with their free CRM, and you can hook up your other tools to the CRM as well.
Again, pricing for most tools starts free, with paid tiers beginning around $50/month after that.


Active Campaign SCreenshot

ActiveCampaign is a fantastic marketing automation tool. Intuitive menus and easy navigation make it quick to get used to it. As with everything in life, you won’t realize the full value until you know the software in and out.

Once you do, though, it’s on of the most powerful digital marketing tools. It manages and tracks your emails and messaging, with a built-in spam checker that’s quite useful.

Pricing is anywhere between $17 and $469 per month for 1,000 – 25,000 contacts. Anything above that and you’ll need to request a quote.


Prospectio Screenshot

Another great marketing automation software, Prospect.io helps manage your outbound marketing and find the emails you require.

They allow unlimited use with all their plans, as well as a host of useful integrations that’ll see Prospect become a seamless part of your marketing toolkit.

Their pricing ranges from $99 for 1000 credits to $1,699 for 100,000 credits. Credits are used to both find email addresses and send emails. So, it all depends on how aggressive you want your outreach to be and the size of your lead pool.


Growbots screenshot

Growbots also finds leads and gives you a great platform with which to manage your messaging.

They use AI technology to get your lead list. From there you can set up campaigns and let Growbots do the rest for you.

They also offer analytics and automatic campaigns – par for the course stuff with modern CRM’s. Their real edge is their lead generation system, which is based on a decent idea.

Unfortunately, they don’t divulge any pricing information on their website. They only offer a demo.

LinkedIn Prospecting Tools

Ah, Linkedin – the powerhouse Facebook of the business world. Finding like-minded business contacts has never been easier.

The only problem is you’re limited in the number of searches possible on LinkedIn. You will also need tools to prospect for those leads that you’re after.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s answer to finding all the leads you need on their platform. It not only lets you find ideal leads but also helps you to keep an eye on them. It is an effective way to better understand and target your leads.

You can use a host of filters, including company size, industry, occupation, job title, and so much more. Donald Chan, founder of content marketing agency IMPACT, shared that Sales Navigator is his go-to tool when it comes to doing B2B sales and marketing research.

Sales Navigator will set you back $79.99 per month, which is reasonable. There’s a 30-day free trial which you can try to be sure it fits into your lead gen process before you commit.


Dux Soup Screenshot

Dux-Soup is an affordable tool, depending on the size of your prospecting team. It helps you find leads automatically, reaching out to those leads for you.

It’s a great tool for when you want to target LinkedIn, but prefer to automate the process to some extent. Not having to manually search for and message leads are more than enough incentive to make Dux-Soup a no-brainer.

They have a free-forever plan – minus a few features, like automatic messaging, for example.

Their paid packages are $11.25 and $41.25 per user per month.


LinkedHelper Screenshot

LinkedHelper, paired with Sales Navigator or Recruiter, also automates large parts of your lead generation process on LinkedIn.

It has admirable features, like being able to send thousands of messages at once to your 2nd and 3rd-degree contacts and setting up auto-mailers and responders. LinkedHelper really does help automate your LinkedIn experience.

It’s also affordable, with pricing ranging from $8.25 to $15 per user per month.

Live Chat Tools

Recent studies have found that only 9% of websites use live chat. This might have something to do with the fact that some of us find the pop-up chats annoying.

Another study found, however, that 77% of users won’t even make a purchase if there’s no live chat function available. And a 92% satisfaction rating shows live chat to be the preferred support function amongst web users.

63% of users are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

So, with these statistics in mind, if you’re one of the 91% that hasn’t incorporated live chat to your website, it is time to make it happen.

Here are a few tools to help get you started:


Messagely Screenshot

Messagely helps you to set up live chat, chatbots, and in-app messaging to engage and convert prospects while they visit your site.

They help online businesses acquire, engage, and support customers via their software.

Their pricing is affordable and starts at $29/month with the highest tier plan at $79/month. The pricing tiers based on the features, with the most basic plan including live chat, targeted messages, team inbox, help center knowledgebase, live view, iOS & Android apps and integrations.


Intercom SCreenshot

With the chatbot market still relatively new, there are no real market dominators yet – apart from the early adopters. It’s hard to tell what makes a chat service stand out, apart from its look and feel.

Intercom is another popular entry into the market. A reliable service, Intercom helps acquire, engage, and qualify leads for you automatically. Of course, they also provide user support 24/7.

For the full package, you can expect to pay between $136 and $202 per month. But they also have a premium custom package available for individual business needs.

Live Chat

Live Chat Screenshot

Live Chat offers a clean, easy-to-use interface, with hundreds of integrations to fit seamlessly into your marketing stack.

They offer various plans to suit any business, ranging from $16 to $149 per month.

ProProfs Chat

proprofs chat

ProProfs Chat, as a SaaS-based live chat software, is a powerful yet easy-to-use customer support tool. It helps your business connect and engage faster with website visitors that results in more leads and conversions.

The tool helps you monitor visitors, initiate a chat proactively in strategic moments, route visitors to the right department for an instant solution, and more. Besides, it helps you create your own support bundle as it offers integration with native apps like ProProfs Knowledge Base and ProProfs Help Desk besides the other 50 options.

You can sign up for a forever free plan (starts at $0), essentials (starts at $10/user/month) and premium (starts at $15/user/month).

Calendar Scheduling Tools

Manually planning a day can be a bit of a pain, but we have to do it in order to be productive.

The downside of a manual calendar is easily forgetting an important meeting or forgetting to confirm a booking with a customer, and so on. This is where scheduling tools are a life-saver.

Being able to schedule time in your calendar with just a few clicks is a great customer experience, which is why you need a good booking tool for your clients to use.


Calendly SCreenshot

Calendly allows your clients to pick an open time slot and book a meeting in just a few clicks. It’s simple and amazingly easy to set up and to use.

There’s also a free plan. Paid plans will set you back between $8 – $12 per month. So it’s affordable, too.

Acuity Scheduling

ACuity Scheduling SCreenshot

Acuity Scheduling works as your personal assistant, with automatic bookings and reminders of meetings. They offer 4 different plans, with the first being free. After that, expect to pay between $25 and $50 per month, depending on your needs.


Youcanbookme Screenshot

YouCanBook.me offers another simple scheduling tool which includes appointments direct to your calendar.

The user interface is clean and easy to use. A pricing plan is as simple as can be – $10 per user per month and you can save with annual payments.

Landing Page Tools

All your lead generation tools can’t capture lead information nor convert a lead without a good landing page.

These tools help you to create an eye-catching converting and lead-capturing landing page with ease.


Unbounce Screenshot

Unbounce lets you create landing pages in their user-friendly landing page builder, which you can preview on their website.

They claim they can help you lower your cost per lead by as much as 70% – a benefit no sales manager would want to pass up.

They offer a 14-day free trial and they’ll cost you anywhere between $79 and $399+ per month.


Leadpages Screenshot

Leadpages helps you grow by giving you an easy way to set up both your landing pages and your lead generation campaigns.

They’ve seen some great results with their clients. They also offer a free 14-day trial, so you can get used to the platform without having to open your wallet.

Depending on whether you pay monthly, per year, or for 2 years, they can cost you anywhere between $17 and $321 per month.

And a Bonus #16:


Instapage Screenshot

Instapage offers a powerful landing page builder that helps you get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns.

They boast an average conversion rate of 22%. Impressive!

They offer a core plan from $99 – $129 per month, and an enterprise option on a per-quote basis.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitor tools allow you to take control of all your profiles through a single app. Here are the best ones for lead gen:



Awario is a social media monitoring tool that finds mentions of your brand, product, industry, or any other keyword on social media, news, blogs, forums, and the web.

Awario is the only social media monitoring tool with a module made specifically for lead generation. The module is called Awario Leads. All you have to do is describe your product in 2- or 3-word phrases and name a couple of your main competitors, and the tool will combine this information with predictive insights to determine prospects who a looking for a product or service like yours online.

Pricing starts at $29/month. There’s a free 14-day trial available.


Carro is an influencer marketing platform that discovers all the influencers, press, and media that already love your brand. Whether they’re your brand’s customers, email subscribers, or fans, Carro will reveal all the influential people with a connection to your brand.

If an influencer with a million followers bought from your brand, would you know about it? Discover all of your influencers for free with Carro. From there, Carro makes it as easy as possible to work with influencers, communicate, and distribute products to them, so that you can pick the right influencers and create meaningful partnerships.

Available on the Shopify App Store!

Webinar Tools

With the right webinar tools, you can focus on developing the best webinar you can, instead of worrying about the infrastructure behind it. Here are the best webinar tools for lead gen:


Demio is a great tool to run webinars and lead capture as the users are engaged

Demio is a great webinar platform packed with features for lead generation. Demio has made an effort to keep its platform updated with new trends and features. This flexibility is why it works so well with other lead generation tools.

The platform allows you to give both live and automated webinars, plus a hybrid between both. Demio also gives great user interaction, allowing the users to get more involved with your webinar, and creating a memorable experience. This makes it a great lead generation tool, since it can help you provoke a long-lasting, positive response on your leads.


One of the top lead generation tools is a good webinar tool to educate users.

WebinarJam is a good option for users looking for the easiest, fastest ways to set up a webinar for lead generation.

The platform allows you to stream directly through YouTube in a meeting that’s password protected, and records your webinar so you can use it in other lead generation tools.

WebinarJam is great for users looking to spend less time setting up webinars and more time in lead generation efforts.


ClickMeeting connects to the top lead generation tools to grow your business

ClickMeeting is a webinar tool with a ton of value for lead generation. With it, you can give and record webinars, and easily create password-protected meetings and waiting rooms. It also handles customized invitations, so you don’t need to involve your email marketing tools.

You can integrate ClickMeeting to some of the best lead generation tools, like Pipedrive and HubSpot, so your webinars can act as a lead capture and send them to the right lead gen strategy.

Social Proof Tools

Social proof tools are some of the best lead generation tools out there, because they lend credibility to your solution. Here are the best social proof tools for lead gen:


TrustPulse is a great lead generation tool for social proofs

TrustPulse is a very popular social proof tool for businesses. and one of the top lead generation tools of its kind. With it, you can show social proof on your website as it happens. That way, your website shows the user how busy it is, and sees users like them purchasing your product.

The platform can also be used for demo refistrations, signup forms for email marketing purposes, and much more. TrustPulse also connects to other lead generation software, like Shopify, WooCommerce, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, and hundreds more.


Proof is a lead generation software that allows you to convert leads through social proof.

Proof allows you to show notifications of what’s currently happening in your website to your prospects. With it, you can also create scarcity by informing how many users are visiting a product page, and show buyer’s locations to boost confidence.

You also get good analytics, and testings, as well as a Zapier integration to connect it to your other lead generation software.


With tjis lead generation software, you can easily capture leads through social proof.

Trust combines a whole bunch of attractive social features into a single tool. With it, you can show pop ups to your audience of visitors, conversions, ratings, and even of text and video testimonials.

Trust easily recollects user feedback too. It automatically asks for customer feedback to customers, so you don’t need email marketing campaigns for them. Then, Trust shows them to you for approval and publishes them on your website.

With Trust’s affordable pricing and feature-filled tool, it’s definitely one of the best lead generation tools of its kind.

Online Contest Tools

Online contest tools help you handle contests on social media and other websites to engage users through gamified processes. Here are some of the best online contest tools for lead gen:


Shortstack is a great lead generation tool through contesting software

Shortstack is a powerful, all-in-one tool for social media contests. With it, you can run hashtag contests on Instagram and Twitter, Facebook giveaways, photo contests, and more. It’s also available for Pinterest, making it a great lead gen tool for certain niches.

With ShortStack, you also get templates and themes to create your campaigns, drag-and-drop builder, and much more, making it a perfect tool for social media contests for anyone with a large-enough budget.


Gleam is one of the best marketing tools for creating a contest and landing page easily and effectively.

Gleam is an excellent lead generation software with multiple marketing tools to grow your business. Its Competitions app allows you to create and run social media contests for your company, and streamlines the whole process through a simple UI.

This platform has a generous free version that includes a drag-and-drop contest builder, WordPress plugin, and multiple powerful automations for marketing and lead capture. Plus, these tools connect to the rest of the Gleam platform, allowing you to send leads to email marketing or to the right landing page, and creating powerful user rewards campaign.


Runcopter is a great lead gen tool that generates leads through giveaways

Rafflecopter is an online contest tool that makes it easy to run a giveaway online. You can create a giveaway very quickly and launch it by copying and pasting the code to your website.

The platform also gives you powerful email integrations, real-time analytics, and pre-made themes and form designs to get you started.

PPC Tools

PPC tools are one of the top lead generation tools. When done correctly, you can use PPC almost as buying traffic. Here are the best PPC tools for lead gen:

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the top lead generation tools out there.

Google Ads is the easiest and fastest way to buy your place at the top of Google’s result. With Google, you can select the keywords you’re interested on appearing for and pay only according to your needs.

However, Google Ads can be an expensive tool. To keep it budget-friendly, target long-tail keywords, and make sure those are the keywords most relevant to your audience.


AdEspresso tracks your website visitors and can generate leads through paid ad management

AdEspresso is a simple platform to manage campaign ads from Facebook, Instagram, and Google in a single platform. It has many marketing automation features that can help you save a lot of time by connecting all of your ads campaigns into one tool.

AdEspresso also helps users with visuals with its integration to Canva, so any user can design and handle all ads from a single source, and gather the analytics they need to improve.


SemRush handles all kinds of online marketing through powerful automation tools

SEMrush is a popular all-in-one marketing tool for anyone looking to handle SEO and PPC. With it, you can easily find the right keywords, and perform competitor strategy to inform your paid ads campaigns.

Plus, with powerful SEO tools, sophisticated features, and flexible pricing, it’s likely to become one of your top lead generation tools.

Lead Capturing Tools

Getting visitors to your site is great. But to truly convert them into leads, you’ll need a lead capturing tool. Here are the best platforms available for lead capturing.


Paperform is a versatile all-in-one platform that is particularly good for small businesses and teams. 

The no-code software was originally created as a form builder, but has expanded its features to help users build solutions to help reduce busywork and automate their processes. 

The Paperform editor offers almost limitless customization options, advanced features and over 600 pre- built templates that can all be utilized for lead generation. 

Paperform’s pricing starts at $20 and goes up to $159 per month, depending on the plan and if you choose to pay monthly or annually.


Users can create stunning, converting popup forms, from scratch, with Elementor’s popup form builder. Alternatively, they can choose from an ever-growing selection of designer-made popup templates. These are specifically designed to help grab attention, grow your email list, and increase sales.

Elementor also allows you to seamlessly integrate leading marketing and CRM tools, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or GetResponse, and engage with your customers on all fronts.

Elementor offers a free plan along with 4 subscription plans that start at US$49 per year. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Elementor popup templates, you can check out for example Poptin’s popup gallery.

Your Marketing Stack Is Now More Powerful

Lead generation is an integral part of any sales process. Hopefully, we’ve enabled you with a more powerful lead gen strategy thanks to these tools.

Have you had any experience with the above-mentioned platforms? Tell us about it in the comments.

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