Best 30 Sales Training Courses to Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level

Will Cannon
July 3, 2019
Sales Training Courses
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Salespeople must work hard to stay on top of areas like product knowledge, sales tools, and fundamental sales techniques. This endeavor demands a lot of training. In the U.S. alone, businesses spend a combined $15 billion on sales training each year. Here’s a closer look at the best sales training courses that will help you make sure you get the best ROI possible. 

What Is Sales Training (and Why Should You Do It)?

Sales training prepares your salespeople for success by making them more effective professionals. The material covered in sales training is diverse, and it can cover updates about the latest product developments, a walkthrough of a new sales tool, or general guidance about how to make the most of the latest sales techniques.

By investing in quality training, you can help your team get the best results possible. Investing in the future of your team also breeds loyalty. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 employees believe that training and development opportunities influence their decision about staying with a company. If you supply your team with great training, they’ll supply you with longevity.

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Sales Training Ideas: How Can You Train Your Sales Staff?

Salespeople are often enthusiastic and dynamic people who want to give their all to any given task. However, a dull powerpoint presentation may not hold their attention as well as the following training ideas.

Sales Classes

As the realms of sales and marketing keep evolving, the habits of your prospects do as well. The best salespeople are able to stay at the forefront of new techniques and trends. So sales classes are great ways to introduce your team to the concepts that will help them close more sales.

Sales Training Seminars

If you’re looking for a dynamic way to engage your salespeople, a quality seminar could be a great idea. There are lots of exciting seminars out there, including talks, suggested readings, and real-world exercises. 

Online Sales Training Courses

Do you have remote staff members, or salespeople who prefer to work at their own pace? Online sales training courses are informative. And best of all, your salespeople can take the course at times that are convenient for them.

Sales Training Videos

The best sales professionals are often remarkable speakers who can spin stories and craft inspiring pitches in their sleep. As such, lots of amazing videos online share the best insights and tips to train other professionals.

Best 30 Sales Training Programs

Ready to boost your sales performance and inspire your team? Here’s a closer look at the 30 best sales training programs out there. They’ll help you find the best option for your team.

1. Rapid Learning Institute

Rapid Learning Institute

Topics: Sales and leadership training

Length of the program: Flexible

Price: License and subscription models are available

Location: Remote

When it comes to sales and leadership training, the Rapid Learning Institute is aimed at changing the status quo. This science-backed program is centered around quality content that aims to engage, motivate, and stick

Rather than simply offering a library of training videos, the system employs client success professionals that create specific programs to deliver the highest ROI possible. Pricing models based on licenses and subscriptions also add flexibility, depending on your needs.

2. John Barrows: Driving to Close

John Barrows: Driving to Close

Topics: Improve the quality of prospect interactions

Length of the program: One day

Price: Team and individual options available

Location: Online, Onsite, Remote

In the sales world, John Barrows is a big name. He’s especially renowned for interactive training that makes a big impact. His Driving to Close program aims at helping sales staff members tackle four of the trickiest areas for salespeople.

This program looks at sourcing prospects before exploring the perfect meeting. The penultimate section takes a deeper look at ways to handle objections from prospects; then the session concludes with an insight into closing a deal.

3. HubSpot Academy: Inbound Sales

HubSpot Academy: Inbound Sales

Topics: Basics of inbound sales

Length of the program: 2/3 hours

Price: Free

Location: Online

Hubspot is a huge name in the world of inbound marketing and sales. Over the course of five lessons, this sales course helps sales professionals from a range of areas in the complex and dynamic world of inbound sales.

After finishing the course, participants will have fresh insight into identifying quality contacts, cultivating a relationship with leads, and running sales calls and presentations in a way that close deals and achieve success.

4. Sales Engine: The Art of Sales


Sales Engine: The Art of Sales


Topics: Selling fundamentals

Length of the program: 5 weeks

Price: Free (but $95 for a certificate)

Location: Online

The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process is a class from Sales Engine. This course aims at helping transform participants into effective, efficient selling machines. The course achieves this goal by exploring and strengthening key skills and disciplines.

This course is 100% online, and it’s targeted at beginner sales professionals. So it gives them a flexible schedule. The course coordinators estimates that it will take the average person will devote 3 hours per week to this course, so it will take them four months to complete it. 

5. Engage Selling: Sales Strategy Design and Review


Engage Selling: Sales Strategy Design and Review

Topics: Sales strategy

Length of the program: Flexible

Price: Varies

Location: Onsite or online

This course from Colleen Francis introduces salespeople to the concept of a sales strategy. It begins by exploring why a sales strategy is so important, before showing them exactly how to develop a sales strategy.

By exploring this important area of sales, Colleen aims at helping salespeople become more adept in their field. 

6. Jeff Shore: BE BOLD Live Training

Jeff Shore: BE BOLD Live Training


Topics: General skill development

Length of the program: One day

Price: Varies

Location: Onsite 

Jeff Shore is another big name in sales training. The BE BOLD live training session will see your team engage with Jeff. Then you can better understand the sales process, the places where they struggle, and the ways to overcome these challenges.

The one-day session focuses on sales fundamentals, but Jeff also calls on his wealth of experience to field questions and cater the session to the particular needs of the attendees.

7. SalesDNA: Know Your Lines

SalesDNA: Know Your Lines

Topics: Managing objections

Length of the program: Self-paced course

Price: $117

Location: Online

For salespeople, one of the biggest challenges is diffusing prospect objections. While prospects often have a set of typical objections, they also have difficulty presenting the perfect response in the right way. At this point, Know Your Lines comes into play.

Josh Braun put together this convenient course, which offers a book, videos, and a “diffusing objections tool.” After the course, salespeople should feel comfortable diffusing a range of common objections.

8. IMPACT Sales Team Training


IMPACT Sales Team Training

Topics: End-to-end sales

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Onsite and/or online

The Brooks Group is a corporate sales training and sales management company that was founded back in 1977. Since then, the company developed quality training via its IMPACT Selling system.

This training is simple and flexible, and it focuses on your particular needs. Specifically, the IMPACT system takes a deep dive into each stage of the end-to-end sales processes.

9. Winning by Design: Frontline Manager Training

Winning by Design: Frontline Manager Training

Topics: Building a sales team

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Online with virtual coaching sessions

Frontline Manager Training is a great example of the fact that sales training can be delivered at all levels of a department This training is aimed at SaaS Sales Managers who want to build a successful, performant team that’s backed by a data-driven approach.

This training is highly specific, and as such, it can be fairly expensive. But if you’re working within a burgeoning SaaS company, this training could really unlock success in sales.

10. The Harris Consulting Group


The Harris Consulting Group


Topics: The Buyer’s Journey

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Blended

The Harris Consulting Group is a big name within the US. Richard Harris founded the group, and it brings over 20 years of technology and SaaS experience to the table. Specifically, these training sessions are catered to the needs of his clients, which ensures that the information is relevant and based on their specific niches. Common topics include sales onboarding and training.

11. DoubleDigit Sales


DoubleDigit Sales

Topics: General sales

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: According to recommendations

DoubleDigit Sales understands that one size does not fit all. So this training firm focuses on getting to know their customers and their specific needs. By performing extensive research, their training is always highly relevant to your business and your specific needs.

This content is put together in the way that best resonates with your team, whether that means onsite or online. Since engagement creates an impactful learning experience, it’s their biggest priority. 

12. Sales for Life: Account-Based Selling

Sales for Life: Account-Based Selling

Topics: Accelerating results

Length of the program: 2-day workshop 

Price: Varies

Location: Virtual or onsite 

Sales for Life is a training firm driven by the desire to enable the sales force in the digital age. This company organizes an accounts-based selling course that aims at empowering salespeople to slice through the noise and secure high-value accounts.

This training aims at equipping participants with everything they could need to operate around important accounts. So participants can immediately start driving value and reducing the amount of guesswork in their strategies.

13. Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Sell


Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Sell

Topics: General sales

Length of the program: According to your needs

Price: Varies

Location: Varies

Gary Vaynerchuk has had a pretty remarkable story, especially his rise to prominence in the world of sales and marketing. After starting out as the producer of a wine-tasting show, Gary has since grown to command a significant level of influence as a key personality in the sales world.

Lots of salespeople around the world are inspired by Gary’s captivating and unashamed exploration of sales concepts. He can be utilized for a range of training and speaking events, and he produces customized video content. Looking to inspire your sales team with guidance from a big name in sales? Gary could be the solution. 

14. Art Sobczak: Smart Calling


Art Sobczak: Smart Calling

Topics: Phone prospecting

Length of the program: As long as you like!

Price: Free

Location: Online

When Art Sobczak released his amazing book Smart Calling, he changed the way salespeople look at prospecting. Your team can also explore his interesting insight for free by checking out this YouTube video.

Along these lines, there are lots of really fantastic free resources online, so you should be sure to make the most of them. If you’re a cash-strapped startup, you could consider building your own curriculum before investing in that all-important training.

15. Sales Machine: The Sales Training B2B Master Source


Sales Machine: The Sales Training B2B Master Source

Topics: Foundational skills

Length of the program: Varies

Price: $15

Location: Online

Udemy is a very popular learning platform, and Sales Machine is one of the most popular sales courses on this site. Created and delivered by Patrick Dang, the course takes budding salespeople through the entire sales process.

Many students have praised the high quality of this course. Best of all, it’s very cheap, which means that you can easily empower your team to pursue independent learning to power up their skills.

16. Sales Hacking: Practical Sales Techniques


Practical Sales Techniques

Topics: Sales techniques

Length of the program: Varies

Price: $15

Location: Online

As another Udemy course, this option from Chris Croft focuses more specifically on the various skills, strategies, and techniques that salespeople need to succeed. Over 17,000 students have enjoyed it, and its high rating is a testament to its quality.

The course is packed with practical information that your salespeople can start using immediately as a way to identify their selling styles and start closing more deals.

17. MTD Sales Training: Bespoke Online Courses


MTD Sales Training: Bespoke Online Courses

Topics: Bespoke

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Online

MTD is a big name in sales training, and it understands that every client is different, in terms of requirements and needs. So the company works hard to craft and design digital training solutions that will fit your needs.

The bespoke training courses from MTD Sales Training place clarity above all else, which ensures that every member of your team gets the maximum value possible. To get training that’s perfectly adapted to you, you can discuss your particular needs with a rep from MTD.

18. Jill Konrath: Accelerate Your Sales


Jill Konrath: Accelerate Your Sales


Topics: Creating high-velocity opportunities

Length of the program: Up to a full day 

Price: Varies

Location: Your choice 

Jill Konrath is an author, speaker, and thought leader with many years of high-level sales experience. Her work focuses on the ability to keep pace with a sales world that’s constantly changing, which her Accelerate Your Sales training touches on.

The training can be adjusted to a range of timespans. In one session, your sales team will learn how to secure high-quality meetings with decision-makers while they position themselves as an authoritative, invaluable resource.

19. Wilson Learning: Coaching for Sales Performance


Wilson Learning: Coaching for Sales Performance

Topics: Effective coaching

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Varies

For over 50 years, Wilson Learning has partnered with leading organizations around the world. It helps them assess and reinforce sustainable learning solutions throughout their businesses. The company also has lots of experience delivering sales coaching in a variety of areas.

Coaching for Sales Performance gives sales managers the coaching skills and techniques they need to create the conditions for a successful sales team that can grow from strength to strength.

20. Imperta: Modular Sales Training


Imperta: Modular Sales Training

Topics: End-to-end sales

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Varies

Imperta has a global scale, and it has a fantastic reputation for offering sales training. This company works with a range of leading companies in different industries, and its modular sales training can give your team the full picture.

With its modular approach to sales training, the company has a wide focus that helps sales professionals develop foundational, core, extension, management, and leadership skills. Patented systems are used to create solutions catered to the needs of each company.

21. American Management Association: Fundamental Selling Techniques

American Management Association: Fundamental Selling Techniques

Topics: Introduction to selling

Length of the program: 2 days

Price: Varies according to membership

Location: Classroom (various locations) and online

Fundamental Selling Techniques for the New or Prospective Salesperson is a training course that helps salespeople start their careers the right way. It offers an intensive introduction to selling, which the fundamentals and workflow techniques.

Participants can travel to a classroom near them, complete the training online, or even train in their own office. The pricing varies according to whether your company is a member of the American Management Association.

22. Hoffeld Group: Virtual Sales Training


Hoffeld Group: Virtual Sales Training


Topics: Comprehensive training

Length of the program: Ongoing

Price: Varies

Location: Online

The Hoffeld Group is another big name in sales training. It calls on decades of scientific research to create its training. As such, it’s cemented a strong reputation within the sales training environment.

Through its virtual training, your salespeople can access ongoing, flexible, and affordable training. This platform includes over 145 fast-moving video modules, as well as quizzes, real-world simulations, and reports.

23. Jack Daly: Sales Workshops


Jack Daly: Sales Workshops

Topics: Sales growth

Length of the program: 1 day

Price: $795

Location: In person

Jack Daly is a renowned expert in sales and sales management. He has over 30 years of proven experience at all levels of sales, and his workshops will give your salespeople the chance to level-up their abilities.

Since Daly travels regularly, you’ll will be sure to eventually find a workshop or seminar in your local area. Over the course of the day, your salespeople will get a new perspective on sales, and they can boost their performance.

24. ValueSelling Associates


ValueSelling Associates

Topics: Holistic sales

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Varies

ValueSelling Associates has been offering sales coaching since 1991. Since then, the company has helped thousands of B2B professionals boost their productivity and their sales activities.

The ValueSelling Framework acts as a support system that helps sales professionalsfrom entry-level sales representatives to trainers and managers. The framework covers the entire world of sales, and equips everybody with the abilities and skills they need.

25. Sales Performance International: Solution Selling


Sales Performance International: Solution Selling

Topics: Benefit-driven sales

Length of the program: 3 days

Price: Varies

Location: Live workshops

Sales Performance International has over 30 years of experience helping global companies drive revenue and sales growth. The company helps its clients achieve this goal by intensely focusing on achieving behavior changes in sales departments that will last.

The Solution Selling workshop is aimed at salespeople and their managers. Over the course of three days, participants will be introduced to the sales execution methodology that helps increase win rates and revenue productions.

26. Dale Carnegie: Sales Training


Sales Performance International: Solution Selling

Topics: A wide range

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Varies

When it comes to training, few companies can compete with the pedigree and experience of Dale Carnegie. This company has over 100 years of experience, and it delivers training in a wide range of areas.

Dale Carnegie hosts a wide range of in-person and online sales seminars and workshops, which gives your salespeople the information and confidence they need to reach the next level. These workshops cover everything from building relationships to engaging an audience.

27. Richardson: Sales Training Programs


Richardson: Sales Training Programs


Topics: Customized

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Blend between live and online

Richardson has over 40 years of experience helping sales leaders exceed their goals and win profitable contracts with clients. This company has helped numerous sales teams and salespeople grow via customized sales programs.

The Connected Selling Curriculum is deep, broad, and effective. With the Richardson team, you can craft your own partnership program, which will help you directly address the needs of your team, according to your current needs and situation.

28. Jordan Belfort: Various Programs


Jordan Belfort: Various Programs

Topics: Sales techniques

Length of the program: Varies

Price: Varies

Location: Remote

Despite his controversial past, Jordan Belfort is a leading figure in sales strategy. The former stockbroker was catapulted to even greater heights after Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

Some salespeople admire Belfort for his passionate approach to sales. If you think his ideas could inspire people on your sales team, you’ll find a wide range of sales training material on his website. Courses, books, and other materials await.

29. Frosch Learning: Exhibition Selling


 Frosch Learning: Exhibition Selling

Topics: Exhibition sales

Length of the program: 2 days

Price: Varies

Location: Remote

Event marketing is huge, and salespeople find that these events and exhibitions are great opportunities to meet with prospects and close deals through face-to-face interactions. Through Exhibition Selling, Frosch Learning helps salespeople make the most of these unique opportunities.

This course lasts for two days, and by the end of it, participants will be able to get the most from exhibitions. It includes traffic-flow management and quickly identifies needs. If exhibitions are critical to your sales strategy, this option is great.

30. The Entrepreneur’s Godmother: Easy Peasy Sales


The Entrepreneur’s Godmother: Easy Peasy Sales

Topics: Startup sales

Length of the program: Varies

Price: $200

Location: Remote

Are you a startup founder looking to properly understand the sales process? Exactly how are you going to start winning clients and closing contracts? This course is delivered by the bubbly Alison Edgar, who will focus on four key areas: behaviors, processes, strategies, and confidence.

This course is a mixture of short videos and practical exercises that help startup founders put their ideas into action. A deeper look at the sales process will help you guide your salespeople and understand what’s happening in your sales department.

31. B2B Inside Sales Training Program – Online


Topics: B2B Phone Sales Skills & Selling Techniques

Length of the program: 8-Week Live Online Instructor-Led Program (One-hour a week for eight weeks)

Price: Team and individual options available here

Location: Online (Live Online and Multiple Languages On-demand)

Interactive online sales training by the industry’s best inside sales expert, Michael Pedone. His company,, offers live online instructor-led sales workshops that sharpen sales skills and selling techniques, fast.

They don’t just train sales teams – they make the better! Classes start soon. Register online.


We hope that this closer look at the best sales training courses has inspired you to pursue training that will drive value in your department. There are a lot of choices out there, and we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect fit for you and your team!

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