Top 13 Sales Dialer Tools to Boost Your Sales

Will Cannon
Last updated on February 15, 2023
Sales Dialer Tools
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The telephone is a salesperson’s best friend. Over 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Sales staff have to make an average of eight attempts at cold calling before they finally reach a prospect. Your team must use the best sales dialer tools to work efficiently and get results.

What Are Sales Dialers?

Sales dialers help assist sales professionals with boosting results by helping them make more efficient and effective telephone calls. Many tools differ in terms of the functionality they offer. Here’s a closer look at the key features of sales dialers:

Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialers accelerate the speed and efficiency of sales professionals, which helps them make more calls and close more sales. Specifically, this tool automatically calls big phone number lists to boost efficiency simultaneously.

Power Dialing

Pressing buttons on phones takes a lot of time, increasing the potential for error. Power dialers allow you to make calls automatically, one after another. This feature can help sales teams focus on the task rather than be distracted by manual tasks.

VoIP Dialing

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software allows sales professionals to perform calls over the internet. Many providers are out there, and their services are often cost-effective and don’t require a phone line or carrier.

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If you want to learn more about cold calling and sales calls, check out this guide on how to sell by phone.

The 13 Best Sales Dialer Tools

Ready to power up your sales calls? Here’s a look at the top tools out there.


HubSpot VoIP

HubSpot is a powerhouse in the tech space with an array of tools ranging from their Sales Hub to CRM Hub. This includes their “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) software to help sales representatives record and auto-log any of their customer interactions.

The VoIP software allows businesses to call customers directly through HubSpot’s platform. Sales managers can view a customer’s entire history, including their activity and past interactions with your company. This data is automatically captured into HubSpot’s CRM for future reference.

Along with customer activity, the VoIP software provides insightful call metrics so businesses can prioritize warm leads and convert new customers.



PhoneBurner is a solution for power dialers. The tool focuses on ease of use and claims it can help sales professionals dial leads 4x faster.

Local phone numbers help increase response rates. The tool also helps sales managers intelligently and automatically distribute leads among their teams. A series of rules can be adjusted to ensure that the right leads are delivered to the right agents.

This tool has reporting options, and its workflow automation is a nice touch. PhoneBurner gives sales professionals a helping hand with tedious tasks (e.g., leaving voicemails and sending and tracking emails).



InsideSales is one of the big names in sales dialing. Its software aims at helping sales professionals improve their sales-lead management and ultimately close more deals.

This cloud-based platform is powered by AI that helps sales managers build a stronger pipeline and close more of the right deals. Its PowerDailer tool is part of a wider suite of sales tools.

The PowerDialer analyzes and prioritizes leads so sales representatives can contact the prospects who are most likely to buy. Additional insights are provided that give advice about when to call and which contact method to use.


Sales dialers

SalesDialers lays a suite of online dialers, tools, and data resources in front of sales managers who want the best results.

The cloud-based tool boasts easy integration with a range of popular CRMs. This feature is important when it comes to finding an effective and reliable sales dialer. This tool helps sales representatives simultaneously use four lines to boost their productivity.

This tool offers a range of next-gen features that help representatives make calls and convert leads into sales. These features include verifying telephone data, enhanced reporting, and flexible choices that will stay within your department’s budget.


Crazy call

CrazyCall is a business phone system that increases your chances of converting prospects. This phone system also facilitates inbound calls, which helps you look after your prospects and treat them well.

A simple click-to-call widget is a nice feature here. It empowers sales representatives to call numbers —exactly as they appear on a websitewith just a single click.

It’s also possible to work on smart call scripts and record calls. This option is great for teams who want to analyze their performance and assess how their calls can be improved. Monitoring is also incorporated here, which fosters collaboration and team efforts.



RingDNA is an inside sales software and enterprise voice communications platform that offers tight integration with Salesforce.

This tool was launched in 2012. Since then, it’s healthily grown, thanks to its efforts to fix the broken sales experience. This tool aims at giving sales teams a helping hand and making it easier for them to communicate with prospects and customers at the right time and in the right context.

The tool is an end-to-end sales engagement platform that helps businesses build closer links with their customers. is a dialer tool that aims at helping businesses improve caller productivity while they gain insights into the activity of sales teams.

This tool is a Salesforce-integrated phone system. A range of premium features helps sales teams increase their productivity while they grow revenue. The features include a native click-to-call button and the ability to leave prerecorded voicemails from the local area code.

The tool also caters to reporting, which makes it easy for teams to track key sales metrics and log call data. The calls are also automatically recorded, providing a complete conversation history.


air call

Aircall is a cloud-based software for call centers and corporate phone systems. The tool boasts instant setup times and powerful integrations aimed at modern businesses.

The tool offers its users a simple four-step process. This process begins by setting up the cloud-based tool in a matter of seconds before it’s connected to a range of other tools. At this point, it’s simple to track progress, eliminate the guesswork, and focus on data-driven sales. Finally, the tool makes it simple to grow and scale it among teams painlessly.

This end-to-end tool helps sales teams secure new prospects, and customer-success teams reduce churn.



Voicent is a suite of solutions that include software for inbound call centers, auto-dialer software, and other communication solutions.

This platform has been in the game for over ten years and serves a diverse range of customers from around the world. As an all-in-one communication software, it’s immensely popular and helps enterprises running complex operations stay on track.

The wide range of tools on offer includes a predictive dialer, a power dialer, and a range of marketing automation tools. Its whisper coaching also enhances management and monitors dropped calls.



CallHub is an award-winning software for voice broadcasting, phone banking, and SMS broadcasts that’s used in over 200 countries.

The tool can be smoothly integrated with a wide range of CRMs, which helps businesses seamlessly power up their sales activities without causing disruptive confusion. This tool is used in many different initiatives, including fundraising and political campaigns.

This product is always improving and bringing new features together, which helps enterprise-level businesses benefit from new technology and sales techniques. It’s free to sign up for the tool and get a taste of it.



Five9 is the leading software for cloud call centers that over 2000 clients use. It accelerates their sales and empowers their customer service.

The world’s leading enterprises use this tool. They now rely on it because it can help create a personalized customer experience. Five9 also offers an environment that’s agile, scalable, and innovative.

It’s also easy to integrate the tool with many other popular options, giving businesses the power to use it without disrupting their day-to-day activities.


chase data

ChaseData is an affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use software for inbound and outbound call centers. It’s used by sales and telemarketing teams worldwide, which helps them improve business outcomes.

ChaseData understands that a company’s call center is a vital touchstone for the client experience. This software helps make those experiences fast, efficient, and personalized.

Sophisticated reporting also helps sales and marketing departments make data-backed decisions that boost business outcomes. This same focus on reporting can also help boost agents’ productivity and maximize sales.

Sales Sling

Sales Sling

Sales Sling provides cloud-based auto-dialers and leads management software that helps sales teams convert more leads to sales. This tool aims at becoming the primary sales platform for entire companies.

Sales managers appreciate this tool for a variety of reasons. First, the tool offers daily stats to make sure that sales activities are based on quantifiable data. A webphone makes it simple for reps to perform outbound calls and receive inbound ones.

This tool also ranks agents while determining the inbound capability of each one. This feature drives transparency and accountability, which inspires the team to reach new heights of productivity and attainment.


call fire

CallFire offers text and calling solutions to businesses that help them reach more customers. To date, the platform has delivered over 4 billion messages, and that number continues to grow each day.

The tool has a few benefits for customers. First, it helps drive deeper engagement, and it helps sales professionals develop customer relationships that last. It also helps sales professionals save valuable time by driving efficiency, which helps them contact more prospects and revenues.

A range of dialer tools are included within the product, so sales managers should be sure to thoroughly investigate the tool and determine whether it’s right for them.

Sales Dialer Tools: Conclusion

A quality dialer can help take your sales initiatives to the next level. Therefore, it’s important to take your time assessing the various tools out there, so you can make a prudent choice. We’re sure that the right tool will help you achieve the sales results you dream of.

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