UpLead is the #1 RocketReach alternative

UpLead — The RocketReach Alternative With 10% Higher Lead Accuracy

RocketReach boasts an 85% accuracy rate but offers no guarantee. At UpLead we work hard to provide B2B contacts with 95% data accuracy or you get your money back.

“UpLead’s contact data is up-to-date, and I've found it to be more accurate than other prospecting tools.”

Elizabeth McGlone

Director of Marketing

95% Data Accuracy

Real-Time Email Verification

Cancel Anytime

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Does RocketReach Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Let’s do the math, shall we.
UpLead gives you B2B leads with 95% data accuracy, which is 10% higher than the 85% RocketReach claims.
But here’s the catch — RocketReach won’t refund you for bad data anyway.

With UpLead, the moment you click to get an email, we verify it in real-time to guarantee its accuracy. If the email is invalid, we won’t show it — and won’t charge you for it.

Sales teams looking for higher ROI migrate from RocketReach to UpLead

“Out of the few lookups I attempted, some of the information RocketReach provided was inaccurate or out of date.”

Verified RocketReach review on G2

Users say RocketReach data is hardly 85% accurate

“Most of the time (60-70%) the emails are bogus and I end up sending a Linkedin Inmail instead.”

Verified RocketReach review on G2

“RocketReach is completely unwilling to refund credits for bad information.”

Verified RocketReach review on G2

“If you run into some issues, do not expect the customer support to help you resolve it.”

Verified RocketReach review on G2

“$588 for the year (ouch!) and at least a third of the emails come back as inaccurate.”

Verified RocketReach review on G2

Top 3 reasons to choose UpLead over RocketReach

Real-Time Email Verification

Our secret to having a 95% data accuracy guarantee? Real-time email verification.
Every time you find a contact’s email, we verify it in real-time to make sure it’s accurate. If the email is not valid, we won’t show it — and won’t charge you for it.

The Easiest to Use Leadgen Tool

With UpLead, building prospecting lists is as easy as clicking around. Pick from 50+ search filters to laser focus on your ideal buyer using location, industry, revenue, size and much more.
Rated Easiest to Use Sales Intelligence Software by G2

Avoid Hard-to-Cancel Services

Users complain that RocketReach makes it difficult to cancel their accounts. UpLead offers a 7-day free trial and you can cancel your plan at any time with no hassle.

Accurate Prospecting Is Easy With UpLead

“UpLead has custom searches, an easy-to-use interface, transparent pricing, no big upfront commitment and detailed data output.”

Steven Kelly

Chief Operating Officer

UpLead Is the #1 Alternative to RocketReach

It has fulfilled everything that it has advertised and so much more. Highly recommended for people who use email as a channel for acquisition.
Philipp Nass
Growth Marketer, Crealytics
A good alternative to Zoom Info without annual engagement. UpLead is really easy to use and is really efficient. It was easy for me to find my target persona.
Raphael Chaboud
Lead Generation, Alternative Capital
Easy to use platform, Great Value for money. I can affordably prospect, many tools out there that offer a similar service are very expensive.
Thor Berntssonv
Head of Operations, Parkfield Commerce
UpLead vs RocketReach

High-Quality B2B Leads With No Cancellation Tricks

Verify emails on the fly

Click to unlock emails for your contacts. If we find a valid email, we’ll reveal it. If the email we find is invalid, we won’t show it — and won’t charge you for it.

Turn leads into sales

Push leads straight to your favorite CRM, outreach tool or a CSV file that feeds your campaigns. Free yourself and your VAs from doing data entry.

Grab leads straight from your browser

Find sales information for prospects and companies by visiting their website or LinkedIn profile.

Turn disjointed lists into sales opportunities

Append 50+ accurate data points to your lists of contacts, companies and emails.


Connects With Your Sales Tools


Connects With Your Sales Tools

Sales-Oriented Companies Grow With Our Data

UpLead is the preferred lead generation tool for companies selling across the globe.

Don’t Wait to Cancel RocketReach to Give UpLead a Try

The handful of contacts RocketReach provides don’t justify the spend.

You can try UpLead for free, right now. Put our 95% data accuracy guarantee to the test. And if you don’t get a solid lead or two, you can stick to RocketReach. No hard feelings.

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