8 Simple Ways to Get Free Roofing Leads in 2024

William Cannon
Last updated on January 6, 2024
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This article is dedicated to helping you find free and valuable leads for your roofing business. Generating leads reliably and affordably can help ensure you have all the contacts you need for every step of your sales funnel.

We put together the best 9 ways to get free roofing leads, so you can continually find potential customers without spending a dime.

Let’s get started!

9 Easy Ways to Get Free Roofing Leads in 2024

Here are a few easy ways to get free roofing leads:

1. Use Google My Business

With Google’s popularity, it’s unsurprising that it’s the first choice for customers looking for roofing services. Listing your company on Google My Business is a great way to ensure you’re generating organic leads.

If you haven’t claimed your Google listing, go to business.google.com, sign in to your Gmail account, and follow the steps to set it up. While you’re only required to complete the basic fields, investing the time to populate your profile with complete and updated information is better. This can help you stand out among other roofing companies with older profiles.

2. Optimize Your Google Map Pack

Take full advantage of your Google presence by optimizing your map pack. A Google Map Pack refers to a local query’s most prominent search results, which display your business details along with your location on a map.

Optimizing your Google map pack can help users looking for a roofing business find you, learn more about your company, and contact your sales team.

3. Leverage Your Reviews

Harnessing the power of customer reviews is a great lead generation tactic for roofing. The best part is that testimonials are completely free. Positive reviews reassure your leads and help them relate to your best customers.

After a positive interaction with a customer, remind them that they can rate you on Google. You can also feature some of the best reviews on your website. Select the most relevant testimonials to your customer personas, and link back to the original review.

4. Use SEO to Appear in Organic Search Results

Another excellent way to generate quality roofing leads is through SEO (search engine optimization). Optimizing your pages and developing SEO-friendly content ensures that your roofing company is only a Google search away from your future customers.

There are many roofing contractors on Google, but you can increase your chances of success by focusing on local SEO. Consider long-tail keywords you can use in your content and marketing efforts to help people find your company.

5. Email Lead Generation

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your business and find new customers. Email lead generation tools can help you find more leads and keep your contacts engaged throughout their customer journey.

You can also collect email addresses from your website visitors—add a form where people can leave their contact data.  At the same time, email lead generation tools will help you reach high-quality leads who haven’t yet come in contact with your roofing company. You can then use both sources for your email marketing campaigns.

6. Create a Referral System

Referrals are a great way to generate roofing leads with a high likelihood of conversion. Tap into your existing customer base and ask them for testimonials. In doing so, they become brand ambassadors and will help generate warm leads that are easy to convert.

Focus on getting referrals from businesses providing home services and companies in commercial construction; they’re more likely to know people in need of roofing work. Since referrals generate such great prospects, building a simple and robust system that rewards everyone involved often pays off. Remind your customers to engage with the program regularly to help them find a steady flow of high-value roofing leads.

7. Strategic Partnerships With Other Businesses

Developing partnerships with local business owners who share your customer base can be another cost-effective way to generate sales leads.

As a roofer, consider partnering with companies specializing in renovation and other related services. Come to an agreement that’s a win for everyone involved; you can agree to share leads and refer customers to each other. This will help your customers find reliable services and generate more leads for your business. Of course, you must partner with companies offering high-quality services.

8. Offer Freebies

Everyone likes free offers, which is why freebies are a great way to generate leads.

Discounts, free add-on services, or free quotes will go a long way. Carefully analyze the costs involved to determine which kind of free services you can offer your customers without breaking the bank.

9. Direct Mail

It may not be free, but direct mail is still an affordable and effective way to find leads interested in roofing services.

Develop engaging ads and mail them to highly-qualified leads. You can direct potential customers to your company website for more information.

FAQs About Free Roofing Leads

Here are answers to common questions regarding roofing leads:

How do you get roofing leads from Google?

You can use Google Ads, content marketing, and SEO to generate roofing leads organically. You can also ensure your roofing company is properly listed on Google by updating your contact details.

How do you get roofing leads on Facebook?

Facebook is a great way for roofing business owners to generate leads through social media. You can use Facebook ads to encourage your customers to like your page and rate your business.

How can I get roofing leads online?

You can use email marketing campaigns and other outbound and inbound efforts to generate leads online reliably. Optimizing your website for search engines and developing an online referral program can also help you generate roofing leads online.

What You Need to Remember About Free Roofing Leads

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