Slintel Pricing & Plans: Key Information for 2024

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Last updated on January 6, 2024
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Intelligence platforms play a crucial role in the ever-evolving sales and marketing landscape. Slintel, emerging as a prominent tool in this domain, provides a multifaceted approach to lead discovery, technographic analysis, and more. This article offers an in-depth look into Slintel’s pricing, functionalities, acquisition by 6sense, and how it compares with other tools like UpLead in 2023.

What is Slintel Used For?

If you’ve been searching for a platform to elevate your sales and marketing strategies, you might have stumbled across Slintel. This intelligence platform can propel your sales and marketing strategy.

Similar to tools like UpLead, Slintel has various features and capabilities tailored to your sales prospecting needs. However, what exactly is Slintel used for? Here’s a snapshot:

  • Account Discovery and Enrichment: Slintel enables users to identify potential target accounts and gather enriched details. Think of it as your digital detective, analyzing factors like technology adoption patterns and other digital footprints to help you find those hidden gems.
  • Lead Discovery: Slintel’s robust lead discovery function analyzes millions of data points, revealing buying patterns and providing you with direct dials to potential active buyers.
  • Understanding Buyer Intent: With Slintel’s prediction engine, understanding the buyer journeys of every prospect becomes a breeze. It’s like having a peek into the minds of your potential customers, which could be a goldmine for your sales teams.
  • Technographic Analysis: Whether for a small or mid-size business, knowing what technologies your target market is using can be crucial. Slintel’s technographic-powered buying intent analysis gives you insights into various companies’ tech usage globally.
  • Data Insights and Analytics: Slintel doesn’t just stop at lead enrichment. It offers comprehensive data insights, company details, tech stack information, news alerts, and competitor analysis. It’s like having your intelligence platform ready to deliver market insights when needed.

With various pricing solutions and a value-for-money approach, Slintel integrates seamlessly into multiple workflows. Whether you’re interested in the free version or exploring more advanced options, Slintel supports a range of functionalities to help companies uncover opportunities. It’s a modern-day toolkit tailored to the dynamic needs of today’s sales and marketing professionals. 

Slintel’s Acquisition by 6sense

In the competitive landscape of sales intelligence platforms, the acquisition of Slintel by 6sense is a strategic milestone. 6sense, a market leader in account engagement, saw in Slintel an opportunity to elevate the game by offering unparalleled B2B buyer intelligence and AI-powered insights.

The acquisition isn’t merely a fusion of two companies; it’s a synergy to redefine what sales intelligence can achieve. 6sense’s AI-driven predictive capabilities are now supercharged with Slintel’s technology, allowing users to segment accounts with increased accuracy, recognize high-intent target accounts, and craft personalized messages that hit the mark. The goal is to enhance lead generation and create more insightful, data-driven decisions for sales teams.

The combined strength of 6sense and Slintel seeks to transform the B2B buying experience, creating a symbiotic relationship between intelligent data and actionable insights. Whether you’re targeting small businesses or mid-size enterprises, the integration allows for a deeper understanding of technology adoption patterns, buyer journeys, and other digital footprints that help uncover active buyers. It’s like having a new perspective and analyzing various factors to predict the next opportunity.

Adding Slintel’s technographic and sales signals to 6sense’s AI and machine learning arsenal has created a secondary layer of insights. It’s an enhancement that resonates with 6sense’s audience-first strategies, showing a commitment to being data-centric, and it’s an alignment that offers real value for money.

Slintel Key Features

A tool like Slintel, like UpLead, is designed to make your sales and marketing teams more efficient and competitive. Here’s a closer look at what makes Slintel stand out and why its key features might just be what your company needs to excel.

  • Data Gathering: Understanding your customer is king, and Slintel excels at gathering data from varied sources, including social media. Whether understanding buying patterns or exploring other digital footprints, the platform brings all the details to your doorstep, making it easier to identify active buyers.
  • Lead Intelligence: Your sales team knows that catching a lead early in the buying cycle can make all the difference. Slintel offers lead intelligence capabilities that provide complete visibility into potential buyers. You’re not just following leads; you’re uncovering opportunities.
  • Lead Management: Managing leads is no easy task; that’s where Slintel’s lead management feature comes into play. Tracking leads throughout the sales process, segmenting them based on various factors, and ensuring they don’t get lost in the shuffle is all about efficiency and focus.
  • Campaign Planning: Effective marketing requires strategy. With 6sense’s campaign planning tools, your marketing teams can strategize and execute campaigns precisely. Whether targeting small businesses or a broader target market, planning becomes an intuitive part of the process.
  • Discovery: Slintel’s discovery features resemble having a virtual scout on the field. Utilizing machine learning and technographic data powered by buying intent helps companies uncover new horizons.
  • Data Availability: Slintel provides access to a treasure trove of data. Whether it’s technographic data, buyer intent data, or detailed contact intelligence, it’s like having a library at your fingertips, ready to be leveraged for lead generation.

Slintel Pricing & Plans

Navigating the range of pricing options for Slintel by 6sense can be decisive for many businesses. This section provides a clear and detailed analysis of Slintel’s various pricing plans, allowing you to understand each plan and determine the one best suited for your company’s needs.

 6sense keeps its pricing confidential, so you must contact Slintel to determine the exact cost. 

Free Plan

The Free plan is aimed at individuals initiating their journey in prospecting. With 50 credits per month and fundamental prospect list management, it’s an accessible starting point that offers value for money, particularly for small businesses or freelancers.

Team Plan

The Team plan takes a step further, introducing technographic and psychographic data and enhancing dashboard and analytics features. This plan targets individuals seeking to construct data-driven email lists and offers more comprehensive tools for understanding target accounts and technology adoption patterns.

Growth Plan

The Growth plan provides third-party intent data and corporate hierarchy information for teams focusing on buyer intent. This option helps companies uncover buying patterns and suits those looking to scale their lead generation and sales efforts.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is the premium offering, adding predictive AI capabilities to provide a complete buyer intelligence solution. It’s tailored for large teams or mid-size businesses striving to optimize their sales intelligence platform and drive decision-making with data points and machine learning.

Slintel Integrations

Integrations are essential in today’s competitive sales and marketing landscape. Slintel by 6sense recognizes this necessity and offers seamless integrations with key platforms to enhance functionality and efficiency for both sales and marketing teams. Here’s how these integrations can be valuable for your organization:

  • Salesforce: 6sense’s integration provides a unified solution that delivers enriched account data. This integration uses AI insights to support marketing, sales, and operations teams, enabling effective buyer engagement across various channels. It’s an intelligent approach to lead enrichment, focusing on delivering actionable insights.
  • Integrate: The partnership between 6sense and Integrate allows for dynamic campaign targeting. By adapting to the most relevant accounts and changing audiences, this integration aims to enhance engagement and drive superior results. It’s a strategy that aligns with the evolving needs of the target market.
  • G2: 6sense’s integration with G2 ensures that G2 data is accessible through OAuth. This offers actionable insights that enable proper account engagement based on G2 data. By understanding buying patterns, this integration supports a more informed and strategic approach to building sales-accepted leads.
  • HubSpot CRM: The integration of 6sense with HubSpot CRM delivers AI insights directly into the CRM application. This connection allows revenue teams to prioritize accounts and contacts based on AI-driven data, optimizing the sales intelligence platform and supporting informed decision-making.

UpLead is the Best Slintel Alternative

In the competitive field of sales and lead generation, the choice of tools can significantly impact a company’s success. UpLead emerges as an excellent alternative to Slintel, offering distinct advantages that cater to the needs of sales and marketing professionals.

UpLead’s key features include:

  • Mobile Direct Dials: This feature allows direct contact with target market decision-makers.
  • CRM Integration at the Free Tier: Unlike Slintel, UpLead integrates robustly with CRM systems, even at the free level.
  • Company News Alerts: Timely updates on targeted companies help sales teams strategize more effectively.
  • API Access: UpLead provides API access, a feature not available with Slintel.

Additionally, UpLead’s more comprehensive CRM integration set puts it ahead of Slintel, making it a preferred option for businesses evaluating value for money and seeking tailored pricing solutions.

With transparent and varied pricing models, UpLead meets the diverse needs of small to mid-size businesses. A free trial allows potential customers to explore UpLead’s offerings and gauge compatibility with their requirements. 

Explore the UpLead platform today to understand how it can support and integrate with your current sales process.

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More Alternatives to Slintel

As you’re mapping out the best intelligence tools for your sales and marketing teams, knowing the various alternatives to Slintel is crucial. Here, we’ll briefly examine Seamless.AI and Apollo, two platforms that cater to different lead generation and sales strategies.


Seamless.AI is a powerful player in sales intelligence, facilitating professionals in forging new relationships, uncovering opportunities, and driving revenue at an unprecedented pace. Using AI, the platform delves into real-time people search engines, employing meticulous filters such as industry, employee count, revenue, and technographic data. This search feature allows users to construct comprehensive lists from vast databases, tailoring their outreach with precision.

Key Features:

  • Lead Builder: Customize your search for decision-makers and target accounts.
  • CRM/Marketing Automation Integration: Streamline your workflow with leading platforms.
  • Data Cleaning/Enrichment: Keep your data points accurate and up-to-date.


  • Free: 50 credits and enterprise security access.
  • Basic: 250 credits monthly plus additional features.
  • Pro and Enterprise: Various levels of integrations and support.

Apollo is a cutting-edge, cloud-based sales engagement and marketing platform committed to refining business sales processes and lead generation. As a trusted data intelligence and sales engagement platform, is relied upon by a diverse clientele, ranging from innovative startups to prominent enterprises. 

Key Features:

  • Data Availability: Extensive collection for targeted engagement.
  • Data Accuracy: Ensures quality leads through consistent accuracy.
  • Lead Intelligence: AI-powered buying intent analysis for better outreach.


  • Free Trial: 14 days to evaluate value for money.
  • Basic: $39 per user/month (annually), including advanced filtering.
  • Professional/Organization: With AI assistance and advanced user controls, from $79 per user/month.

Seamless.AI and Apollo offer unique features that help companies uncover their target market, manage their leads, and analyze factors like buying patterns and other digital footprints. While Seamless.AI integrates smoothly with CRM and provides lead enrichment, emphasizes data accuracy and lead intelligence.

If you’re a small or mid-size business looking for pricing solutions to fit your needs, these alternatives to Slintel might offer what your sales team requires. The free versions and trial periods allow you to test the platforms before deciding, ensuring you select the one that best supports your marketing and sales goals.

FAQs About Slintel Pricing

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Slintel pricing.

What is the use of Slintel?

Slintel is a sales intelligence platform that provides deep insights into buying patterns, usage, and renewals to help sales and marketing teams understand the purchase intent of buyers. 

Is Slintel a SaaS company?

Yes, Slintel is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. It offers a sales intelligence tool that helps companies find potential prospects and improve their sales processes.

Who is the founder of Slintel?

Deepak Anchala is the founder and CEO of Slintel, a SaaS Sales Intelligence platform.

What You Need to Remember About Slintel Pricing

Slintel’s capabilities in sales intelligence, enriched by its integration with 6sense, present an array of features to support various business needs. However, it’s worth noting that alternatives like UpLead stand as worthy competitors. UpLead, with its distinct advantages, might offer suitable solutions depending on specific requirements. Evaluating both Slintel’s offerings and those of competitors like UpLead ensures a more informed decision-making process for businesses seeking sales intelligence tools.

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