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William Cannon
Last updated on May 30, 2024
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RocketReach is a popular B2B database provider that offers a solid Google Chrome extension. While popular in the B2B marketing space, there are some shortcomings that we will discuss in addition to its strengths. The RocketReach Chrome extension allows you to access the available RocketReach tools quickly and is fairly simple to install.

Let’s look into the RocketReach Chrome extension, what it offers, and why UpLead is a top alternative to the tool.

What is the RocketReach Chrome Extension?


RocketReach Chrome Extension allows you to find professional contact information while browsing without visiting the RocketReach website. By installing this extension, you can look up and verify professionals’ and companies’ email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details directly from websites or web applications like LinkedIn. 

RocketReach Chrome Extension Overview

RocketReach is a first-rate lead generation service that understands that professionals want a vast database of business contact information, and they want to access that information as fast and as easily as possible. 

RocketReach Chrome Extension is designed to let you access RocketReach’s tools and key features where you might need them the most, i.e., while browsing through company websites or professional web apps like LinkedIn. It allows you to find and verify prospects’ and candidates’ contact details from RocketReach’s massive database wherever you may find them on the web. 

Once the extension is installed on your Chrome account, you can select a prospect’s LinkedIn profile page, for example, and click the RocketReach icon at the top right corner of your window to load RocketReach’s features. To view a professional’s or company’s valid contact info, you must click the ‘+Add’ button, after which you can click the ‘copy’ button to use the contact details immediately.

RocketReach Extension Use Case Examples

The RocketReach Chrome extension is designed to streamline finding and capturing professional contact information and company data directly from your web browser. Whether you’re a salesperson prospecting leads, a recruiter sourcing candidates, or a marketer building campaign lists, this extension can save valuable time and effort. It integrates seamlessly with popular websites and platforms, allowing you to access RocketReach’s contact search features 

Three core use cases highlight the extension’s key features and benefits, including the following. 

Capture Professional Contacts

The RocketReach Chrome extension captures accurate professional contact information directly from websites like LinkedIn, AngelList, or Crunchbase. When browsing someone’s profile, you can instantly click the extension icon to reveal their verified email address and phone number. For example, if you’re researching a potential sales lead on LinkedIn, the extension lets you quickly obtain their contact details without leaving the page, streamlining your prospecting workflow.

Find Company Contacts

Besides individual profiles, the RocketReach extension is useful for finding employees’ contact information at specific companies. When visiting a company’s website, the extension can surface the email addresses and phone numbers of key personnel like executives, sales representatives, or others you may need to connect with. This can be invaluable for account-based marketing, partnership outreach, or simply networking within an organization of interest.

Quick Access to Company Information

The RocketReach Chrome extension provides a “Company Info” tab that allows you to quickly view firmographic details about the business associated with the website you’re browsing. This may include data points like number of employees, estimated revenue, industry, and other potentially useful insights. Sales teams can leverage this feature to understand better and qualify potential customers or clients directly from their website.

Who is the RocketReach Chrome Extension Best For?

The RocketReach Chrome Extension is best suited for sales and marketing professionals, recruiters, and business development teams who must quickly find and verify accurate contact information for their outreach and lead generation efforts. 

While marketers can use it to build targeted email lists and campaign audiences, recruiters may find it useful for sourcing candidates by uncovering professional contact information from profiles on job sites, social media, and company pages. 

RocketReach is a powerful tool for any business, whether new or established. It can boost your connections no matter what field you are in.

Installing the RocketReach Extension

  • To install the RocketReach Chrome Extension, you must first log into your RocketReach account. 
  • From the multipurpose tab at the top of the homepage, select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Browser Extension.’ 
  • This will lead you to a new page on which you’ll click the ‘Install Chrome Button,’ which brings you to yet another page. 
  • Click ‘Add to Chrome’, and your RocketReach Chrome extension will be successfully installed.
  • Once the extension is installed, pin it to your favorite extensions bar, then click on the RocketReach icon and select ‘RocketReach Everywhere.’ 
  • Doing this allows you to see the RocketReach icon on your window, which you can click to pull out validated contact details instantly.

UpLead is the Top RocketReach Alternative

Though UpLead has a relatively smaller database (155+ million individual profiles and 19+ million company profiles compared to RocketReach’s 700+ million individual and 150 million company profiles), it’s a viable alternative to RocketReach as it outshines RocketReach in data accuracy. UpLead boasts a whopping 95% data accuracy rate, making it a reliable database. Like RocketReach, it has an advanced search feature and a Chrome extension to make lead generation easier. 

UpLead is more affordable than RocketReach, making it accessible to small businesses and individual professionals. You can run a 7-day free trial, unlike RocketReach, which offers users no free trial for the premium plans. 

FAQs About the RocketReach Chrome Extension

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about the RocketReach Chrome extension.

How does the RocketReach Chrome extension compare to competitors?

The RocketReach Chrome Extension stands out with its seamless integration into the browser, providing convenient contact finding and data enrichment features. While competitors like and Lusha offer similar features, RocketReach’s broad database and direct CRM integration make it a worthy competitor.

Is the RocketReach Chrome extension free?

Yes, the RocketReach Chrome extension is free to install. However, you must have an active RocketReach subscription to access its features, as you need to log into your RocketReach account to download it. 

What is the purpose of RocketReach?

RocketReach is a B2B sales intelligence tool that simplifies lead generation. It helps professionals and businesses find and verify the contact details of candidates, prospects, and potential customers. With a database of over 850 million professional profiles, it can find the correct contact details of almost any professional or company worldwide.

Who uses RocketReach?

RocketReach is primarily used by sales and marketing professionals, recruiters, and anyone who needs to find accurate contact information for lead generation, networking, or recruitment purposes. Its users include employees at companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises across various industries.

What You Need to Remember About the RocketReach Extension 

Here are some important things to keep in mind about the RocketReach Chrome extension:

  • It allows you to find and verify professional contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, and more.) directly from websites and web applications, like LinkedIn, without leaving the page.
  • To access its features, you need an active RocketReach subscription, as the extension requires you to log in to your RocketReach account.
  • It seamlessly integrates into your Chrome browser which makes searching for contacts and lead generation more convenient.
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