Head of Sales: Software & Tools to Drive Your Team’s Success

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Last updated on April 24, 2024
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As a sales director, adopting the right software can be the linchpin of success for your team. Whether spearheading a small business or guiding a sprawling sales force, understanding the landscape of sales tools is crucial. The right choice can elevate your team’s sales performance, streamline sales operations, and drive significant business growth. Today, we’ll analyze the best head of sales software and tools to grow your business.

Head of Sales: Software & Tools That Drive Team Success

The right software and sales intelligence tools are crucial for staying ahead of the competition in sales. They streamline processes and also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. From lead generation to sales team management, each tool serves a unique purpose, catering to different aspects of the sales cycle. As a best-in-class sales director, it’s essential to implement sales strategies along with the most effective sales organization software. 

This section will explore various sales software essential for success, discussing their key functions, benefits, and suitability for different types and sizes of companies. Whether for sales automation, prospecting, or training, these tools help optimize sales efforts and drive significant results.



Best For: Empowering Sales Teams with Real-Time Verified B2B Leads

In the competitive sales world, having access to high-quality leads as a sales director can make all the difference. UpLead is vital, providing sales teams with precise and verified B2B leads. Let’s delve into how UpLead can be a game-changer for your sales strategy, ensuring you always stay a step ahead.

UpLead is a dynamic B2B lead generation software that gives you access to millions of business contacts. With real-time email verification, it ensures the accuracy and relevance of every lead. The platform allows users to filter through contacts using over 50 search criteria, making finding leads that match your specific customer profiles easier.

Offering a 7-day free trial and scalable pricing tiers, UpLead is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Its focus on high-quality, targeted lead generation makes it an indispensable tool for account-based marketing, targeted sales generation, and adequate opportunity engagement.

Key Benefits

  • With a track record of offering the most precise data, UpLead provides real-time verified emails, ensuring the leads you pursue are accurate and up-to-date (with a 95% accuracy guarantee).
  • Over 50 search filters allow you to tailor your lead search to your business needs, making lead generation more efficient.
  • With an easy-to-use platform, UpLead is suitable for anyone in your sales team, regardless of their technical expertise.



Best For: Streamlining Sales Processes and Enhancing Team Efficiency

Close is more than just a CRM platform; it’s a comprehensive solution to revolutionize how your sales team manages customer relationships and leads. Known for its user-friendly interface and a suite of sales-focused features, Close empowers sales professionals and teams to perform at their peak.

Close offers robust features, including email automation, predictive dialing, lead management, and insightful reporting tools. Its ability to integrate with various business tools, including UpLead, is a game changer. This integration simplifies and enhances lead generation, lead enrichment, and email verification processes, allowing your team to focus on what matters most – selling.

Key Benefits

  • Sales-focused features like email automation and lead management
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Integrations with UpLead and other business applications like Gmail bring a high level of convenience and efficiency, providing complete visibility into your sales processes directly from the app.

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM

Best For: Centralizing Customer Data and Enhancing Sales and Marketing Efficiency

HubSpot CRM provides a comprehensive yet user-friendly customer relationship platform. It’s uniquely designed to streamline sales processes and enrich marketing and customer service activities. 

HubSpot CRM provides various features, such as live chat, meeting scheduling, and email tracking, all neatly presented on a visual dashboard. This dashboard offers a real-time view of your sales pipeline and actionable sales tips, making it more straightforward to gauge progress and pivot strategies as needed.

Moreover, HubSpot CRM stands out for its ease of use and impressive capacity – managing up to 1,000,000 contacts without any time limit or expiration date. It’s a solution that grows with your company, accommodating your expanding needs without additional pressure on your resources.

Key Benefits

  • With features like email tracking and meeting scheduling, your sales team can focus more on selling and less on the administrative side of things.
  • Unlimited data storage to manage a vast number of contacts without worrying about storage limits or additional costs.
  • CRM’s integration with email platforms like Gmail and Outlook automatically captures every interaction with your clients, providing a comprehensive view of customer engagements and ongoing business development.

Lessonly (now Seismic)


Best For: Modernizing Training and Enhancing Team Performance

You know the pivotal role of training in your quest to drive team success. That’s where Lessonly steps in – a training software designed not just to educate but to transform how your team learns and performs.

Lessonly takes a fresh approach to training, distancing itself from the traditional, often cumbersome learning management systems. It’s crafted for simplicity and effectiveness, serving over 3 million learners across various industries. With Lessonly, your team can access to on-demand practice exercises, personalized coaching, and seamless sales performance enhancement tools. It’s about making learning an integral, enjoyable part of your team’s journey towards excellence.

Key Benefits

  • Lessonly is celebrated for its intuitive interface, making it easy for your team to engage and absorb crucial skills without the complexity often associated with LMS platforms.
  • On-demand practice exercises ensure your team can apply what they learn in real-world scenarios.
  • Personalized coaching so your team’s diverse needs and learning styles are catered to, fostering an environment of individual and collective growth.



Best For: Streamlining Data Visualization and Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Quickly accessing and interpreting key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical in sales. This feature is where Databox shines, offering a tailor-made cloud-based analytics platform for marketers, CEOs, analysts, and decision-makers like you. 

Databox pulls together data from various sources –  cloud services, spreadsheets, or databases –  in a cohesive, visually appealing interface. Whether you’re starting with the free version or opting for a more advanced paid plan, Databox scales to meet your needs, offering custom metrics calculation, pre-built templates, and easy scheduling of reports.

Its data visualization and analytics prowess means you’re not just seeing numbers and charts but gaining actionable insights. Integrating with popular data sources like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and BigCommerce allows you to mix and match metrics, creating a comprehensive, informative, and intuitive dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidated data views for a unified platform that combines all your crucial data.
  • Tailor your reports to your needs with custom metrics and pre-built templates. 
  • Databox’s straightforward, concise data visualization tools empower you to make informed decisions quickly.



Best For: Streamlining Lead Management in Fast-Paced Sales Environments

Velocify, now a part of ICE Mortgage Technology, offers intelligent sales automation tailored for high-velocity sales teams. 

Velocify is a cloud-based platform that transforms how sales representatives handle their leads. It includes Velocify Pulse, an automation app, Velocify Lead Manager for lead management and distribution, and Velocify Dial-IQ, a sales dialer. The suite is engineered to help sales teams manage many leads, prioritize them effectively, and ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Key Benefits

  • With Velocify, your sales team can keep up with a vast catalog of leads, ensuring that each one is tracked and nurtured effectively.
  • Velocify helps prioritize leads so your team can focus on the most promising opportunities first, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Especially beneficial in the mortgage industry, Velocify streamlines sales processes, keeping your team organized and focused on revenue-generating activities.



Best For: Leveraging AI to Optimize Revenue Performance in Sales and Go-to-Market Teams

Aviso AI steps in as a comprehensive AI-guided Revenue Operating System designed to transform how sales and go-to-market teams operate.

Aviso AI combines sales forecasting, conversational intelligence, and revenue intelligence. Known for its precision and efficiency, Aviso AI offers an AI-based approach to revenue execution that is accurate, prescriptive, and repeatable. It integrates smoothly with leading CRMs, email providers, calendars, conferencing systems, sales enablement tools, and customer ticketing systems, ensuring seamless data integration and comprehensive sales operations.

Key Benefits

  • Cutting-edge forecasting tools enable your sales team to predict and plan more accurately.
  • Gain deeper insights into customer interactions and leverage these learnings to enhance your sales process and customer engagement.
  • AI-driven approach to revenue intelligence means you’re not just gathering data but gaining actionable insights to drive your sales and marketing strategies.

Fresh Desk


Best For Elevating Customer Support Across Multiple Channels

Freshdesk, a versatile cloud-based customer support software, emerges as a solution that empowers your team to deliver exceptional service across various channels. 

Freshdesk brings efficiency to customer support operations. It allows businesses to manage support across multiple channels – email, phone, chat, social media, and websites – from a single platform. Key features like ticket management, prioritization, and assignment streamline the handling of customer queries, ensuring that every customer feels heard and valued.

Key Benefits

  • Freshdesk enables your support team to provide consistent and quality service across various platforms, ensuring no customer query goes unnoticed.
  • With efficient ticket-handling features, your team can prioritize and manage customer inquiries effectively, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • The ability to customize your support portal and integrate Freshdesk with various tools and platforms makes it an adaptable solution.



Best For: Streamlining the Quote-to-Cash Process with Intuitive Solutions

SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify this process for your business. 

SAP CPQ offers an intuitive, step-by-step process that makes creating complex customer quotes simpler and more efficient. It caters to every sales channel, enabling your team to quote intricate business offerings in just minutes. The platform’s strength lies in its integration capabilities, seamlessly connecting with SAP Sales Cloud, other SAP solutions, and third-party CRM offerings.

This integration extends to the SAP Integration Suite, offering prebuilt connectors for various SAP and third-party solutions. SAP CPQ is not just a quoting tool; it’s a strategic solution designed to maximize the value of your existing investments and leverage existing configuration models and rules within your business.

Key Benefits

  • With SAP CPQ, your team can quickly and efficiently create complex quotes, ensuring more time is spent engaging with customers and less on business administration tasks.
  • The platform’s integration capabilities with SAP Sales Cloud and other solutions streamline the lead-to-quote process, reducing complexity and enhancing sales productivity.
  • SAP CPQ adapts to your business requirements, supporting various configuration models and rules.

Salesforce Sales Cloud


Best For: Enhancing Sales Performance with AI-Powered CRM Solutions

Salesforce Sales Cloud stands out as a fully customizable CRM platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of both B2B and B2C businesses.

Salesforce Sales Cloud combines all aspects of customer interaction into one integrated platform. It integrates marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service, and business analytics. This means you have a holistic view of customer interactions, enabling you to make informed, strategic decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Data-driven insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and market dynamics.
  • From lead generation to customer service, Salesforce Sales Cloud covers every aspect of the customer journey. 
  • Tailor the platform to your specific business needs and scale up as your business grows without missing a beat.

What You Need to Remember About Head of Sales Software

Choosing the right head of sales software isn’t just about picking a tool; it’s about finding a partner that aligns with your business objectives and enhances your team’s sales techniques. Remember, the best software should offer complete visibility into your sales process, empower your team with actionable insights, and seamlessly integrate with your current sales operations. In this ever-evolving market, staying ahead means embracing technology that solves problems and opens new avenues for growth and innovation.

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