10 B2B Sales Trends for 2024

William Cannon
Last updated on June 4, 2024
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It’s safe to say that nearly every business has been impacted by a drastic change in the global business landscape in the last few years. 

Although many companies are returning to normalcy, many are still having difficulty adjusting to their new reality due to the pandemic. 

Several businesses have had to reorganize teams, eliminate physical locations, go online, or develop more digitally oriented customer service strategies. Thus, it’s imperative to stay informed and keep abreast of developments. 

This article will list the top 10 B2B sales trends to watch out for this year.

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10 B2B Sales Trends for 2024

Let’s dive into the top 10 B2B sales trends for 2024!

Omnichannel Sales Approach for B2B

It might be challenging to stay on top of your buyers’ needs in B2B sales – with so many choices when it comes to company, platform, and method of engagement with the business. 

Today’s consumer is more nimble and is looking for solutions from a variety of sources. To reach your prospects everywhere, you should assess how you can facilitate interactions with them and consider expanding your sales channels if needed.

The increasing impatience of clients with customer service is another significant trend in B2B sales. Roughly 90% of consumers say that quick answers to their inquiries influence their decision to buy. So make sure you can respond to client inquiries as soon as possible.

AI for B2B Sales


Having a digital identity is becoming increasingly important for organizations since many are now completely digital. 

More importantly, they need to meet and exceed what customers want in terms of the standard of the material they publish, the functionality of their online store, and their online presence.

You should generally adhere to this B2B business model if your goal is to be current and as interesting as your rivals. To achieve this, make sure your website is simple to use and that its navigation is optimized to serve your consumers’ needs best.

In an interesting study published on Momentum Data, the average sales rep manually updates around 300 CRM records per week. This equates to at least 6 hours per week updating records. Most (if not all) of that work can be completely automated with the introduction.

Cater to Digital Buyers

It can cost five to twenty-five times as much to bring in a new client as keeping an existing one. 

This statistic makes it clear why business-to-business marketing groups should begin considering customer success and catering to digital buyers for a better customer experience.

Herein lies the role of customer success. Of course, great sales and marketing are essential to the success of your business. 

In a buyer-first, digitally-forward world where consumers can access countless options and information, it is crucial to make the customer experience as seamless as possible through improved digital engagement.

Upgraded Tools & Software


You’ll hear this time and time again – upgraded tools and sales software are one of the most important keys to success in B2B sales. 

Antiquated software, outdated modes of communication, and barriers to engagement are all too common in today’s cost-focused world.

Cutting-edge tools don’t have to break the bank – Uplead’s affordable prospecting tools are a game-changer for small and large businesses. 

Uplead’s platform can help level up your B2B sales team, from the prospector tool to the email finder.

Hiring Trends for B2B Sales

Job Outlook

The talent war continues, and hiring a strong B2B sales team is as important as ever. According to Zippia, the job growth rate for B2B sales representatives is projected to be 4% over the next four years. 

Understanding how to build a strong B2B sales team is the first step in elevating your organization. Here are some high-level steps to think through:

  1. Define your sales organization – build a clear structure with defined roles and responsibilities. Leverage sales projections to staff the right number of team members.
  2. Outline Key Performance Indicators – set clear goals, objectives, and success metrics for your sales team to have transparency on what success actually means in the sales organization.
  3. Focus on training and development – getting a sales team hired is just the first step. For long-term growth and success, management teams should focus on training and development opportunities for the team. Much like getting new customers, it is much more expensive to onboard a new employee than it is to train existing ones.
  4. Invest in high-quality sales tools – having the right team members is the foundation for success. Having high-quality tools is what sets your team apart from your competition. One of the intuitive tools that Uplead offers is prospecting, contact verification, and data enrichment.
  5. Leverage data for improvements – once your team is established, leverage the data that your sales team gathers to plan for future enhancements. This can be data based on your KPIs to improve processes, data from your customers to build a better funnel, or data from your internal stakeholders to improve cross-functional collaboration.

Increased Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy that targets a specific set of target accounts within a given market. 

ABM’s goal is to organize and interact with various accounts through customized messages and campaigns.

Having appropriate alignment and shared goals between an organization’s advertising and sales departments is critical to account-based marketing (ABM) success.

Closing agreements will become considerably easier if the advertising and sales departments use the same message and approach the same customers.

Since most major client bases consist of several decision-makers, account-based marketing is becoming increasingly popular in B2B sales. 

As everyone knows, having multiple decision-makers frequently causes the sales process to lag and decreases the prospect’s likelihood of converting. 

However, the marketing team can immediately target the main decision-maker using account-based marketing, assisting in greatly accelerating the sales phase and increasing your likelihood of closing a deal.

To reap the benefits of ABM, you must first direct your marketing efforts on your target account list, a procedure that involves putting content strategies into practice to aid prospects in navigating the sales cycle. 

In an interesting post by CXL, LiveRamp drove over $50 million in annual revenue with just 15 target accounts, showing how impactful account-based marketing can be.


Hyper Personalized Experiences

Scalability is important for maximizing efficiencies and costs. In a world of automation and cost-saving initiatives, retaining personalized experiences for your prospects is important. 

As AI continues to become a central tool for B2B sales teams, many companies also focus on hyper-personalized experiences for their potential customers.

Enhanced technology and tools can aid in creating meaningful, personalized experiences. 

From the top of the funnel to ongoing customer care, your customers deserve personalized experiences that meet their needs at every step.

With Uplead’s tools at your disposal, you can seamlessly engage with prospects and existing customers, meeting your customers where they like to engage. 

UpLead provides you with affordable solutions at scale, letting you leverage the power of relationships and focus on your customer experience journey.

Putting the Customer First

No matter what business you’re in, putting the customer first is fundamental for the success of your business. 

While we’re counting this as a B2B trend for 2024, it should be a never-ending trend in B2B sales.

Throughout a customer’s life cycle, there may be times when a customer’s experience isn’t what they expected – how a business reacts to customer feedback can mean the difference between maintaining a customer and losing one. 

Take customer feedback to create meaningful improvements for your customers, leverage internal and external data to optimize processes, and invest in tools that allow your customers to engage with your business easily.

Rise of the Digital Self-Service

A majority of B2B buyers begin their search online. In our digital-first society, it is evident that customers prefer self-service. 

Instead of speaking with sales representatives face-to-face, they conduct internet research to find the answers to their problems.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that eighty percent of B2B sales exchanges between buyers and sellers will take place online by 2025. 

Your customer portal needs to offer a customized ordering experience for your customers to be competitive and successful with digital self-service.

The ability to customize prices, conditions of payment, advertising campaigns, and offers can facilitate product cross-and-up-selling.

Your Content Matters

In terms of sales enablement, content is crucial. 41% of B2B buyers consistently read three or more pieces of information before speaking with a salesperson. 

Furthermore, 70% of these B2B purchasers say they access and read content straight from a vendor’s website before purchasing.

In the end, you have to produce diverse material for your audience. You’ll lose out if not. 

You should concentrate on producing high-quality, unique, and helpful content rather than just producing as much as possible. 

Recall that sales enablement material aims to provide your sales force with the information, resources, and training they require to improve their sales process and raise the visibility and authority of your brand.

Thinking About the Future of B2B Sales Trends

The future of B2B sales trends is heavily technology-focused. With the rapid rise of AI development in sales tools, B2B sales teams must embrace AI. 

However, teams must also maintain the human element of B2B sales – AI should be seen as a supplement, not a replacement.

Investment in sales technology is an inevitability. Outdated platforms and software only hurt organizations. Cutting-edge platforms like Uplead can help take your business to the next level.

FAQs About B2B Sales Trends

Here are some top FAQs about B2B sales trends and how to adapt your business and stay current with the best B2B sales practices.

What are the trends in B2B selling?

Some of the trends in B2B selling are excellent content, use of Digital Sales Rooms, ABM, effective video conferencing, social selling, customer-driven sales process, and leveraging AI.

What drives B2B sales?

Usually, B2B sales are driven by a desire for a substantial ROI, a practical solution to an important problem, or a significant competitive advantage.

What are the predictions for B2B sales in 2024?

2024 should see an increase in AI technology in all sales funnel points. While AI is new to many companies, it can give B2B sales teams a competitive advantage.

What You Need to Remember About B2B Sales Trends

The landscape of B2B sales is ever-changing, but with Uplead in your toolkit, your sales team will be trend-setters, not laggers, in the B2B sales game.

Customer experience and personalization are two key components of every successful B2B sales team. Without consistent, valuable engagement with your customers, the tools, investments, and analytics won’t mean much to your business’s bottom line.

2024 is set to be an exciting year in the world of AI enhancements. From automated business processes to AI-driven marketing campaigns, B2B sales teams need to be ready to lean into new technologies, sales techniques, and platforms for engagement – and with UpLead by your side, you’ll be ready for 2025 and beyond.

📌 Reminder: The latest sales trends won’t save you from a bad prospect list. Try UpLead and get 5 free validated B2B emails!

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