Here’s How to Find a Hiring Manager’s Email

Will Cannon
Last updated on February 15, 2023
How to find the hiring manager's email
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Finding a hiring manager’s email is easy — if you know how to do it. Whether you want to contact hiring managers to ask about a job posting, aid in your job search, or pitch a product or service, you’ll likely need their company email address.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll review the best ways to find a hiring manager’s email address. We’ll discuss email finders, Google tools, and even a few free strategies to get your hiring manager’s name and contact information.

Let’s get started.

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  1. Using UpLead to Find a Hiring Manager’s Email
  2. Alternative Ways to Finding a Hiring Manager’s (or Recruiter’s) Email: 8 Effective Techniques You Can Use
  3. Best Practices When Reaching Out to a Hiring Manager
  4. More About Finding a Hiring Manager’s Email

Using UpLead to Find a Hiring Manager’s Email

UpLead is a lead generation platform with a powerful email finder and other useful tools and features you can use to find the email address of any hiring manager.

Here’s how to use it:

UpLead’s Email Finder

With UpLead you can easily find the right leads to contact through cold emailing.
UpLead features a robust, easy-to-use email finder, perfect for finding a hiring manager’s email and contact information.

The platform offers access to a database with over 60 million contacts with email addresses. And unlike similar tools, UpLead offers a  95% data accuracy guarantee  to help you ensure you get the right hiring manager’s email address along with the rest of their profile.

With UpLead, you can find a manager’s profile and contact information in a few ways:

Using Contact Search

Finding emails with UpLead is as easy as looking them up. You can use UpLead’s Contact Search to browse millions of profiles, filtering with over 50 criteria to find the emails you’re looking for. 

Look for the right job title, industry, location, and other details you have.  UpLead will give you a list of leads who fit within that description. All you need to do is select the profiles you want to download and start sending your cover letter to them.

Since all emails are validated in real-time right before you download them, you can use them knowing they’re not going to bounce back.

Contact Search is perfect for looking up emails and profiles belonging to anyone who fits a specific user persona, creating a list of emails, and sending messages in bulk.

Looking Up Contacts

If you’re looking for a specific hiring manager, you can use UpLead’s Contacts Lookup function to find email addresses and additional profile information.

Contacts Lookup allows you to use your data, like a hiring manager’s name or company, to find their email address. Then download the email, and use it at your convenience.

UpLead Chrome extension

You can use UpLead’s Chrome extension to extract emails, phone numbers, and other contact information directly from your browser.

Finally, you can use UpLead’s Chrome extension to directly extract emails, phone numbers, and other contact information from your browser.

After installing the extension, you can use it to find emails as you’re browsing LinkedIn or a company website by simply selecting the manager’s name. UpLead will show you all available information about the person, allowing you to add them to your download list.

The Chrome extension makes it easy to enhance your knowledge quickly and get the email addresses you’re looking for — even if they’re not on the company website.

Try UpLead’s Chrome Extension for free today.

Start Your 7-Day Free UpLead Trial
Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.
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Alternative Ways to Finding a Hiring Manager’s (or Recruiter’s) Email: 8 Effective Techniques You Can Use

Here are some alternative ways for you to get a hiring manager’s contact information:

Use Google operators

Hiring Manager at Tesla Google Search

Google operators are words and symbols you can use to improve and narrow your search results. If you know how to use them, you can leverage them to find a hiring manager’s email address and other contact information. And since the results are contextualized, you can quickly determine the validity of the information.

To do this, you can search for keywords related to the job title and role, just like you would with a normal Google query. Then you can add Google operators to the query to refine the results.

For example, you may want to look up “hiring manager” and add to get results exclusively from the company website. With this function, you don’t have to search the website manually for the information.

If you have the hiring manager’s name or social media handle, you can look it up with an “@” before it, like “@hiringmanager01,” to search for that specific user name.

Although this can be time-consuming and there are no guarantees that the information will be accurate, this is still a good way to enhance your Google query to find the contact information you need.

Check out the job description

Another simple way of finding the email addresses of hiring managers is by looking up their job postings and searching through them to find their email addresses.

A job posting will usually include the job description, general information about the company, and contact information toward the end to help potential recruiters get in touch with the hiring manager.

Have you seen a job posting that doesn’t include any contact information? You can copy part of the text and look it up on Google to get the same job description posted on other websites and try your luck there.

Look at the company’s website

If you still haven’t found the email addresses you’re looking for, you can try looking for them on the company’s website.

Start by looking up an “About Us” section or something similar to find the company’s directory. Often, they’ll place details and photos of the company’s managers, along with their public contact information.

You can also look for a “Careers” section to see if the hiring manager’s email address is there.

Call them

Sometimes the best way to get an email address is by simply asking for it.

Making a good old phone call is still a great way of reaching out and getting the information you lacked before. Plus, since phone calls are used less often, you may stand out above the competition by picking up the phone.

All you need to do is to pick the right phone number. The customer service number should be enough to find the hiring manager’s email address if you’re targeting a small company. You may want to locate the hiring or personnel department for larger companies.

During the phone call, simply state politely and in simple terms why you’re looking for the manager’s email address.

Unless the company gets this kind of phone call frequently, they’ll likely give you the email address without too many questions.

Ask in the live chat

A more modern variation of a phone call is a live chat, which can also be a great way to get the hiring manager’s email address you’re looking for.

Usually, chats will have chatbots in charge of replying. Since the manager’s email address is probably not programmed into the bot, you may need to contact a real representative.

Go through the chatbot’s options to figure out how to talk to the right person. Then ask for the hiring manager’s email address while politely explaining why you need it.

Send an email to a colleague or a generic email address

Is the hiring manager’s email address tough to find? Why not ask one of their colleagues?

Simply use the strategies here to uncover a colleague’s email and ask them for the hiring manager’s email address.

However, if you have the hiring manager’s colleague’s email addresses, you may be able to uncover the hiring manager’s email too.

Most companies use the same structure to develop an email address. Examine the emails you have to uncover a pattern. For example, if the hiring manager’s colleague is John Smith and their company email address is [email protected], and the hiring manager is called Jane Doe, their email address may be [email protected]

Then all you’ll have to do is validate the email and if it’s valid, you’ve just found the hiring manager’s email address.

Look at their social media profile

Some people still display their email addresses and the rest of their social media information, especially if they use it for work.

If you know the hiring manager’s name and company, you can use that information to perform a quick search on relevant social media to see if you can find their email address.

However, remember that their social media may only have their personal email address. If a company website doesn’t host the email address, you may want to message them on social media to ask for the correct email address instead.

Check their LinkedIn profile

With so many users on LinkedIn, you can likely find the profile of the manager you’re looking for there.

Try searching for their company name to determine if the manager is there and if they keep their LinkedIn profile updated. If you happen to be a member of one of their LinkedIn groups, you may even be able to send them a direct message on the platform.

If not, you can use UpLead’s Chrome extension to expand on the data you get from their LinkedIn profile.

Best Practices When Reaching Out to a Hiring Manager

Here are a few tips and best practices you can use when reaching out to a hiring manager:

Keep it short and clear

Open with a clear and simple subject line. It should convey the purpose of your email and give the hiring manager a reason to open it.

The message should be easy to read, with short sentences and short paragraphs. You should add your name, the purpose of your message, and a call to action. For example, you may introduce yourself and ask the hiring manager to go for coffee.

Make sure to keep the message professional and simple. 

Attach the right documents

Although you may not want to include all your documents, you can include the most important ones, like your CV and cover letter.

Only attach documents if they’re vital for your interaction. Instead of sending your portfolio, you may simply want to include a link to it so the hiring manager can take a look at it whenever they need to.

Review the message

There’s nothing worse than following up on a perfectly written email with, “Sorry, here are the files I forgot to attach.”

To prevent this, make sure you read your message before sending it. Proofread it, and ensure you don’t have any typos or miswritten sentences. You can use this chance to edit your email and make it tighter and more concise.

Finally, remember to attach the documents you’ve mentioned and include all the information the hiring manager needs.

More About Finding a Hiring Manager’s Email

Here are a few answers to common questions about locating a hiring manager’s email address:

How do I get the hiring manager’s email?

You can use email finder services to locate the email from a hiring manager quickly and in bulk. You can also use the information you have to search for the hiring manager on Google, search through the company website, and even deduce their email address.

How do I find the hiring manager’s contact information?

A hiring manager usually leaves their contact information at the end of the job posting. If they post the ad on multiple websites, you can search for the job posting to see if the email address is listed in another post.

You can also search for the hiring manager’s information on the company website, social media, or LinkedIn.

Is it OK to email the hiring manager directly?

It’s ok to send a direct message to a hiring manager if you already know the manager or know they are the right decision-maker. However, you may not want to contact the manager directly if the company uses a staffing agency.


Whether you’re looking for a manager’s email address to send a cover letter, aid your job search, or for something else, finding their email is easier than writing the message.

If you want to find emails from anyone as fast as possible, use UpLead. With UpLead’s features and capabilities, you’ll be able to get the valid emails you need and start writing your email in mere seconds.

Try UpLead today for free.

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Lead generation doesn’t have to be all that painful. With UpLead, you can easily connect with high-quality prospects and leads to grow your company.
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