How to End an Email to a CEO: Examples You Can Use

William Cannon
Last updated on February 15, 2023
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Just as important as the introduction of an email, the end of an email is crucial for establishing an ongoing relationship with a new prospect. If that prospect is a CEO, the stakes are even higher. Cutting corners on your ending can cost you a potentially valuable business contact. Fortunately, UpLead is here to help.

In this guide, we’ll not only cover what you need to consider when crafting the ending of your email to a CEO, but we’ll also provide some real-world examples that you can use as a foundation for your next email to a chief executive.

Let’s look at how to end an email to a CEO.

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  1. Why the End of Your Email Matters
  2. Examples of How to End an Email to a CEO
  3. How to End an Email to a CEO: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind
  4. Email Closing Mistakes to Avoid
  5. More Professional Email Closing Phrases to Remember
  6. FAQs About How to End an Email to a CEO
  7. What You Need to Remember About How to End an Email to a CEO

Why the End of Your Email Matters

Before we get into examples of email endings, let’s talk about why the end of your email is so essential. A professional email closing is the most recent interaction that the CEO will remember, so it’s crucial to get it right.

For example, closing your email casually (which we will discuss later in the article) shows a lack of professionalism. A CEO may not want to work with someone who doesn’t take their interactions with executives seriously. On the other hand, you should have some level of personability. This creates a challenge, as the line between casual and personable can often be unclear.

Here are some examples of how to end an email to a CEO.

Examples of How to End an Email to a CEO

When you use UpLead to quickly and accurately locate a CEO’s email address, all you need to do next is focus on the crucial content of the email. Here are some ways you can end an email and suggest when you should use these endings.

Example 1: Classic Professional

The classic professional ending is a tried and true technique—not only for emails to CEOs but for emails in any professional setting. These email endings are universally seen as professional and straightforward, so if you’re unsure of how to end an email to a CEO, you can always fall back on one of these classic endings:

  • Best – One of the most common classic professional email endings. This simple email sign-off is kind, professional, and to the point. You can’t go wrong with this one, regardless of who you’re emailing. 
  • Kind regards – Similar to “best”, this simple sign-off has a bit of a lighter tone. This is a great option if you’re looking for something professional yet personable.
  • Thank you – Thanking someone for taking the time to read your email is a small, yet impactful gesture. This is also a bit more professional than ‘thanks’.
  • Respectfully – Chances are you’re not a CEO yourself, so a sign-off of ‘Respectfully’ is a great option for emailing someone as senior as a CEO. This ending recognizes their rank and authority.

Example 2: Expressing Gratitude 

Expressing your gratitude in an email leads to more successful contact rates. It’s important to consider what you’re looking to get out of your outreach and tailor the ending accordingly. Here are some top examples of expressing gratitude in your email ending.

  • Thanks for your consideration – This is a straightforward ending expressing gratitude for simply considering working with you. If the CEO had read the email, they were interested in what you had to say. Even if it doesn’t lead to further direct communication, it’s a step in the right direction.
  • With gratitude – If you’re unsure of how else to express gratitude but you want to elevate your email ending, this ending is always a reliable choice. It’s professional, short, and straight to the point.
  • Thank you, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns – While it’s a bit long, this email ending not only expresses gratitude, but shows the recipient you’re open to all dialogue going forward.
  • I appreciate your time – Thanking the CEO for taking the time to read your email is always a great option, as their time is extremely valuable.

Example 3: Prospect of Collaboration

The final option for ending an email to a CEO is the prospect of collaboration. This can be tricky, and you should be careful not to appear too pushy or insistent. Let’s look at how to propose further collaboration with your email ending.

  • Hoping for a spot on your calendar  – This is a good way to nudge a contact into setting up a meeting, but also leaves it up to them to move things forward. It isn’t too pushy but clearly indicates that you’re interested in working with them in the future.
  • Looking forward to connecting soon – A more general approach, this is a safe bet when trying to hint at further collaboration.
  • Hope to hear from you soon – Often used if you are unsure of how the CEO will receive the email or if a different medium might be used for your next conversation.
  • Looking forward to hearing how I can help with XYZ – This is a very targeted approach. It can be used to identify a specific project or task you’d like to help with. This method is most effective if your email has already clearly identified how your solution can solve the company’s problems. 

How to End an Email to a CEO: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Now that you have some examples to leverage for your next email to a CEO, here are 5 tips to keep in mind when crafting your ending.

1. Include a thoughtful closing

Your closing should be thoughtful. Be sure to put time and energy into your closing, whether it’s something personable, identifying how you can assist them, or understanding the right tone depending on the CEO that you’re talking to. While choosing something simple and generic may be easiest, it may not always be the most effective.

2. Keep it appropriate 

In an attempt to set themselves apart from the competition, too many marketers make the mistake of being too casual in their closing. A CEO is the head of a company, and it’s important to recognize their rank and authority when ending your email. 

3. Double-check spelling and grammar

Before you hit send, run your email through a spelling and grammar tool (ideally, you should use more than one tool). Grammarly has a free option that works great for emails, as it also helps you recognize the tone of your content. One spelling or grammar mistake can ruin a potential deal with a CEO.

4. Use your full name

Clearly identify yourself using your full name and most relevant contact information. Signing off with your first name is not just an overly casual sign-off; if the CEO has to guess who you are when reading your email, they may be reluctant to move forward.

5. Remember a meaningful call to action

If you’re trying to generate further conversations and collaboration, include a clear, meaningful call to action. Being more specific on the next steps to take leaves less open to interpretation and reduces guesswork for the CEO.

6. Be sincere

Sincerity is key; CEOs can tell when you’re not being genuine. Be personable, professional, kind, and honest in your emails—regardless of who you’re contacting.

Email Closing Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you know what to do when ending an email to a CEO, let’s take a look at what mistakes to avoid.

1. Being too casual

We’ve mentioned this a number of times already, but that’s because professionalism is vital when closing out an email to a CEO. Compare your email to one that you’d send a friend. Consider editing it to a more formal inflection if the tone is similar.

2. Sending before proofreading 

Sending an email to a CEO prior to proofreading is a massive mistake that can cost your business. Proofread your email and use a spelling and grammar checker before you hit send. One common mistake is not removing automatic email signatures, such as the ‘sent from my iPhone’ sign-off when sending from an iPhone.

3. Using the same closing for every email

Every email to a CEO needs to be fully customized from start to finish. If you’re using the same generic closing for every email, you’re not putting in the time and effort required to close a deal with a CEO. Tailor the ending based on the specific person that you’re contacting.

More Professional Email Closing Phrases to Remember

  • Best regards
  • Sincerely
  • As ever
  • Will follow up with additional information soon
  • Thank you in advance
  • Cordially
  • Warmly
  • Thanks
  • Have a wonderful weekend

FAQs About How to End an Email to a CEO

Here are some top questions and answers regarding ending an email to a CEO.

How do I email the CEO?

First, you need to locate the CEO’s email address; that’s where UpLead comes in. With a 95% data accuracy guarantee and a host of tools, UpLead makes finding a CEO’s email address a breeze.

Once you have the email address, you need to be intentional with your content. Be professional and concise, identify a clear solution you can provide, and use a professional ending.

Do CEOs respond to emails?

Yes, CEOs do respond to emails. But you need to have engaging content and a clear direction for them to respond. Crafting an email that a CEO will respond to is a skill that takes time to refine.

What You Need to Remember About How to End an Email to a CEO

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to end an email to a CEO; some endings are more effective than others. Remember, tailor your ending to the specific CEO, don’t be too insistent, and keep things professional.

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