20 Best Sales Email Templates To Close More Deals

Will Cannon
Last updated on March 28, 2024
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Creating and maintaining good brand-customer relationships requires clear communication across various platforms. Email marketing is one of the best sales tools, specifically business email outreach. Smart salespeople are aware of this well-known fact. During the prospecting sales stage, email is one of the most effective ways to connect with potential customers.

If you’d like to join the leaders in sales, we’ll make email marketing easy for you. Below, we’ve put together a collection of 100+ of the best sales email templates and examples that you can use to close more deals.

The Best Sales Email Templates

Here are 20 cold outreach email templates to help you improve your customer engagement efforts.

Please note that the first five templates are basic. The rest will offer a few ideas for composing emails that build engagement. These are just templates, though. You will want to customize them to suit your company’s individualized writing style and business needs.

1. Offer Instant Value

A cold email often describes a situation or problem before sharing a related success story. Such emails present an immediate solution as a way of offering value. They should not waste a prospect’s time.

Use this template to offer free access to products or services. Free product or service trials pique a recipient’s interest and increase your number of leads or potential customers. These emails also are a great way to introduce yourself and your brand.

Hey [prospect’s name],

[Situation/Problem] I noticed your ad this week and commend its visuals and message. I think I can help you reach more of your target market.

[Relevant success story] I recently worked with ABZ Corporation for an ad campaign by providing the SEO tools they needed to expand their reach on the East Coast.

[Offer] If you want to expand your marketing reach,  I can help. Please feel free to call me to set up a meeting.


2. Send a Compliment

Complimentary emails are an excellent way to engage prospects. You can recognize their positive actions while urging them to continue their good work.

Email templates that compliment readers enhance engagement by making recipients feel good, prompting them to be more open to other solutions, and giving themselves a chance to make your proposal.

Hey [prospect’s name],

Thank you for being a valued member and supporting the organization through the years. Your continued support and participation continues to inspire everyone to continue our good work.

I have a project that needs supporters like you, and I think we could do a lot of good work together. Don’t hesitate to set up a meeting with me through this calendar link.


3. Provide Help

Triggering a positive response from recipients is always a challenge. Offering help can be a game-changer, especially if your solution is free and unexpected.

Much like emails that aim to provide value, your proposal must feel genuine because you are, after all, offering unsolicited help.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I was notified of your recent difficulty in one of our updates. I have another solution that could improve your connection and resolve all the difficulties you cited. Please call me here so we can meet up and resolve this immediately.

Kind regards,

4. Highlight Common Interests

Emailing is no different from face-to-face communication. Building healthy rapport often requires citing common interests.

For templates like this, you can start by commenting on one of the reader’s social media posts, for example. If you want to target his company, you’ll benefit from checking out their LinkedIn page. Once you’ve initiated contact, your invitation to engage will come off as positive.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I’m reaching out because I noticed that we share an interest in the [product/service name]. I’m starting a small business selling [brand], and I’m looking for people who share my passion.

I’d like to invite you to a meeting with several people who share the same passion. If you’re willing, please don’t hesitate to give me a quick call. I’d be happy to have you there.

[Store owner’s name]

5. Respond to Content

Responding to a prospect’s online content is crucial to improving engagement. However, it can be hard not to look like a stalker when discussing personal matters.

So, instead of focusing on the person, zoom in on the content they created. This kind of email works because its message is relevant. If you know more than the prospect does, they’ll be happy for any attention and praise, if you give any, from an expert.

Email recipients may even reciprocate your behavior and leave comments on your site, continuing the engagement.

Hey [prospect’s name],

Your recent post on improving customer experience was an eye-opener for everyone in the industry, including me. You highlighted points that are often overlooked, and your keen insight provided possible ways to enhance your and other customers’ experience.

I hope you could give people like me an opportunity to share more of your ideas so we could work together to improve our customer’s experiences. Let me know when you’re available for a meeting of minds. 

[Sender’s name]

6. Give a Gift

Everyone always appreciates free products. Giving prospects gifts like discount vouchers or free samples generates goodwill, often boosting your email marketing targets’ confidence and encouraging their participation in the dialogue.

Hey [prospect’s name],

It’s our store’s grand opening, and we are offering exclusive promos to select customers like you! You only need to show the ticket attached to this email for a special 20% discount on any purchase. 

I hope to see you there and take advantage of this special offer!


7. Send Your Congratulations

Congratulate prospects for their achievements or milestones, such as finding a new job or landing a promotion. This correspondence makes them more inclined to share information, especially when you explain why you are sending them such a message.

Hey [prospect’s name],

Congratulations on your new role at ABC Marketing! We’ve heard great things about the company and how its strategies help business owners succeed. We know you’ll be a great addition to their team!

JXY Consulting has been helping teams increase their sales and marketing reach, and we know how one person could make a difference.

If you want to share ideas and strategies, let’s schedule a short call or meeting. Please feel free to book a time with me through this calendar link.

8. Solicit an Opinion

Asking a person’s opinion on certain matters almost always builds rapport because it makes people feel valued and heard. Also, clarifying that the opinion will be used for a study is even better as it tells the prospect that you view them as an expert. You are communicating to them that their input would be valuable to you.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I am conducting a survey on the quality of customer service you receive from [service/product]. Your feedback will help the company see what they need to work on and make some improvements.

The company always appreciates feedback.


9. Share Insights

Sharing insights both educates prospects and shows them that you are an industry expert. Emails like this work because you provide valuable information to your recipients and their companies. You can establish your authority in the industry and encourage further engagement.

Hey [prospect’s name],

It seems like you just started a blog but haven’t published anything in weeks. You may not know it, but your blog can generate at least 60% more leads than the average company.

I can help you create content regularly, publishing relevant topics and ideas that matter to your target market. Your blog will generate leads that could translate to sales. 

Let’s arrange a meeting at your convenience to help boost your sales and expand your audience. 

10. Ask for Referrals

You can also reach your target market and other sales professionals by joining a group. This is an excellent way to grow and diversify your network.

Hi [referral partner],

I meet with several salespeople regularly so we can discuss new business prospects and leads with one another. So far, our networking efforts have helped us reach our quarterly and yearly goals.

Would you be interested in meeting me to discuss how we can help each other?

11. Motivate

Words of encouragement are always welcome motivation, especially if you’re having a difficult day. These emails can motivate prospects to enhance their sales efforts and guide them in the right direction. If you complete this tactic, they will be more open to collaboration.

Hey [prospect’s name],

This pandemic is hurting us all, but we want you to know you’re not alone.

Give yourself a break and get some much-needed rest when you need it. You’ve already done a lot by making it through the day, and tomorrow is another opportunity to complete your goals.

12. Invite Them to Answer a Survey

You may not believe it, but surveys work because they give business owners insight into their customers’ opinions and options. Surveys are one way to reach out to prospects and glean answers to tough questions that clarify your goals and improve your strategies.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I run an annual survey and would like to invite you to share your thoughts this time. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and you will receive a special 50% discount from [brand/product/service] once you complete the survey. Your answers will go a long way in streamlining the company’s business processes.

13. Get Recommendations

Asking email recipients for recommendations shows that you are interested in their contributions to their industry. And you will find that many of your prospects are willing to help because, like you, they would like to expand their networks.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I’m looking for people like you who have extensive experience using AI for lead generation and sales improvement. As someone I consider an expert, I’d like to get your insights on using AI for lead generation. If you’re not available, could you help me find someone who can help?

14. Publish Original Content

Ever wondered why most companies have blogs?

Publishing content relevant to your business helps prospects see you as an expert willing to share their knowledge. Given the stiff competition, though, how do you promote your content?

One idea is to send targeted emails to readers, informing them each time you publish new content on social media or through your website.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I have a new post on LinkedIn on “Management Soft Skills”.  I discuss how soft skills are now essential skills in any corporate job, and how managing people will be a lot easier when we improve on them. 

If you want to know more about what these soft skills are, please read my blog here [url link] and don’t be shy to share your comments and insights. 

15. Share Other People’s Content

Sometimes, promoting your own content can annoy other people. If you are worried about being self-involved, try sharing others’ content, especially when they provide unique perspectives about your prospect’s company or industry.

Sharing others’ content shows your investment in the recipient’s professional progress. You can embed a link to the content or send a copy as an attachment.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I know your work requires in-depth knowledge of risk analysis especially when it comes to forecasting your company’s annual revenues. 

I work with a company that studies risk and how it affects companies like yours. I found a case study from ABC Company, which could hopefully give you unique insights into the current economic situation and what it means for your business right now. Here’s the link: [URL].

16. Offer an Introduction

If you have been a part of an established network or group for a long time, you can ask prospects if they would like an introduction to your connections. This tactic works because you can improve your brand’s engagement while fostering mutual connections.

Hey [prospect’s name],

You recently posted that you want to meet people who know all about the restaurant industry. I may know a few people who could help. Would you like me to set up a few meetings for you?

17. Talk to a Prospect’s Employees

You can communicate with your prospects’ employees and sales representatives since they can give you a better understanding of the company’s needs. Armed with this insider knowledge, you can contact the right person to offer a solution to ease their pain. This email helps you uncover data that could personalize your sales pitch.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I am [Name], and I’d like to request your participation in our survey on tech support for companies like yours. This survey will help us improve our product and even help your company achieve your marketing goals. 

Your participation would grant you a 50%  discount once the product is launched, so I hope you will join this survey.

18. Talk to a Prospect’s Customers

Aside from employees, a prospect’s customers are also valuable sources for understanding your prospect’s target market and goals. Check out online reviews and customer feedback as a start.

Hey [customer’s name],

I’m [Name] from [brand/service/product/company name], and I’m collecting customer feedback on [product] so [company] can make the necessary improvements. Please check the appropriate box that reflects your experience. 

Thank you for your participation and enjoy this coupon that entitles you to a free trial of [product/brand name].

19. Follow Up

Some recipients may be busy when you first try contacting them. If that’s the case, following up is not unreasonable. Using this tactic, use the same subject line as your original message to help them remember you. 

Hey [prospect’s name],

I was so glad we got to catch up two weeks ago, and I hope you’ve had the chance to look through my proposal. I just wanted to know if you’ve had time to consider it so we could schedule a meet-up?

If you’re free, send me a message so we can schedule a meeting.

20. Ask If You Are Talking to the Right Person

If a prospect remains uninterested despite your attempts, you may communicate with the wrong person. Drop them an email to find out who will best help you.

This email strategy gives the recipient a way out and increases your chances of gaining access to someone more receptive to your queries.

Hey [prospect’s name],

I was hoping to meet the head of your sales or marketing team, and so far, no luck. Could I possibly ask for your help?

How to Write a Sales Email That Gets Answered

Did you know that 79% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers swear by an email’s power to improve their campaigns? Crafting a sales email that garners a response is not easy, but it is doable.

Here are a few tried-and-tested tips:

  1. Research your prospect, business, pain points, customers, and industry.
  2. Craft appealing subject lines.
  3. Personalize cold emails to suit target recipients.
  4. Use second-person pronouns like “you” to keep the focus on your prospect.
  5. Ask questions, but make sure they’re open-ended.
  6. Include a call to action (CTA).
  7. Ensure that your first sentence is compelling and piques the reader’s interest.
  8. Check your spelling and grammar.
  9. Keep it short and simple. Limit your message to a maximum of 6–7 sentences.

Tips for Sales Email Prospecting

While using email lists for sales prospecting does save you time, the process remains time-consuming. However, it is a critical task if you want to expand your customer base.

Here are some best practices for sales email prospecting:

  1. Never purchase contact lists from third parties, as that violates General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates.
  2. Refrain from using the “No Reply” option since that discourages engagement.
  3. Use a maximum of three fonts or typefaces in your messages.
  4. Include your full name, position, and company name in your email signature.
  5. Stick to your primary message. That includes crafting a relevant CTA.
  6. Personalize when possible. Use the recipient’s name or cite specific behaviors or activities (e.g., social media or blog posting).
  7. Include the offer in the subject line.
  8. Give your prospects the option to subscribe to your newsletter.
  9. Use an auto-responder for newsletter-related communications.
  10. Include a link to your website in your messages.

Best Sales Email Templates FAQs

We scoured the web for the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about sales email templates and provided a few answers for you.

How Do I Write a Good Sales Email?

The first thing you need is a value proposition and a team of sales representatives dedicated to helping your team reach its targets. It will also help if your sales reps have several prospects within their networks.

The next step is thoroughly studying your prospects to craft compelling, engaging emails. For best results, follow the tips mentioned earlier for sales email prospecting.

How Long Should a Sales Email Be?

Sales emails should be short. Limit them to 6–7 sentences.

How Do You Write a B2B Sales Email?

Take these best practices to heart when writing B2B sales emails:
– Make your subject line clear and interesting.
– Give your prospects relevant content while leaving them wanting more.
– Personalize your emails.
– Indicate what you want the prospect to do.
– Follow up regularly.

What You Need to Remember About Writing The Best Sales Emails

Communicating with prospects is always a good idea. It remains the most effective way to spread the word about your offerings and expand your network. And, if you did not already know, email is still the most widespread and affordable tool in your digital arsenal.

With that being said, crafting effective sales emails is challenging. Be sure to use email sales templates like the ones we featured here to maximize your email strategy.

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