ZoomInfo API: A Guide to How It Works (2024)

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Last updated on April 22, 2024
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ZoomInfo’s API enables seamless integration of unrivaled business intelligence into your tech stack. This guide details everything from core capabilities, usage guidance, access instructions, and more so your company can unlock greater productivity and decision-making.

ZoomInfo API Overview

Zoominfo’s API is a cloud-based interface that allows customers to seamlessly integrate the robust ZoomInfo database of over 200 million business contacts into existing systems and workflows. This enables users to enrich customer data, identify targets, personalize outreach, and automate tasks—ultimately driving more informed business decisions.

Specifically, ZoomInfo’s API powers functions like lead routing, data enrichment, accurate contact data, and real-time updates across your tech stack, including CRM, marketing automation, and more. It is highly versatile and scales to the needs of any organization of any size. Sales, marketing, recruiting, and analytics teams leverage ZoomInfo’s API and enrich their processes without complex coding.

ZoomInfo API Structure

The ZoomInfo API provides a robust suite of tools enabling seamless integration of its extensive 200+ million contact B2B database into existing business systems and workflows. The flexible API architecture consists of several core components, each serving distinct functions and use cases.

Standard APIs

The Standard API suite enables users to integrate ZoomInfo’s highest-quality B2B data into workflows for enrichment and automation. Key capabilities include:

  • Search API: Accepts criteria like title, company, location etc. to identify Contacts and Companies meeting filters. Returns record previews for further enrichment.
  • Enrich API : Retrieves full ZoomInfo profiles by matching known contacts/accounts. Enriches existing data with in-depth sales intelligence from the platform.
  • Lookup API: Assists with input criteria selection and output field identification for smoother Search and Enrich jobs.
  • Usage API: Checks usage limiting data against allotted monthly limits to inform integration needs.

With coverage of over 200 million contacts and 7 million businesses via simple HTTPS requests, the Standard or Enterprise API supports searching for direct, scalable data. In a metered model, users only pay for the number of API calls.

Scaling APIs

ZoomInfo’s Scaling APIs enable large-scale data operations for organizations managing vast databases. These high-throughput APIs allow users to rapidly search, enrich, and update millions of records in real time across systems.

With advanced automation and parallel processing capabilities, Scaling APIs are built to handle Zoominfo data volumes without compromising speed or accuracy. This makes them ideal for data-intensive use cases like:

  • Data Enrichment at Scale: Mass enrichment allows databases to instantly ingest ZoomInfo’s 200+ million B2B contact records, ensuring campaign completeness and accuracy.
  • Automated Data Workflows: By auto-triggering key jobs like enrichment, data hygiene, and migration via API, teams significantly reduce manual overhead.
  • Real-time Updates: With millions of ZoomInfo database changes daily, and Scaling APIs continuously update your systems so data always reflects the latest intel.

The Scaling APIs with the Standard, WebSights, and Compliance API suites provide comprehensive and modular data integration across any stack. This gives teams a customizable solution catered to their needs—whether optimizing individual workflows or managing huge databases. 

WebSights APIs

The ZoomInfo WebSights API unleashes powerful identification capabilities to uncover and convert anonymous website visitors into actionable, targeted leads. Leveraging proprietary IP resolution reveals detailed firmographic insights on companies engaging with your site.

This enterprise-grade solution delivers multiple use case benefits:

  • Lead Gen and Identification: Pinpoint companies that were previously anonymous traffic to drive personalized outreach and sales strategies.
  • Website Personalization: Tailor messaging and experiences for different visitor segments based on industry, size, and tech stack attributes.
  • Enhanced Analytics: Integrate ZoomInfo firmographic enrichment into Google Analytics for deeper visibility into high-value site traffic.
  • Improved Marketing ROI: Optimize budget allocation and double down on content, driving the most qualified traffic and engagement levels.
  • Competitive Sales Intelligence: Identify visiting companies, including competitors, to understand market interests better and differentiate.

WebSights API supercharges your website from an untapped lead source into a profit center. Shining a light on previously unknown visitors enables targeted lead conversion and overall growth strategies that were not possible before.

Compliance API

The ZoomInfo Compliance API empowers organizations to effortlessly adhere to expanding data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. It delivers dedicated endpoints to identify and manage consumer data based on preference and opt-out status at scale.

This automates several critical use cases:

  • Data Privacy Compliance: Programmatically discover and remove customer personal information to avoid fines for non-compliance.
  • Handling Opt-Outs: Instantly flag and suppress all affiliated contacts and aliases wanting data removal across your stack.
  • Data Hygiene: Keep databases clean by consuming real-time consumer privacy updates from ZoomInfo within existing workflows.
  • Automation Workflows: Build triggers to automatically check and honor opt-out requests, minimizing IT overhead.

With privacy regulations only expanding, the Compliance API provides the technical infrastructure to embed privacy ops into your stack. By proactively empowering customers to control the use of their data, companies build trust and minimize risk through API-driven automation.

ZoomInfo API Usage Limits

ZoomInfo employs an API query rate limit to balance robust data access with optimal performance. Limits vary by authentication and lookup endpoints. 

The Standard Enterprise APIs allow high-volume enrichment and lookups with a 1,500 requests per minute rate limit. Each call can enrich up to 25 records, efficiently updating datasets. Usage is metered by credits, with new record enrichment costing one credit while searches are unlimited.

For major bulk processing, ZoomInfo offers dedicated Bulk APIs tuned for intense batch jobs like contacting 200k new records. These bypass Standard API thresholds via asynchronous job handling.

Webhooks enable real-time record updates without hard limits so data stays evergreen. The exclusive Compliance API assists in managing high-priority opt-out requests per regulations like GDPR with no published limits.

Generally, API Access Endpoints feature a one-request-per-second speed cap to ensure reliable system access control. Attempting to access uncertified endpoints prompts entitlement checks with API account managers.

ZoomInfo’s metered approach provides the muscle for everything from individual-allowed record limit maintenance to company-wide database hygiene. Built-in throttles guarantee that as usage scales, so does serial or parallel data throughput – without sacrificing quality or compliance.

Accessing ZoomInfo API

Accessing ZoomInfo’s robust API portfolio requires obtaining proper credentials, leveraging Postman for streamlined API testing, and adhering to comprehensive documentation.

  1. The first step is authenticating via the dedicated endpoint by supplying your ZoomInfo username and password within the JSON request body. Forgotten credentials can be easily retrieved from the Admin Portal.
  2. With access confirmed, ZoomInfo recommends importing its API collection into Postman for simplified workflow building and endpoint testing. Postman provides an intuitive platform for crafting API calls without extensive coding experience.
  3. Comprehensive guides detail exact password authentication methods and best practices for formulating API requests and interpreting responses for each endpoint. Strategically following this official documentation ensures your API implementation garners maximum impact.
  4. Finally, access to premium APIs depends on current ZoomInfo entitlements and package subscriptions. Attempted unauthorized access prompts eligibility checks with your dedicated account management team.

By securing proper credentials, leveraging Postman for streamlined testing, and adhering to documentation, you can confidently build workflows to harness customer intelligence from ZoomInfo’s leading data intelligence platform.

UpLead is the Best ZoomInfo Alternative

UpLead emerges as the premier ZoomInfo alternative, delivering an unrivaled API experience combining accuracy, value, and ease of use.

UpLead’s enrichment API enables users to embed 30+ company and 40+ combined individual data attributes – including full contact details and social profiles – with a single query. This drives informed outreach and pipeline acceleration.

Additionally, UpLead optimizes relevancy using domain-based searches, ensuring you receive reliable sales intelligence on your target companies. Users only pay for verified data, not API calls, guaranteeing quality results and maximizing ROI.

With flexible plans featuring metered models or all-access passes, UpLead scales affordably to companies of any size. And its API coverage comes standard with every subscription.

Experience first-hand how UpLead supercharges revenue motions through unparalleled data richness, transparency, and integration flexibility. The free trial makes it easy to benchmark the quality and depth of sales intelligence supplied versus alternatives.

If you’re seeking to maximize the value of your tech stack with accurate, scalable data integration, UpLead delivers an enterprise-grade API solution without enterprise-sized budgets or contracts. Start with a free trial and unlock growth in minutes.

FAQs About ZoomInfo API

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about ZoomInfo’s API.

Does ZoomInfo have an open API?

While ZoomInfo does not offer a completely public, unrestricted API, the platform provides authenticated access to qualified subscribers. Users with active ZoomInfo subscriptions can obtain API credentials to unlock real-time queries against their robust database within internal systems. This private access model ensures ZoomInfo can deliver an enterprise-grade experience to customers by integrating the API while preventing abuse. Once permissions are provisioned, the self-service interface lets you pull comprehensive sales intelligence on contacts, companies, tools, and hierarchies into your existing technology stack.

How do I get ZoomInfo API?

Accessing ZoomInfo’s API requires users first authenticate via their ZoomInfo username/password or an API private key pairing. These credentials are available within a user’s Admin Portal.

Where does ZoomInfo pull data from?

ZoomInfo amalgamates sales intelligence from multiple sources into its 200+ million record B2B database via automated pipelines.

Does ZoomInfo have a free version?

Yes, ZoomInfo does offer a free version of its leading business data platform called ZoomInfo Lite. This entry-level offering provides users self-service access to search its millions of B2B contacts and accounts database. In exchange, members agree to share access to their contact lists, which improves ZoomInfo’s overall accuracy. To enable connectivity, users must download a lightweight local app that securely interfaces with the email provider to facilitate this data exchange and track usage status. 

What is ZoomInfo used for?

ZoomInfo empowers users to accelerate strategic initiatives across sales, marketing, and recruiting functions.

What You Need to Remember About ZoomInfo API

ZoomInfo’s API provides a powerful interface for integrating continuously updated business intelligence into internal systems and workflows. Organizations can unlock greater productivity and enhanced data-driven decision-making with robust access capabilities and structures tailored to diverse use cases.

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