Real-time verified B2B emails, mobile numbers and intent data

4.7/5 (750 reviews)

4.7/5 (750 reviews)

Trusted by 4,000+ customers
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Kyber Security Generates $400k in Pipeline and Achieves 1,800% ROI with UpLead
About Us
UpLead Digs for Gold So You Don’t Have To
Scraping millions of contacts and selling access to a database with no regards for accuracy is easy.
Helping you build a clean prospecting list that you can plug into your sales tools and generate new leads from, right away? That’s hard.
Data accuracy is our #1 priority at UpLead. That’s why we are the only prospecting company to offer a 95% or higher accuracy guarantee.
Find Your Top Prospects’ Accurate Contact Data
When you arm sales with data that doesn’t bounce, there’s always new deals coming through the pipeline.
UpLead is one of the best lead generation tools on the market
Find the right leads for you

Use +50 search filters to uncover contacts and companies that match your buyer profile.

Get their most important info
Grab your contact’s email and phone number. See what technology they use, and use that as a starting point in your conversation.
Verify their data in real time
UpLead’s real-time email verification ensures you are always connecting with real, qualified leads.
Mobile Direct Dials
Get mobile & direct dial phone numbers for prospects
Intent Data
Find customers who are actively looking to buy your solution. Identify and engage buyers who are intending to purchase, before your competitors do.
With UpLead
Start More Conversations, Close More Deals

Before UpLead

With UpLead

Tools to Get You in Front of Your Ideal Buyers


Choose from +50 search filters to find qualified leads in real-time.

Email Verification

Anytime you export leads, we verify their emails for guaranteed accuracy.

Bulk Lookup

Find 40+ data points for thousands of leads at once, then export to your CRM.

Data Enrichment

Append 50+ data points to your lists of contacts and companies.

Intent Data

Get ready-to-buy prospects actively looking for your solution.

Friendly Credits

We’ll refund you for bounces and poor data.

#1 Highest Rated Lead Intelligence Software by G2

Companies from across the globe have had fantastic experiences using UpLead. Here’s what they have to say.

$150,000 in Sales in 60 Days

“Now that I have direct contact information that has been validated, I can focus my time and effort on closing deals.”

Kyle Mende

Code Red Safety

1,567% ROI using UpLead

“I’m very satisfied with UpLead. It’s affordable, the data is reliable and the customer service is fantastic.”

Jack Copeland

Staffing Future

$400k+ in Pipeline & 1,800% ROI using UpLead

“ZoomInfo was too expensive and Apollo just wasn’t providing current and relative data.”

Mike Giuffrida

Kyber Security

$100k+ of Revenue and 12,526% ROI using UpLead

“We looked at ZoomInfo and ultimately chose UpLead after thorough research. We found that the pricing options with UpLead plus the accuracy of data were perfect for our needs”

Craig Valentine

Whitewater Consulting

65% Increase in Revenue & ROI of 10,469% using UpLead

“My reply rate is 80% using emails from UpLead. It drastically opens the prospecting door for our company. Thank you UpLead Team for the amazing platform”

Raymond Yau


G2’s Summer 2024 Momentum Leader

G2’s Summer 2024 Best Usability

G2’s Summer 2024 Leader

G2’s Summer 2024 Mid-Market High Performer


Go From Lead to
Deal, Faster

UpLead generates clean lists that you can push straight to your favorite outreach tools and CRM.

Go From Lead to
Deal, Faster

UpLead generates clean lists that you can push straight to your favorite outreach tools and CRM.
Everything You Get in UpLead
Build laser targeted lists of prospects
Email Verification
Real time verification to ensure your leads are real
Data Enrichment
Enhance your current data with advanced data enrichment
Bulk Lookup
Grab thousands of leads at once
Email Finder
Find emails by company or URL
Sync leads to your CRM and save time
Track 16K+ technology data points
Chrome Extension
Capture leads as you browse the web
Scale your prospecting with our powerful API
Intent Data
Prioritize ready-to-buy prospects actively looking for your solution.
Make Prospecting Frictionless
Prospecting can get very tedious. UpLead removes steps from the process so you can focus on what matters — sales.

With UpLead

Trusted by Companies Committed to Sales

UpLead is the preferred lead generation tool for companies selling
across the globe.
and thousands of companies worldwide!

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see uplead in action

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