UpLead for Sales

Research everything you need to know about a lead—in one database

How much time do you spend tracking down information on a lead? Now you can simply pull up everything from up-to-date contact information to social media links to technologies used. Know your lead inside and out.

Build Your B2B List

Choose from over 50 variables with which to search to get a customized target list in mere seconds.
Thanks to a simple, easy-to-use platform, you can:
  • Search for leads by industry, title, company URL, location, revenues, and much more.
  • Refine your search by over 16,000 technologies used to help you target accounts.
  • Instantly verify email addresses so you’re never stuck with a bad address.
  • Export your leads to your CRM by simply clicking a button.

Why Choose UpLead

Get Direct Access to Decision-Makers

What could you do with in-depth information about the decision-makers at any company? You have access to up-to-date email addresses, social media links, and tons of other information about targets like education, experience, and more.

Create a Targeted B2B List

With the rich amount of information in the UpLead database on each target within a company, you can create a targeted B2B list that lets you connect with multiple individuals at any company. And you can refine your list by technologies used or even title.

Find Leads by Technologies Used

Maybe you need to generate leads who use Salesforce CRM or companies who use Shopify for their online retail. With UpLead, you can easily refine your searches by over 16,000 technologies, making it the most comprehensive database on the market.

Count on Accurate & Verified Data

Other lead generation platforms can’t boast immediate verification of email addresses like UpLead. Before you download any contacts, each email address is verified in real time so you only get the leads with up-to-date, accurate information. Don’t waste time on stale data.

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