UpLead for Recruiting

Make finding top talent easy with an intuitive, simple platform

How much time does your recruiting and staffing organization spend tracking down potential passive candidates for your pipeline? Now you can easily target the best candidates and get in-depth profile information with everything from social media links to education.

Easy-to-find candidates

With dozens of variables to help you refine your search, UpLead lets you intuitively target companies or individuals for your next campaign.

With UpLead, you can:

  • Search top talent at targeted companies instantly.
  • Drill down by targeting specific job titles at stellar companies.
  • Refine your talent search by key parameters like education or even technologies used.
  • Get access to current social media links for background information.

Why Choose UpLead

Narrow your search field

With millions of candidates available, you need to narrow your focus. You can drill down to specific companies or even look at education and background. Have a client who needs a candidate experienced in a certain technology? UpLead lets you select from over 2,000 technologies used.

Identify new customers

Use UpLead’s comprehensive database to identify companies and comprehensive profiles of potential clients. The in-depth profiles and verified email addresses allow you to engage with hiring managers directly.

Get a competitive edge

With the most accurate and up-to-date information available, you get a competitive edge over other staffing agencies or corporate recruiters. You can quickly and easily source the best talent, ensuring you’re offering your clients the most qualified candidates.

Gain important recruiting knowledge

You need to know when leadership changes due to reorganizations or personnel moves. Get the best business intelligence in the market today so you can identify a talent pool from which to pull when your clients need candidates. You can even generate a list of contacts who are using a specific technology.

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