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Get in-depth, accurate data for your marketing campaigns

How much time do you waste trying to find comprehensive, accurate data for your marketing campaigns? Now you can simply and easily pull up tons of information about individuals and companies with the click of a button.

Generate a Targeted List

With dozens of variables to help you refine your search, UpLead lets you intuitively target companies or individuals for your next campaign.

With UpLead, you get:

  • Access to up-to-date data that’s verified instantly to ensure accuracy before you download a single target.
  • Targeting abilities to drill down to individual contacts and even technologies used.
  • A comprehensive profile of individuals at target companies with information like social media links and more.
  • An easy-to-use platform to target industries, companies, and individuals by a variety of elements like revenues, title, and much more.

Why Choose UpLead

Get a Comprehensive Profile for Personalization

Marketing campaigns are more effective when you’re able to personalize them. With UpLead, you get an amazingly in-depth look at individuals with everything from current title, experience, and even social media links. Find out everything you need to know about targets before contacting them.

Create Amazing Marketing Campaigns

Whether you’re new to Account-Based Marketing or not, you can create results-focused marketing campaigns targeting specific accounts. Your ABM campaign is only as good as the data you put in, and UpLead’s database is verified in real time before your download anything.

Expand Your Geographic Reach

You can identify new growth opportunities in new geographic areas with UpLead’s intuitive search features. Drill down to specific companies by location, revenues, number of employees, and much more. Build a list of key decision-makers in new locations before contacting them with personalized messages.

Get Instant, Verified Email Addresses

For your email marketing campaigns to be successful, you need accurate addresses. With UpLead, you get instant, verified email addresses before you download an email list for a campaign. Reduce your number of undelivered emails, and reach more decision-makers than ever before.

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