Guest Post Guidelines

Are you an expert in your field? We’d love to have you contribute to UpLead’s blog.

UpLead Guest Post Guidelines

All guest posts submitted to UpLead should adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Word count of submitted posts should be 1,500+ words
  • Aim for short paragraphs of one to three sentences. Use bullet points to make your content scannable.
  • Add images, including screenshots if you’re writing a how-to guide. Note that UpLead may add additional images and/or other media after you submit your post.
  • Add at least three links to resources that substantiate your claims. These links should be unaffiliated to you (That aside, feel free to cite your own research, as long as you do not link directly to your product/service pages within your post. We do allow you to add two links on your author bio)
  • Please utilize h2 subheadings. If necessary, use h3 subheadings to further break down your content.
  • Note that UpLead reserves the right to edit your post before publishing it. We may also send the post back to you and request for edits.


Guest post topics we accept include

Sales Strategies, Tips and Techniques

Cold Email & Cold Calling (Guides, Tips & Strategies)

Sales Funnels & Sales Enablement & Outreach

Valuable & Actionable Sales Guides (With Screenshots)

Outbound Sales

Growth Hacking

B2B Lead Generation

Writing for UpLead:
Things to Consider

1. Always add value with your content

Generic, fluffy posts are a big no-no. Make sure your content is robust and substantial by citing relevant statistics and case studies, and sharing actionable tips. If possible, walk your readers through exactly how to achieve what they’re hoping to do, using screenshots to illustrate.

2. Distinguish between facts and opinion

If your statement or assertion can’t be backed up by research or statistics, then it doesn’t deserve a place in your post.

3. Engage your audience

Want your readers to stay with you till the end of your post? Then make sure you adopt a casual, conversational tone to engage your audience. You can also use GIFs and cultural references to connect with your audience.

4. Don't be overly self-promotional

If you’re plugging yourself or your company every other paragraph, this leads them to put their guard up, and makes it hard for them to trust what you’re saying.

Want to Contribute to UpLead’s Blog? Here’s How

Email Max ([email protected]) with the following items:
  • Your name, company name and website URL.
  • 3 potential titles/topics that are valuable & actionable.
  • At least 1 sample of your writing (either a Google doc or link to a website).
Once we’ve decided to go ahead, we will set you up with a contributor account on Please use an email address associated with so that your photo appears within the author bio. Here’s a nice tutorial if it’s the first time you’re using Gravatar. Keep in mind that UpLead receives a lot of requests; as such, it can take up to two months before your content gets published.

After Your Guest Post Goes Live

You’ll get email notifications when there are new comments on your post. Please reply comments and facilitate the discussion as best you can.

We promote all our guest posts on our end, and we’d also like you to do the same. Please share the post on your social channels and with your mailing lists.
We love publishing content that works for marketers and sales teams, and if your content is good, we’d love to publish more of your content.
Speak to us if you’re interested in contributing to regular guest posts on our site, and reaching out to our 20,000+ subscribers.
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