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Sales Prospecting Tools

21 Sales Prospecting Tools to Close More Deals in 2019

Ever wished you could consistently close more deals? Sure, you have – every business does. And whether you’re closing at 1%, 5% or 50% – one sure way to get more deals down the pipeline is to gather more leads. So read on to discover 20 tools that will help your sales prospecting efforts –

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best time to send emails

Best Time to Send Emails – Myth or Reality?

One of the typical outreach myths out there is that there’s such a thing as the best time to send an email. As if your prospects are most likely to engage with your content on Fridays at 11am. Most audacious salespeople and marketers keep telling us that their Fridays are exactly the same as ours

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Here’s How to Set Sales Goals (That Get Results)

It’s easy to set quarterly goals for your salespeople. You simply work out what the company needs in revenue this year – and split that into four. Set the goals for your sales team to reach and the company wins. Couldn’t be easier, right? But then goals are missed. Those amazing profits aren’t realized. And

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alex birkett hubspot conversionXL interview

How Alex Birkett grew ConversionXL’s blog to 3 million visits per year

Alex Birkett is HubSpot’s Senior Growth Marketing Manager, and he specializes in the area of user acquisition. Prior to his current stint at HubSpot, Alex worked as a Growth Marketing Manager in ConversionXL, where he grew ConversionXL’s blog to 3 million visits per year. In this UpLead Growth Chat, we sat down with Alex Birkett

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So THAT’S Why Inbound Sales Works

The purchasing process has made tremendous development. With a wealth of information, buyers are becoming more accurate in making their purchasing decisions. A sales talk in the conventional sense rarely exists. Salespeople who want to sell their products or services have to use new methods. This is where inbound sales comes into play. What Is

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